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We released an new version of Opera with a lot of updated extensions for your computer yesterday. Have you tried it yet? What do you think?
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And Proxy Auto Configuration is still broken. Ever since version 10.00. So for over 3 years now. Not cool, Opera.
+Илья Найдов, does your PAC script depend only on the hostname or on both the hostname and the IP address of the destination server? If it does depend on both, can you test something that never worked for me?
1. Go to a site that requires a proxy. Make sure that the proxy is used.
2. Go to a site that doesn't require a proxy.
3. Try to go to a site with a non-existent hostname, like
4. Go to a site that requires a proxy. Make sure that the proxy is used.
Going with these steps, PAC always fails for me, 100% of the time.
Opera stopped using GTK3 look after the upgrade. Quite disappointing :-(
+Илья Найдов, that's what I thought. My personal theory is that trying to access the IP address after resolution has failed once leads to an internal JavaScript exception which prevents the PAC script from being executed until it's reset in the configuration options. Or something like that. I have really no idea how to analyse this at all.
In Google+, the list of available friends in Google Talk not showing up on the right.
+Sam Wong You welcome.
That's exactly what I'm talking about. Most of Google's services (including YouTube) use SPDY protocol nowadays, but Opera seems to fail using it, so most of Google's services don't work properly in Opera 12.10 for now. (Error 413)
Jay Gan
Great update. New opera feels really snappy!
i don't have problems with google services and spdy enabled
opera version 12.10, ubuntu version 12.10.. must be some kind of sign, guess i have to download
RHEL 5.8 not supported anymore :-( Opera 12.10 requires at least glibc 2.8, while RHEL 5.8 is shipped with 2.5. OMG I have to stay with Opera 12.02 :-(
On *nixes there are still problems with HTML5 youtube videos: frame skipping, tearing and to big red progress bar.
i didn't check out the new update, but does is run more smoothly on netbooks? 
I cant now disable bookmark from search-box (address box) any advice?
I love opera, but it seems that it runs slower on older machines, like mine Core2Duo! Guys you have to look into memory consumption of your browser, not every one can upgrade his PC every year!
Latest Opera eat a lot of cpu on my dual core laptop about 48-50%
update is eating to much cpu, it needs clean install... then it works like butter :)
Thanks for the tip guys, I thought my computer was acting up. Fresh install fixes a lot of problems with performance.
and also I think CPU usage comes from link sync and/or speed dial, because I have 30+ speed dials and after turning on link sync cpu went crazy... anyone having same issue???
Discard my last comment, OPERA 12.10 has CPU issues with HTML5 and CSS3 enhanced web pages, try to open multiple pages for example or and you will see how opera chokes up... used to watch movies during the "surf" but can not do this any more because of the CPU load from opera... it won't go below 50%!
Really sad, will wait for update! Going back to 12.02!
the memory consume is above 460 MB, more than 50% of CPU. I'm little afraid about this version. o_Ô
And I think that I'm not the only one.
wow! i thought i was alone with a whooping 2GB memory utilization with only 5 extensions enabled! Opera? what goes wrong?
I'm loving the new version. Thankfully upgrading has had no detrimental effect on my system (though I am getting a weird issue with my favorite online game, /Kingdom of Loathing/}.
Firstly, thanks to Opera team for this release. Webpages are responding more faster, animations looks better and Google Docs problems with copy/paste, PDF reader and AltGr+<letter> are fixed. Web is really more enjoyable now and you make my cyberlife easier.

But there's bug. I've the same bug as +Илья Найдов and +Sam Wong. The Google+ Chat column doesn't work well with SPDY enabled. The bug happen only 99% times but I got it works with SPDY enabled two times. GMail has some random bugs. Sometimes it loads, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it shows a 413 error. I disabled SPDY. But should note that website loads really fast with SPDY enabled, even without any caching (tried with GMail).

Another less annoying bug with Google+: Can't upload a picture of less than 50 KiB. I tried with Opera 11.64/12.00/12.01/12.02/12.10 and Flash 11.2/11.3/11.4, it doesn't work and Opera freezes. See this topic:
This very website (G+) takes forever and a day to load... if it doesn't outright crash first :(
and every time just -crash ... !  i have change my brower to IE ! !
Hmm, since the new version (on MAC) I'm seeing over 100% CPU usage when browsing to Google+

Doesn't seem to be a problem for any other websites I visit, just G+
Thanks +Lunix Watt that seems to have solved the problem for now. :) Glad I don't have to use those other crappy browsers.
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