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Our benefactors should check their mailbox for a special "beta" treat ;-)
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How does one become a benefactor?
It was the next obvious step, if this is what I'm thinking. :)
+Marius Kopp I guess that it download the selected package.. since compilation isn't viable in a phone
There is a link in the site's hamburger menu for donations. Since PayPal wantn to be a bank without complying with regulations I'll just wait for a paid version of the app.
Heavy question of the day: can an OpenGApps app be distributed through the Play store?
…and, to be honest, I would like to refrain from installing an APK without md5 checksum (none was given in the mail)
Hay we create Aosp 7.1 fully stable just camera and auto rotation not working
Other wise all thing working fine
But you tell me that what happened this arm 7.1 mini,micro,nano,Pico gapps
This all after installed setups wizard stop
But we delete it from system by twrp recovery this SetupWizerd.apk then phone get turn on but notification panel not getting down like without gapps it work
Playstore force close
And so much bugs facing so what should we do
And when we got stable Gapps 7.1
Need reply please tell us 
Can anyone share the mini Gapps package through Google drive?? My WiFi isn't working and for last 3 days I'm trying to download that. Plz share the latest version. (Arm, Android 7.0)
+Utkarsh Uday Singh no freebies for threadjackers. The ZIP would be the same size whether I share it with you or you download it from the OpenGApps site, but they have bandwidth and I don't. 
+Ryan Stonecipher actually some apps including Google is crashing alot maybe as I'm using an older version of Gapps so someone suggested me to flash the latest Gapps which I'm unable to download (though 4g is running fine on other sites and apps). That's why I want to download it from drive if you'll share that!!
+Utkarsh Uday Singh that is a bummer. If you want to be sure OpenGApps is to blame you could download one of the smaller packages; it won't hurt anything to flash a small OpenGApps over a larger one. 
+EvoWizz you were too early, the app was not released to the public yet, only to donators. It is now live for all.
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