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Know your Why - and boost your marketing strategy!

Your digital marketing strategy might include blasting off emails, updating social media furiously and doing hours of keyword research - but do you know WHY you do it?

Knowing what your underlying goals can help with:

-Improving tactics

Read more about Finding Your Why here:
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[Live Video] How can it help my marketing?

Videos generate huge amounts of traffic online, with people watching billions of hours of video on a daily basis.

But, how can this help your marketing strategy?

-It drives more engagement
-Live videos improve conversion rates
-80% of people would rather watch live video than read a brand’s blog!

Learn more about this fantastic marketing tool, now:
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Tips to master social media for your business

If you are looking to improve your social media marketing strategy, follow these simple tips to become a social media master:

-Commit to social media
-Show your personality!
-Listen to your audience
-Focus on select networks
-Experiment with content

For more effective tips, read on!
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Email Marketing: Vital statistics to check

When doing an email marketing campaign, there are certain vital statistics that you should always keep an eye on:

-Unsubscribe rates
-Open rates
-Click-through rates
-Engagement length
-Bounce rates

Learn more about these 5 vital statistics that can help improve conversions, on
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[Knowledge is Power] Outsmart your competitors

When it comes to knowing and outsmarting your online competition, knowledge is the most powerful tool.

Here are top tips on how to gather this knowledge:

1.Use an SEO tool to research them
2.Analyze their backlinks
3.Monitor their page changes

For a more in-depth look at how to outsmart your competitors, read this
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Keep content concise!

When creating content, one important thing to remember is to Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Concise content should have the following qualities to be successful:

-Easy to read
-Evoke emotions

Read on for more about how to create perfectly concise content
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[4 reasons why your business needs live chat]

Live chat is the way forward for any business that is serious about lead conversion.

Not convinced yet? Here are the top 4 reasons why you need live chat:

-Faster response time means more leads
-Provide help even if you are away
-Overcome objections
-Forms are dying out

Interested in more? Read on for how to set up live chat
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