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Virtuozzo is the leading provider of virtualization, storage, and cloud infrastructure software
Virtuozzo is the leading provider of virtualization, storage, and cloud infrastructure software

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Welcome to the new Virtuozzo--we're now a standalone company with a fresh look. Visit our website and follow us on Twitter @VirtuozzoInc and on LinkedIn for information about virtualization, storage and cloud infrastructure software, and OpenVZ.

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First of all we cannot implement as it was previously (in #OpenVZ 6, 2.6.32-x kernels). This is because there is no vzfs in #Virtuozzo 7, but all quota related code used by simfs was shared between vzfs and simfs, and maintaining that code for simfs only is definitely not the thing we'd be happy to do. Yes, we definitely want to reuse some mainstream (or write a mainstream-able) code for it.

So, how this could be implemented?

"Old" simfs fs without quota - is just a bindmount => this is a start point. 1st level quota for simfs-based Containers (the quota for the Container as a whole) can be implemented using project quota which is going to be accepted to mainstream sooner or later.

As for the 2nd level quota (per-user quota inside a CT), we had not found any good solution during our internal discussions, so ideas from community are very welcome.

So what do we have at the moment: you can create a simfs-based Container in #Virtuozzo 7 (see instructions below), but cannot manage quota for it.

What should be done further (that's what you can help us with):

1. Take project quota kernel patches (which Stas Kinsbursky already ported to vz7 kernel some time ago), apply them to current vz7 kernel - you'll get the kernel able to manage project quota.

2. Need to add project quota support to appropriate userspace tools: quota-tools and e2fsprogs see details at

Hope that helps to understand our plans on simfs in Virtuozzo 7
and looking forward for a hero who could drive this forward! :)

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When contributing to open source projects and communities, one of the many benefits is that you can improve your tech skills. In this article, hear from three contributors on how their open source helped them get a job or improved their career.

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Although some people think open source projects only need programmers—and experienced ones, at that— open source project needs go beyond the ability to write code. They also require testing, technical support, documentation, marketing, and more. And contributing to projects also is a great way to improve technical skills and connect with people who share similar interests. One barrier to participating in open source projects is not knowing how to join and get started. In this article, I'll explain how to start contributing to an open source project.

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There are some web applications to manage virtual instances
via LibVirt: and
Do you use LibVirt web app to manage virtual instances on Virtuozzo 7?
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Yes (I'll specify app in comments)

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We're very excited that in 2016 OpenVZ will have exhibit space at FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium, January 30-31. We will be showing and demoing Virtuozzo server virtualization, answering questions and so on.

We would like the community to participate with us in the event. If you live in Europe, are an OpenVZ user and would like to be a part of our team at the OpenVZ exhibit -- you are very welcome to join us! Please email me (sergeyb at or to users at your details and we'll discuss arrangements.

#Virtuozzo #OpenVZ #CRIU #Booth #FOSDEM

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OpenVZ project is now sponsored by Virtuozzo company, not by Odin

As you may have heard, we now operate as a separate company under the Virtuozzo brand. I just wanted to inform you that nothing changes for OpenVZ. We continue to maintain the stable version of OpenVZ and develop the new Virtuozzo 7.

As stated in the official press release, "Virtuozzo will be led by Rob Lovell who re-joined Parallels in October and most recently held leadership positions at Colt following Colt’s acquisition of ThinkGrid where he was founder and chief executive officer."

The complete press release is available at

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I'd like to share with you the news on the latest changes in Virtuozzo 7 development.

First of all, I want to remind everyone that we are very close to the second beta of Virtuozzo 7. This milestone will include support for virtual machines based on the KVM hypervisor.

* We continue working on documentation and recently published more Virtuozzo guides (, in particular:

- Command Line Reference
- Getting Started Guide
- Installation Guide
- Installation Using PXE
- Templates Management Guide

Please note that these documents are a work in progress. The sources are available in the OpenVZ source repository ( Feel free to participate in keeping the documentation up to date.

* Next, the source code of two new Virtuozzo components became available:
- libreport-plugin-virtuozzo (, a plugin for libreport for gathering information required for problem reports.
- coripper (, a coredump stripper utility that reduces coredump size by stripping parts of virtual memory while keeping a possibility to generate backtrace.

* As you may know, minimal templates are quite popular in OpenVZ-stable. One of OpenVZ users, Philipp Born, made a minimal Debian template for Virtuozzo 7 using the OpenVZ project source code. Thank you, Philipp, the template has been added to the Virtuozzo 7 distribution (

* This July we asked OpenVZ users about their experience with SimFS and got much feedback regarding pros and contras of SimFS and ploop storage backends ( Based on that, we prepared a comparison of SimFS and ploop CT storage backend ( After an internal discussion, we decided to keep SimFS in Virtuozzo 7 and I hope it will return in Beta 2. It is worth noting there are many other CT storage backends, including ZFS, LVM and such. For various reasons, we cannot include all of them in Virtuozzo 7 by default. However, we will provide a possibility to use our containers with other CT storage backends. Stay tuned!

* New functionality has been added to Virtuozzo 7:
- now CT starts in a new user namespace ( (requires testing).
- prl_disk_tool is used to manage virtual machine and container disk images (

We do appreciate your helping us find bugs in the new functionality before the official release!

* We compiled a table of all products and tools integrated with Virtuozzo/OpenVZ ( Feel free to tell us of any other solutions OpenVZ is integrated with.

* Now you don't need a hardware node to install Virtuozzo 7 if you want to try it. You can use Vagrant boxes or Amazon EC2 images ( instead.

* We recently stumbled upon a report on a thorough security audit of OpenVZ performed by Alexander Peslyak aka Solar Designer as far back as 2005. He found a single issue in the OpenVZ kernel code and a couple of issues in the mainstream Linux kernel code. All of them were fixed and the mainstream fixes were sent to the LKML. We decided to publish the report for everyone ( to see.

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