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The official G+ page with news, polls & other stuff around this great game
The official G+ page with news, polls & other stuff around this great game

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OpenTTD 1.5.2-RC1 released
Without announcing the latest stable release 1.5.1 (shame on us), here comes the first release candidate for the next stable version 1.5.2.

Get it and test it!

And here the link for the latest stable release:

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Only 60 hours left!

Can the goal be reached?

#kickstarter   #openttd   #pikkarail   #pineapplegraphics  

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Today we want to raise your attention to an external project. 

Pikka - one of the long-standing artists around OpenTTD, who has released nummerous NewGRF - considers working full-time for 9 months on a graphics project for OpenTTD. To make this possible he has started a kick starter to raise funds for his life expenses. 

We don't know whether you like the art-style, or whether new graphics to OpenTTD are worth your money, but we can at least tell you that it is a trustworthy project with decent conditions. 

Please take a look here: 

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OpenTTD 1.5.0

It's the time of the year where everybody does a little crazy, and much like every year, we join the fun. 

This year, we release the 1.5.0 stable release, with higher mountains than you have ever seen before, a better UI for high resolution screens, and a much more rural intro screen. 
There are many other changes and fixes, see the changelog for the full list. 

To play at heights unseen, download the new binary from the usual place.

The OpenTTD team

#openttd   #stable    #release  

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Annual title game competition opened

In the last years we had a competition for a titlegame to be shipped with the stable releases - and we'd like to do the same with the releases of the 1.5 series.
We like to invite all interested parties to create a nice savegame which makes a good showcase for and a nice introduction to OpenTTD.
Deadline for submissions is 22nd February 2015, 0:00:00h UTC. For all details please, including submission guides and voting procedure, see our forum thread. In short: use only unmodified OpenTTD without any NewGRFs, AIs or GameScripts.
We are looking forward to your titlegame submissions!

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Adding binary digits using trains and signals. +Marc-André Appel 

If you encounter gameplay problems, don't hesitate to attache some screenshots or videos to show what you're trying to accomplish! ;-)

Happy New Year 2015 !

OpenTTD 1.4.4 released

A new stable has been released. Its major features are fixes for crashes, specifically when changing full animation settings when chat messages are shown and due to incorrect ownership transfer of road depots upon bankruptcy.

For the full log, see the changelog. You can download the new stable version from here:

Have fun!
The OpenTTD team

#openttd   #stable   #release  
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