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The OPPO N1 is officially the world’s first Google CTS-Certified CyanogenMod phone! Get yourself a piece of Android history with this Limited Edition +CyanogenMod OPPO N1 on December 24th. #OPPON1
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what does "Google CTS-Certified" mean ?
+rakshak r +Chris Druif  It means that the phone gets gapps officially from Google. (no need to install the Play Store and other closed source google apps separately)
History in the making indeed! I hope some midrange and lower range devices will be made eventually too.
Does it mean there'll be staff of Oppo maintaining the stable builds of CyanogenMod?
I want one.
But you just got a nexus 5.
But the selfies!
N1 Mini and you have my money.
Yes! Date is set in my calendar, wallet is on standby. I'm ready!!! 
Note 3 has same CPU as the Nexus 5. Too bad everything else about the Note 3 sucks lol
+James Stallard I don't believe it comes rooted. It comes with CyanogenMod as the stock ROM and uses its own stock recovery. The bootloader is not locked so flashing TWRP or ClockworkMod recovery and flashing Superuser would be very simple and easy
Knox security. And the 6gb ROM on the stock phone!!! not to mention that there is absolutely 0 development as far as AOSP
It's shipping with 10.2 then with 11 coming very soon?  I see a newer build for CM, but it's still 10.2.

It won't come "rooted", but Oppo is being very open about offering the ability to change ROMs quickly and easily.  Nothing is locked down.  I've had no problems rooting or installing TWRP (when it came out) basically since day one, way back on November 8th when a nice little box showed up at the door.

+ronny hawks Luckily the Oppo N1's full ROM weight is only ~750MB for ColorOS, and CM 10.2 is like 380MB.

I don't know if Oppo will be maintaining the build of CM, but I know that they are adding in their customizations.  It's nice to see that the hardware works well with the software.  You don't lose functionality when you change from ColorOS to CM, at least you won't on newer builds.  The only CM build available right now isn't perfect, but it's also a very early build.  Most bugs should be squashed before official release.  I'm definitely waiting for CM 11 to drop for the N1.
This phone is great but it's not pocketable anyway
+ronny hawks irrelevant to average consumer. Note 3 is features packed and delivers. 
Wouldn't it be funny if someone got the device and then flashed another ROM on it? -_-
+Steve Kondik I love CM because it generally ALWAYS works. It is the only ROM that has the potential to come pre-installed on a device, but there are still features I love from other ROMs. Pretty much just Paranoid Android's Halo feature. That's it.
There are no.of ROMs on the bases of cyanogen so it will get new custom ROMs definitely...
Guess this is another killer that will not be on VZW!!
+OPPO successor to the Find 5. So far it has a 2K screen and LTE. Other details are unknown so far. Oppo has posted in their stream. +Paul Green
+Steve Kondik I wouldn't be able to beta test 11 would I? I've been running the other beta Oppo firmware (to include the other 10.2 build). I'd love to check it out and share my thoughts with the Oppo community here.
Sorry, double post.  Told me it failed to post... obviously it lied to me.
Who would buy one for me ????
+Robert Gordon since the ROM size is so minimal and theres no bloat I'm very comfortable with getting the 16gb but that awesome case tho! 
+殷啟聰 The CyanogenMod team will be taking care of maintaining their build for the N1.
+OPPO That's fantastic. Giving them the reigns for the project is probably the best way to keep it moving quickly.
Just sold my 16 gig n1 for $625... I'm ready to place this new order for the cm 32 gig edition. Anyone know what timezone at midnight they will begin taking orders? Hong Kong? Us eastern? Pacific time?
I need to know!!!! 😵
No 32GB CM edition.. why?
+Robert Gordon already ordered! Wanted a 32 gb but oh well lol I only have about 3 gigs of music anyways everything else I stream with Google music. And I don't play games on my phone. That's what my ps4 and Xbox 1 are for!
N1- Web browsing, g+, flip board, Netflix, hulu, etc
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