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You can find many new extensions in our add-ons catalog. The updated Twitter extension is highlighted below.

What extensions do you feel we are missing? We're interested in your feedback and suggestions, so let us know what you think as a comment!
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Google+ chat does not work with SPDY enabled in Opera 12.10!!
Opera is crap at all. This downfall from 10.50 to nowadays. 
For me Opera works Perfect, but G+ only with Chromium.
G+ is crap in Opera and Firefox too. Is this a strategy from GG to use Chrome browser?
Looks like :-)

But this Post is for Extensions not for the Browser himself.
I'm using Opera under Ubuntu. G+ only works well with Chrome. Wordpress was a total disaster with Opera, but lately it got better. But uploading photos still isn't possible. Same problems under windows anyone?
+Dirk Helden  I tried it some years ago. Don't remember exactly, but I had problems with the Chromium ppa. So I changed to Chrome and now I'm stuck. 
I forgot: I definitely WANT an Opera add-on for WP that works. Pleasepleaseplease!
The problem with Opera is not a lack of extensions. Opera is a great browser. It is the best one imo, even though I don't use it anymore. The problem with Opera, and the reason why I no longer use it, is that it's incompatible with most major websites, such as Google and, just to take two examples.
+Seth Sevenyoln It doesn't help Opera that it has the best support for  HTML5 when the major websites doesn't work properly with the browser. I just checked Outlook in Opera, and it still doesn't work or look okay in Opera. 
every site I visite in opera look well, and work well.....opera has the best interface too.
No, the sidebar is not blocked by Adblock and the menu does not look the same in Firefox. Outlook works just fine in Firefox.
I ask for an extension that works for zoom images as we have for FB here in +Google+ please 
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