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OK folks, I've been kind of scarce, mostly because I'm still trying to get things managed down here in Charlotte.  I'm posting tonight, because I've a small favour to ask for the motorcycle riders & Drag Bike enthusiasts and the Techie contingent, along with those interested in advancing STEM education starting with local schools.

My good friend Bill, never one to need much for himself, has a last year personal dream project.  As an amateur machinist, engine performance maven, and computer simulator / modeller, he wants to get kids interested in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  And he's an avid Drag Racer, frequently seen in the tracks near south-western Pennsylvania.

So, he wants to do, is to demonstrate how those things fit into such a fun sport, and how each one of them supports the goal of a performance racer.  He's wanting to make a video, along with a power point presentation, and do a bit of the old storytelling stick.  (He's funny, and can coax a smile out of most folks.  Besides, get a look at his personal style on his bike!)

Bill's got some serious health issues, terminal in the near future.  He's under treatment, and intending on fighting it with an amazing attitude, so I'd like to help promote his project campaign on Kickstarter.  Here it is:

The short scoop, is he needs hardware and software for making a movie.  His request is amazingly modest.  Just barely enough hardware and software upgrades to make it possible to do at all.  Nothing fancy in the equipment or software.  And not even a request to help with a bit of assistance in other areas, that he could use to direct his energies towards the project and the kids.

So, I want to ask, if you've got some spare change, even as little as a fin or tenner, send it his way.  Oh, and if you can, would you please share this?  It would mean a lot to me, to see it get some wide distribution, and I know Bill would appreciate both the attention, and the assistance with the STEM project.

Thanks Folks
Bill Keller - Keller Racing is raising funds for S.T.E.M. PowerPoint Presentation and Movie on Kickstarter! What better way to entice youngsters to get involved with STEM then get them involved in RACING!
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Onoreno DiNardo Jr.

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A serious assistance to finding a place, with a bit less grief than expected.  No, it won't visit places for you, or negotiate, but it will help some.
A free tool to help you find an apartment or sublet to rent. Basically, it's a big Google map with lots of house and apartment sublet and rental listings from Craigslist and other sources marked on it. Realtime filters make it easy to narrow down the massive number of apartments to just the few you'd be interested in.
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Onoreno DiNardo Jr.

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Google's Motto: "Don't be Evil". Well, whatever you think of the motto, or how well they've performed in not being evil, now is your chance to signon to a petition to be delivered to Google's Headquarters, regarding their membership in the US Chamber of Commerce.

You know the guys in the Chamber of Commerce, right? Some good, some very bad, but most of them out for the basic bottom line of profit, and maximizing their chance at getting as much as possible for as little as possible.

And there have been the scandals, and the offerings of political hatchet jobs, and the lobbying, button-holing, etc. So, there is a hot debate over at Google Headquarters about leaving the good ole Chamber.

Hey, most of us 99% use Google on a daily basis. We're not fully trusting them, but some action that showed us they were on our side too, would be classy. Not to mention news worthy. Think, one of the biggest Dot.Com's decides to opt-out of the Chamber? It will make some buzz, and perhaps some others think too, that the Chamber may be a bit ethically challenged, to say nothing of doing good for the 99%.

So, sign the petition already.

#Occupy #OWS #OccupyWallStreet
#OccupyPGH #OccupyPittsburgh #99
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Onoreno DiNardo Jr.

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This is one of the Many reasons not to believe that the administration is working on your behalf.

Corportocracy it's what we've got. Want something else yet?
Chris Smith originally shared:
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Onoreno DiNardo Jr.

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This is the way non-violent resistance should be used.

A really great demonstration of the occupiers at University of California at Davis, using their inherent power to resist the police. I'd been rather concerned that the Occupy movement would get a bad name from the very few actions that cause a real safety problem for both the occupiers and the police.

Here, what you have is a clear demonstration that the technique works.

Not only do the occupiers succeed, but given the behavior of the police, it looks like there is a start in co-opting them, and having them actually understand that this is important, and they are a part of it, willing or not.

Also, I'm guessing that this isn't going to be covered by the Main Stream Media, as it really runs counter to the stated purpose of maintaing an orderly state. (Read what you will into my term "Orderly State".)

So, if you find this encouraging, and it seems a real example of what can be accomplished, pass it around.

#OWS #OccupyWallStreet #Occupy
#OccupyPGH #OccupyPittsburgh
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Onoreno DiNardo Jr.

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More stupidity from DOJ, protecting us.

Sheesh, censorship upcoming, now you can't stretch the truth on a dating site, or have an account be anonymous without running afoul of the Federalies?

Time to call stupid is as stupid does.
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Onoreno DiNardo Jr.

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Blaming Rape Victims is light-years past stupid.

I get a lot of email from progressive organizations, and occasionally get energized by some of the insanity that passes for a functional democratic representative system.

But this is just FOCKING STUPID

I cannot for the life of me come up with a simple phrase that could be delivered to anyone remotely involved in the PLCB's newest anti-drinking campaign. I could come up with many paragraphs describing how wrong headed, imbecilic, regressionary, insensitive, legally bass-ackwards, paternilistically smug this comes across.

But I won't spend those paragraphs. Click on the link and tell these people yourself.
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The word appears to be out there and the PLCB is getting all manner of appropriate heat. It looks as if they might have already pulled that obscenity of blame the victim.

Guns don't kill people : Bullets kill people :: Rapists don't rape women : Tequila rapes women - taken from the Stoopid, False, Retrogressive Pennsylvania Analogies Test

Sometimes I think our fair Commonwealth is stuck in the middle of last century.
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Onoreno DiNardo Jr.

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We have 9% unemployement Officially yet the 1% in the House of Representatives is going to vote down the Unemployement extension?


Clearly they aren't concerned. So I get this request from the AFL-CIO to petition for just the CURRENT law to be extended.

I'm signing. Heck, I'd like to see them pass more benefits, considering some states are so far in the hole that the've begun to cut back on the amount you can get.

Look, as far as I'm concerned this whole structure is crimnogenic, and rapacious. But if you can spare a moment, we've got damn little to work with outside the Occupy movements for the time being.

So, what can we do today with the structure as it exists?



Tell your friends what is actually happening.

Light a fire under the miserable creatures we call our elected representatives.

I'd still prefer pitchforks and torches for them, but if nothing else, you can sign a petition. See below.
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+M Dempsey It's not just the working poor +Mitchell Campanella that are in trouble. We're all in trouble. Look, Firday the November unemployment figures came out, with a U3 officially at 8.6%. What you didn't notice was the 350,000+ people that stopped looking for work since October. Ask why? Well, at the current rate of job formation, it's going to be a MINIMUM of 5 years, before un-employment gets anywhere near a normal rate. Most economists are quietly predicting a decade of higher unemployment numbers.

And that is assuming Europe doesn't explode.
I'm guessing that M. Dempsey doesn't consider any kind of insurance an acceptable method of dealing with the various events that can happen to people, or in the case of Japan and Haiti, whole countries. Or is insurance and security just for those that can pay for it.

In which case, I've got some banks for you to discuss that very point with. TBTF is an acronym for banks with so little insurance, on such a massive scale that they got bailed out. And don't tell me that was just a one time thing. It's gonna happen again, and actually already has. It wasn't just 700 billion in bailout, but 7,700 billion that was lent to the banks at zero interest, so that they could loan it back to the US Government.

So, tell me what you would do for the one in five of your neighbors that is under-employed or un-employed. Can they come over to your house?
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Onoreno DiNardo Jr.

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Ya gotta love the picture, but more importantly, is really the issue of law enforcement.

Some folks will be upset, resentful, or just complain of the unfairness of the government. Some will reject anything that helps the 99%, or more practically, the folks needing the social safety net.

They see the moral hazard at assisting people in need, most especially when to some extent, they had a hand in making decisions that made them more vulnerable, more likely to require help.

Frankly, the 1% seldom think of the risks they take with others. Mostly they figure IBG-YBG. ("I'll be gone, You'll be Gone") So, they'll retreat to wherever, with their cash safety net, their contacts and associations of people in power, and their ability to bend the system to supporting them.

To me, the biggest moral hazard existing today, is allowing people with money and powerful contacts to get away with more than "Joe Average" does.

Society rests on the social contract that a system of laws makes us all equal. When some are more equal than others, that tips the balance. What's worse, it this tipping process, is a positive feedback system. The more it tips one way, the further it will continue to tip.

So, how do you counter a positive feedback loop?

Not easily. You still have to apply an equal and opposing force. Is OWS that force? Probably not. At least in sufficiency. It's one force of a number of ones that will need to be marshalled to counteract the out of balance condition.

What else then?

Actually it's going to take an effort by all of the 99%. Not just the liberals or progressives, but by each and everyone. And no, it doesn't mean you are going to need to spend the winter outdoors. Some will.

What it means is having the limited courage to speak up. If something isn't right, someone has to call attention to it.

Perhaps you start small. You're not crazy about the way your company treats customers. You're seeing something on the MSM that your child asks about. You're having a drink at your local watering hole.

Make a point of taking those very small steps. Think of the easiest thing you can do, that makes your blood boil. Then start where you are.

Make a fuss about something important.

#OWS #OccupyWallStreet #Occupy
#OccupyPGH #OccupyPittsburgh
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@Chris: It seems only a small insignificance, to talk the issues, yet what else is "MIC CHECK" for?

So, don't ask yourself to do hard things until it seems necessary. Ask instead to do easy simple things, but many times each day at every opportunity.

Not only will each of us get better each time, but we'll all be strengthening those facilitates we need.

Forward to your circles, if you like it!
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Onoreno DiNardo Jr.

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More attempts to smear #OCCUPYWALLSTREET by connected lobbyists.

You can bet this isn't going to be the last attempt. Likely the firms involved will become more careful, and work in a manner providing a plausible denial.

The proposal was written on the letterhead of the lobbying firm Clark Lytle Geduldig & Cranford and addressed to one of CLGC’s clients, the American Bankers Association.
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Onoreno DiNardo Jr.

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Short & to the point:

Bad bill for the internet, and bad for YOUR future.

Post on your site, call your congressperson, share with your friends.
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