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Today the first 7.1 packages will be published!
These are not tested yet, so please drop feedback in our XDA thread if you find any issues.
Also some new apps from 7.1 like StorageManger and the Pixel Launcher & Google Wallpapers are backported into the other versions. Check the wiki for more information; e.g. which keywords to put in your gapps-config! :-)
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+Open GAppsSorry to report that 7.1 Gapps FC's on initial setup. Google Play Services keeps closing, same as before with 7.0. I can provide a log cat if necessary.
+Shakir Abdul-Ahad Clear /data/ and do a fresh flash of ROM and GApps (in 1 go, do not reboot in between) if the problem still happens, then post your debug logs + logcat on the XDA Forum thread
+Maarten Fonville Will do, but first here's what I just did:

During setup I simply opted to not use a network to setup my phone; basically bypassing the setup wizard. Then once I got to the home screen, I went to developer options > WebView implementation and selected Chrome Stable. Rebooted and my Google Play services FC's stopped. I've confirmed with the Dev of Uberstock that the necessary Webview patch was added to his source. I'll try the method that you suggested also.
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