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A smart phone is smart because _______.
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andre S
patamuchto! ;-)) (C) Russian folklore
it has a fart application :-P can do a lot more things than I can. :-)
you save money not calling people with voice charges rather use the internet on it.
it have different types of apps like Opera ;)
A smart phone is smart because it knows when you really need for it and always broke down.
NullPointerException: Hipster phone returned "null" for property "Smart".
Better ask why phones that are apparently supposed to be mobile pcs suck so hard if you compare them to an actual mobile computer. 
...the chicken crossed the road?!
It's not really that smart. People perceive that it's smart because I'M the one using it and I ooze so much awesomeness that I bottle up the excess and sell it to rappers.
becoz it so fast and looking cool...
all gods are created by humans
It thinks for you, and uses its memory, that way YOU dont have to ;) lmao

Because it's Android based.
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