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We are very happy to announce the first release of our official app!
You can find a nice review by +Android Police about it on

Updates are distributed through the Play Store and
If you're involved in the world of custom ROMs, there's little chance you haven't heard of the Open GApps Project. As of late, Open GApps has been the go-t... by Richard Gao in Android OS, Development, Exclusives, News
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Nice! Does the in-app installer read the gapps-config file? 
+Gabriele Lucci the app itself does not interact with the gapps-config file (yet); but you can just put your gapps-config in the same folder as to where you download the ZIPs, and it will work as usual :-)
I wish i could just make a custom zip for my installations because aroma doesn't flash on opo devices 
Ben Ko
Nice to see OpenGapps also outside of XDA as the most common Gapps package these days. Great news!
How come we cannot donate through Android Market , I tried to donate through other means and it won't accept it I don't get it now that you're on the Android market make it possible to donate through the Android market what's up with that, or an advanced version of the application that we can pay for I want to support.
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