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 5.5" screen with the feel of a 5" screen device. #AlwaysImprove   #Find7  
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When are you going to make a 7 inch tablet to compete with the Nexus 7, +OPPO ? To make it compete, it would have to have MicroSD support. If the rest of the specs were similar to the 2013 version of the Nexus 7 and the device was similarly priced, then I would buy it in a heartbeat.
With the feel of 5" screen device???¿??!!!
I wish it would have an SD card. I would definitely buy one if it did. I don't want to buy another Samsung just because of that. 
Or maybe invisible bezel!
Or increased height just like the iPhone 5 (and will leave the .5" space for soft buttons)
Prince AY
Now top that baby with 3GB RAM, Snapdragon 805, N1's long exposure Camera, front facing speakers with Oppo Dirac HD sound and 4000mah Silicon-anode, SD Card expansion and at least an internal space of at least 5gb for app. My girlfriend has the #find5  but her phone always tells her "insufficient storage" even though she still has over 8gb space of storage. Please give this a plus one if you agree with me, let's raise our voice together and make +OPPO make this a reality. +Armando Ferreira and +Marques Brownlee what do you think?
Migs B
Which company makes oppo screens? 
Should make 5inch screen feel like a 4.5inch phone 
+Angel Angeles III hahaha, we'd see about that. I'm expecting nothing less than 500-800. It's going to be +OPPO next flagship. I'm tired of #samsung  Knox and shit
Be nice to know the dimensions of the phone. If its almost the same as the Find 5 then I might be tempted.
Details of the real size (w*d*h)? If it's noticeable bigger than my #S4, well, sorry...this is my limit.
I have the Find 5 and, as amazing a phone it is, it's quite big for a 5" phone (esp height). Oppo should ditch the off-screen buttons. I'm expecting the 5.5" to be just a tad to large for me.
Make them more available to the Western markets (well Europe anyway)
Find5 also is too heavy. I see no advantages over other phones. 
+Dieter Petereit , when it came out the display was unmatched in the display department (in fact, I've yet to see a display that is as nice, the One comes close), the speaker was great and battery life was better than most. Add to that that competing phones (again, the One) were at least 50% more expensive, it was a very good proposition. Now, especially with the N5 on the stage, I have to agree it's all but obsolete.
Hmm, a little too big for me. The resolution is impressive of course.
+Chris Druif I really don't care if it's single storage or not, I just want +OPPO to increase the internal storage size for apps from 2gb to about 5gb 
Sweet! Love these little teasers. Only +OPPO would do that! 
Great sweatspot for a screen in between 5 and 6 inches, also, everyone that was fine with the Note 2 will be fine with this.
Oppo你都打到国外市场了! 加油
+OPPO 5 hundred and thirty Fucking 8 ppi!? India availability Plz!

I really hope it will be release with cyanogenmod 11 in germany :)
Don't care too much about any resolution above 350~400. It's already good enough. Just hope that the device is at least as good  as the Moto X regarding the front face size/screen size ratio, and then, only then, I could consider it.

If it's going to have 5.5" and the N1 bezels it's not going to be so good. I wish at least they get on-screen buttons so that the front can be better used.

When is this size race going to stop?

Front facing Find 5 quality speakers would be boss. No other company is getting how good the HTC One was for consuming media. My ears are at the sides of my freaking head, why don't aim the speakers that way? Jeez!

+OPPO, wish you the best with this device. If you continue to hear your users, you will continue to be awesome.
Now that's serious Resolution! I can't wait to buy this phone I hope it has a camera to match the screen quality
Steve G
Softkeys, MicroSD Card, small bezzel and a big battery AND I will sell my LG G2 and buy a Find7!
Anybody else notice the sun gradually getting evermore into eclipse? It's this a clue to the launch date +OPPO? When it's there next a solar eclipse visible from China? Just sayin'
Tantalizing specs! +OPPO definitely hasn't disappointed in the audio department with its previous devices and I expect that will be the same with the Find 7. I feel this is all building up to be my next favorite device 
+Andrew Tomkins
Not true, the announcement about LTE was the same background and it was one week ago..
If so the next solar eclipse in china will be in october.. can't believe that Oppo will release the Find 7 only in October..
The screen sounds beautiful. From the description, 5" device form factor with a 5.5" screen squeezed in. That will have tiny bezels hopefully and wonder if that even works. Topped with good specs at a competing price. +OPPO will go far
Please do something about selling your products in India +OPPO !!
Oh nice.  Glad to see an official screen size.  5.5" is pretty good I suppose.  It's no 5.9" like the N1, but I guess it will do lol.
You broke the deal for +Armando Ferreira who wanted no more than 5". And then you said the device feels like 5 so that he and other users who feel its big,could get carried. No they won't. Let's see how it proceeds.
Wireless charging would be great too.
I dont understand,..why theres always any lack on every high-end device? Even the "flagship" one from all manufacturer & unexceptable with this +OPPO.

My question is,..Is it deliberately by them? So ridiculous i think while make a bigger internal storage & SD card slot are a simple problem, & why they just not following what customer needed,..honestly, something like this was just confusing me oftenly,..since years ago correctly.
Please make the battrey as amazing tpo
Cha kra
when is it coming to India
What ever... I can't buy Oppo phone any way...
YES!!!!!! thank you OPPO!!! You guys are awesome. Now wireless charging PLEASE!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
I wouldn't care it this phone is as big as the note 2, but close to a 4000 mah battery is almost a must on a phone this size and at this resolution
It's gotta have a better camera and battery than its competitor(s). No more of this 8 or 13 megapixel, gotta go bigger... Into the 20's
I don't care about the camera as long as it's better then the note 2 camera
hmm... 5.5" display 😶 .... I guess I can try it 😊
5.5" is acceptable , just make it a compact device! 
Too big, sorry. Will wait for smaller phone with good specs and great camera.
+Ayodele Idowu with a single partition you have the advantage you get to decide for yourself how much room on it should be for apps or media. Side-note +OPPO: please make a 64GB option. And bigger battery naturally, 4Ah minimum? And wireless charging would be sweet.

+Jory Price how about Lumia 1020's 41MP with OIS on the back and a 5MP front shooter?
Do we really need such a high resolution for 5.5 inch screen? It will be a burden on the battery only.
5000 mAh battery!! Let's do this!
Give the best processor and camera, and sound, and count me in. ^_^ 
Very nice. +OPPO you're making it very hard not to get one.
Too Big. 5" is just the perfect screen size unless that 5.5 has a Near-Zero bezel
Andy L.
I don't believe it till I see it.
I see pixels at the screen if the screen is under 400ppi all over 400 ppi is not really useful for me. But it's better if you can link the smartphones to your 4k TV. Sry apple, you are out. 
Where are we heading? SMH...... Not to be anti tech but, even pointless has a point now??
+Adam Sobotka well it could be just as small as the Find 5. Just like the twin phones Xperia ZL & Xperia Z. It is hinted in the post. 
finally oppo, all i ever wanted is a almost bezell-less beast, you make my year oppo!
Okay soo this is the perfect screen tht my ipad spoilt me for... i am soo buyin this....
It would need a very impressive battery to stay alive, a screen that nice should be matched by a 4000 or more mah battery. I hope some new software features will take advantage of the screen size. (Multi Window or something like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has.
538 PPI. Do I hear 550, 550 PPI? 550 PPI Goes to Samsung in the corner with the Galaxy S5! Can I get a 560 PPI, anyone for 560? Okay then, Galaxy S5 for 550 Going once, going twice... Wow, and what is this? 578 PPI from HTC with the HTC Two! Then you see Motorola like, "Now that everyone is getting 2K displays, we should get 1080 displays!
Perfect screen size! Make the Brezels as small as possible. Gogogo!
Can you buy oppo in the US? I have Sprint. 
+robert ross the Find 5 and N1 won't work on Sprint. Only GSM networks. Find 7 will have LTE though. It should be available sometime next year. 
+Robert Gordon Thanks. I have a gs3 and I would love to get away from Samsung. Oppo seems like the perfect choice. 
+robert ross I too was a Samsung refugee, Oppo has hospitality like no one in the industry. You will find it very cozy over here :-P 
I think you need to send me one when it's ready so I can test it out😋
The next solar eclips in china will be in 2035. So that theory for release dates will not work.

However, maybe we will get the announcement in january, since at this rate the Sun will have Set
High screen bezel ratio, more than 80‰ please! 
To those on microsd. I think fast net and cloud being a reason... I wanted one but I have a router sharing games apps backups. Music on phone and cloud. Phone has apps game installs really but otg USB or msd for bkup and secure apps or media would be nice

Oppo are amazing in the UK they get huwyi as only Chinese phone I get off saying it's prototype s5 haja

Red is not all. Look at 1080 on cheap phones not find 5 BTW. Tried a Sam s3 sisters and blew me being 720p Amoled but
.... Semi eco display And sview? I think cyanmod will get better and work out for the find 7. Maybe have a few editions one for gaming and TV which docks to TV and run controller making an oppobox that pops to phone
So I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to see Find7
G's settled......i need this...i need to see it...
Could it be possible for a phone to play 2 videos simultaneously?
If yes..why not have it on the find 7! The big screen can be done some justice too!
Say I wanna watch two matches being aired at the same time and don't wanna miss either!
I guess there is only one problem with this..... i don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a phone 
lol if it could only be priced like the nexus 5!
If it had the camera of the N1, 4000mah battery, SD card slot and 4G and infrared. I would buy , oh and an FM radio.
+OPPO I hope it will support apt-x for bluetooth just like HTC and Samsung.
"5.5" screen with the feel of a 5" screen device"
How's that possible exactly??
Not again...This is also way big.
Best case scenario:
Curved screen
Super thin bezel
3000MaH battery minimum
Snapdragon s804 processor

If this is the case, i will definetly buy it!
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