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+Fedora Project release 18 presents a few challenges for +OpenVZ user-space tools, i.e. vzctl.

First, the old mechanism of adding static device nodes by putting them in /lib/udev/devices (or /etc/udev/devices, depending on udev version) is no longer working. Instead, one needs to put a file to /etc/tmpdevices.d/.

Second, ifconfig is no longer included by default, so one needs to use ip. Personally I like the change a lot, ip is so much better than ifconfig (disclaimer: I am not saying so just because the principal ip author Alexey Kuznetsov works for the same company that I do, but just because ip is awesome). But that means changing good ol' and so they can work with both ifconfig and ip.

Latest vzctl git repo have both problems solved, feel free to take a look and point out bugs. Fedora 18 template release is around the corner (no, no, I won't give you any ETAs).
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"First, they removed udev, its functions are now handled by +systemd. " this statement is incorrect, udev has not gone anywhere.
+Cristian Rodriguez Right. What I meant to say is in Fedora 18 one can't set up static device nodes in /lib/udev/devices /etc/udev/devices anymore.
Are there plans to provide a systemd service file for vz/vzeventd like the init.d version right now? Because Arch Linux is switched to systemd I need info how I deal with this. 
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