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The Find 7 comes in White and Astro Black. Which one will you go for? Choose your armor! 
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Shiny carbon fiber (is) was the best! Therefore the so-called "Astro black" is the closest suitable options.
PS: So regular black is not an issue anymore? ;)
what is the android version on this?
Damn +OPPO why can't you just release a kitkat version of color. Oh well! 
Anyone know what day they will be shipping them instead of early July....
I only see 7a for sale..
Oppo/OnePlus is manufacturer that is the hardest to get our hands on their devices...
Its under find 7a there's no individual section for it but at the bottom on the last row the last two models should be the find 7 us version and internationals version +Matevž Petrič
CyanogenMod 11S is available for find 7a, 4.4.2 android build
+Lerel Ashley sorry about that. Was on the wrong link. But OPO is actually hard to get with that invite system.. :)
Already preordered. It seems first part of the long waiting has ended. Now let's wait around 3 weeks for delivering
+Philipp Wolf haha...that would be a dream come true, but I doubt that would happen ever with Oppo. Somehow they like pairing great hardware with cartoon like OS. 
+OPPO, I have tried to pre order via Oppo Style, but couldn't complete it. Aren't you guys shipping to Brazil anymore? I have bought from the site in the past with no problems. Now I get an error that says no delivery method. 
the front is epic and its back lame .
I already have the white one from the first pre order. I wish we had that option then...

Still a great phone, but sometimes i have a problem with the mic and a reboot is required. Also i have the yellow tint "problem" (search the forums for more info)
Astro black for me but I won't be buying until the 3 GB app partition and yellow tint issues are fixed.
I wanted to go for the white one, but you made the black so damn good
+Matevž Petrič from the feedback I have read on forums it is isolated to the bottom edge of the display when in portrait mode. I remember reading that the tint rotated when the phone was in landscape, which would suggest a software issue; I only read that from one source though. From all accounts it more likely hardware related.

There is a video of it on YouTube (link below).

Find7A display issue yellow tint 
Pre Ordered the Astro Black couple of hours ago.

Preorder Astro with the powerbank, now the waiting begins and hope I don't get a yellow screen.
+Nathan Morgan Awesome stuff! Be sure to hit us up on Instagram when it arrives! We would love to feature one of your snapshots.
+Dan Katz Good stuff Dan! Let us know when it arrives! ;)
Got myself a white 7a, didn't even realize what color it was until I left the shop! The build quality and the overall looks of this device is so amazing it barely make a difference!
Got white find 5 so next has got to be black. 
+Timur Lavrenti Kiyivinski Well that's wonderful to hear Timur, we would love to see some snapshots from you on Instagram! ;)
Dan Oh
+Ryan Diver only if one stares at the bottom thinking there is a yellow tint; otherwise, its barely noticeable.
I preordered an Astro black two days ago, but i will change it to a white. Hopefully that is possible :).
Both look awesome and i had a hard time choosing. But i really want the white version with the slimmest possible margin.
Oppo, is it possible to change an order before it is shipped?

Thanks in advance
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