+Fedora Project release 18 presents a few challenges for +OpenVZ user-space tools, i.e. vzctl.

First, the old mechanism of adding static device nodes by putting them in /lib/udev/devices (or /etc/udev/devices, depending on udev version) is no longer working. Instead, one needs to put a file to /etc/tmpdevices.d/.

Second, ifconfig is no longer included by default, so one needs to use ip. Personally I like the change a lot, ip is so much better than ifconfig (disclaimer: I am not saying so just because the principal ip author Alexey Kuznetsov works for the same company that I do, but just because ip is awesome). But that means changing good ol' redhat-add_ip.sh and redhat-del_ip.sh so they can work with both ifconfig and ip.

Latest vzctl git repo have both problems solved, feel free to take a look and point out bugs. Fedora 18 template release is around the corner (no, no, I won't give you any ETAs).
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