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If I could remove one thing from the internet forever, it would be ______.
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Web standards. Just kidding..
Oh, I'm sorry. That's technically three things...
Promoted posts/tweets/etc on social media networks.
+Seth Sevenyoln Answers like Opera, Ads or google search. You people are too young, I think, and dont remember the nightmare before google.

Remove g+ and facebook, on a comment on g+. #OK
+Seth Sevenyoln In your dreams. A recently attemp from MS was a mess, Google wins 4 to 1, just search about it. Other alternatives are the same stuff. You can't index the web in some days, and say "we made a new web search for you". Period.  Google still with the crown on web search. 
Sorry man.  :) Nice try. Don't feed the trolls (on any area)
 algorithms of results based on equality between SEO and relevance of your query are more advanced on Google than other alternatives. Also, the integration of services to make your performance on work so much better. I'm talking about the options that gives Google Apps +Seth Sevenyoln 
yeah, and we have a problems with chrome 16 (11 month), or firefox 12 (6 month)
I observed that any browser wich is visible on internet is attacked and the security of smartphone/computer is broken. So, first security: MAKE BROWSER/DEVICE NOT VISIBLE ON PAGES BY PRESSING ONE BUTTON, OR, MAKE IT VISIBLE BY (DE)PRESSING SAME BUTTON !!! THE BUTTON OF VISIBILITY IN BROWSER IS ESSENTIAL FOR ALL DEVICES
NTP. Accurate tracking of time takes the fun out of life.
Those Websitekits for noobs where you can build a "website" with absolutly no knowledge...
Spam and all misuse of technologies supporting spam.
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