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Yesterday was the first release of the new Open GApps App; it was developed by +Christoph Loy read his story about developing the app on our blog:
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Would you consider adding an option to donate directly from the Play Store via in-app purchases or subscriptions?
I understand that you embrace PayPal, but I am uncomfortable trusting an unregulated money handler that arbitrarily freezes funds and makes political statements by preventing otherwise legal transactions. 
even a simple bitcoin donation addition would be much appreciated as many do not like paypal.
There has been an issue with open gapps hotword enrollment package. A fix for "ok google" anywhere has been found and patched but it still needs a gapps package with a non-corrupted HotwordEnrollment package. Can you guys check this in. 
+Athar Waqas the situation is a bit more complicated. The Hotword APK differs per device; so we need to expand the package that it can install a correct variant for each device type.
Open gapps arm for HTC m9 ????
+greg godson I'm not sure you understand how this works. All ARM devices use ARM GApps. All ARM64 devices use ARM64 GApps. 
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