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Traveling with pets in Croatia

Croatia is pet friendly country, however, you should carefully check what documentation you need to have when entering Croatia with your pet. Therefore, it is best to star your trip planning on time! You have lots of useful web sites for traveling with pets in Croatia and if you need extra information you can always contact Croatian Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development. Some of the basic requirements are pet passport with the pet description, proof of ownership, proof that the pet is micro chipped and vaccinated against rabies. These are the most important requirements in Croatia. If you are coming from a country in European Union, you will need only your pet passport and if you are coming from other countries outside EU, you will need the veterinary certificate for your pet. However, coming from countries outside EU may take extra regulations and more procedure to pass so it is advisable to contact Croatian authorities mentioned above. One can enter Croatia with up to 5 pets otherwise it will be treated as commercial import.

Croatia can definitely be your destination for traveling with your pet, since its natural beauties, fresh air and lots of green parks give you great opportunity to enjoy with pet. If you are traveling in summer, you are probably considering visiting Croatian coast and maybe some of the islands. Croatian cost has many beautiful places for holiday with pets. Keep in mind that Croatian coastal cities are small in size, they usually have many beautiful parks where pets are allowed and there are also beaches where you can take your pets to. Sometimes you may “feel” that local people are not used on house animals, and that can be true with elderly people (mostly living in villages) that are used on more modest lifestyle from the past when the only pets were dogs but living outside of the house and being the house keepers. However, in general, it is in Croatian culture to have pets so nobody should be worried when coming to Croatia. Croatian cities and village usually have many walking areas where you can enjoy with your pets. If you are to use local transportation, you need to check whether pets are allowed in them, especially the procedure to travel with your pets in boats, ferries, etc.

When booking the accommodation in Croatia, you need to ask whether pets are allowed in apartments and houses. Usually, it is stated on the advertisement; however it is best to state it into your accommodation request so you get the confirmation from the owner or agency booking the accommodation. If you are booking accommodation in Croatia, the best is to search for the apartment or villa located near places (walking paths, beaches) where you will have enjoyable environment for your pets. When booking apartment or villa in Croatia, ask if there is some additional charge for the pets and if you are traveling with more than one pet, check if the owners will allow it. If you are booking apartment or villa in Croatia which has garden or pool, double check if your pets can use these areas. To provide you and your pet relaxing and stress-free holiday it is better to determine all the conditions for booking apartment or villa prior to reservations and gather as many as possible information about the place you are visiting.      
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So Croatia is your new holiday destination this year!!!Great choice!!
After you decided what your preferred location is, you have to make decision which apartment or villa in Croatia you want to book. Sometimes this can be very tough decision, especially if you are traveling on a long term vacation so the place you are staying would be your second home for 2, 3 weeks. You can find yourself checking 200 apartments in your dreamy location because you do not know which preferences to look for in an apartment so you do not get lost in the bunch of offers presented to you. 
Follow these steps and you will easily make the right decision on which apartment or villa in Croatia you need to book!

Most of the adverts will use the best photo (sea view, balcony view) which is most appealing and that catches your eye. Scroll down through the photos section and check how apartment visually “speaks” to you. Did it made you more interested in? By visualizing things you can promptly decide if something will suit you or not. The apartment or villa should be advertised with photo of each room (if you like some apartment, but you do not see picture of bathroom for example, you can always ask for more photos). The photos should be in high resolution (do not book apartment with 3-4 low resolution photo, this is risky) and you should see minimum 20 photos. Beside the photo of each room in the apartment or villa, there should be photo of the house, building, and exterior. 

Pay attention on the description! The most important facts about the apartment or villa should be stated. Therefore, look for the size of the apartment or villa (interior square meters + exterior square meters), number of bedrooms, kitchen equipment, living room and dining room amenities. Depending on your preferences, if you want a nice, big terrace to enjoy morning coffee, afternoon relax or evening sunset, you can exclude the apartments without terrace or balcony immediately. Also, if you are to cook each day and you are coming to holiday with your family, children, you should pay attention on the kitchen equipment. Most of the apartments or villas in Croatia have basic kitchen utensils such as cutlery, refrigerator, stove, but if you are looking for more equipped kitchen this would not be enough for you.  

3. MAP
Each apartment should be located on the Google Map and you should check carefully location. Keep in mind that Google was creating map for Croatia in 2010, so some things have changed, but the main features (as distance to the beach), remained the same. 
Also, sometimes you will not be able to find the exact street address, if it is some side street even in the bigger Croatian towns (unfortunately, not every street is on Google map).
When locating apartment or villa in Croatia, use the advantage of Google where you can position yourself in front of the apartment or villa and search around. You should always, “walk the street” to the nearest beach, shop, restaurant and compare it with the description on the advert. If you are noticing big difference between the facts advertised and what you see on the map, you should not spend your time on those unprofessional presentations. 

On each advert, prices of the apartment or villa should be stated. Check if the price is stated as price per night, per apartment or price per night, per person! Usually, you will see daily and weekly price. Pay attention on the minimal stay per season, arrival/departure days and if any discount for long term vacation is offered. Be aware that most of the apartments charge extra 10, 20, 30% if the stay is less than 4 nights.  The calendar of the availability should be updated daily and most of the advertising sites show you when the calendar was updated. However, the availability can change in few minutes, especially if you are a last-minute traveller, so you have to get the confirmation from the apartment owner, agency. The best is to start your search as early as possible; apartments are booked the whole year round; from January the booking seriously progresses. Book on time your perfect apartment or villa in Croatia. 

Checking apartment’s reviews, other people experiences and impressions, must be part of your perfect holiday apartment hunting! The apartment that you are considering should have at least 2 good reviews! Sometimes you may find some negative comments from other guests, but think about how everybody has different opinion and expectation. 
Also check if the owner answered on the negative review (this is very easy to do, shows good will and politeness) with the explanation and/or apology-this also speaks much of the owner and what you can expect. 

These 5 things should be on everybody’s mind when searching perfect holiday apartment or villa in Croatia. Therefore, organize yourself before your travel, list your wishes and expectations, your budget, it will help you not to waist too much time on numerous apartments.
Use these advices and enjoy the hunting of your perfect apartment or villa in Croatia!  
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So travel!
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 How to find the perfect apartment or villa for your vacation in Croatia? 
Do you want to spend your holiday in a quiet, relaxing surrounding or you want to explore as many places as possible, visit historical sites, learn the culture and way of living in Croatia?

Croatia offers you different types of holidays. If you are planning to go for your holiday during the summer, you should definitely spend the most of your holiday time in Dalmatia. Dalmatia is a costal part of the Adriatic Sea and it is rich in historical towns, National parks, beautiful islands with untouched nature and secluded beaches. Trogir, Split and Dubrovnik area are the most attractive tourist destinations. 

This area of Middle Dalmatia has great geographical location. It is located near Split airport which offers lots of cheap flights to Croatia from various world known destinations. You can also reach Middle Dalmatia by highway Zagreb-Split or by ferry from Italy. Split port has very frequent ferry and speedboat connection with Dalmatian Islands Hvar, Brač, Šolta, Korčula. 

If you are on a short 3, 4 day holiday, you should choose apartments or rooms in the town of Split where you can explore the city itself, its historical monuments and sights, beautiful beaches and exciting night life. Split is the second largest town of Croatia and the centre of Middle Dalmatia. You can choose apartment in the city centre- Old Town, near popular beaches (Bačvice beach, Meje beach) or in its neighbourhoods (Veli Varoš for example). Since Split offers a lot of vocational homes and apartments you will be able to find luxurious to low budget ones. After making the sightseeing and enjoying the crystal sea, take your time to visit Solin, Omiš, Trogir and islands Hvar,Brač or Šolta. These destinations are very close to Split so you can choose one as your daily trip! 

Town of Trogir is also a beautiful place for holiday relaxation! Trogir is located only 24km from Split and 8km from Split airport and it offers you numerous options for finding the perfect holiday apartment or villa in Croatia. Trogir is famous for its historical sights and the city centre is under UNESCO’s protection and listed as world heritage. Trogir offers you beautiful beaches, restaurants with traditional Mediterranean dishes and friendly and warm hosts. Trogir and its surrounding places are destination for long stay holiday, therefore some renters take reservations for minimum 7 night stay and they prefer reservations with arrivals and departures on Saturdays. Pay attention on the conditions of booking under the apartment listing! Apartments are rented mostly from May to October, the high season is considered as July and August. Booking starts from January, even though the peak reservation time is around April and May. Consider this when deciding when to book and if you find the apartment that you like it is better to book immediately so you do not lose it. 
Do not expect first minute offer deals for high season period; renters will not lower the price because they know they will definitely sell this period. Since the high season is only 2 months, you will notice the big difference between June and July, most of the renters put much lower prices for the offseason. If you are booking late, in July and August, ask for the last minute deals!

Apartments or villas in Trogir can be found near the city centre or in nearby villages on the Island Ciovo. Island Ciovo and Trogir are connected with small bridge which is opened 24/7. All parts of Ciovo Island are 2-12km far from Trogir. If you decide to book apartment in Trogir, you can go for daily beach day on Ciovo Island and discover small, charming villages by the sea.

Apartments or villas on Ciovo Island vary from low cost apartments to astonishing modern beachfront villas with pools. If you are traveling for relaxation, Ciovo Island is perfect holiday destination. 
If you are traveling with your family and children, check first the beaches and the distance from the apartment. Even though, these villages are small and you will be able to walk to beach, you have to check if there is some hilly route, stairs and most important whether the beach is suitable for children. Most of the beaches on Ciovo are pebble and stone beaches suitable for children; unfortunately, there are no sandy beaches here. If you are looking for animation for your children, choose apartment near playgrounds and sports centres. Okrug Gornji (the biggest village on Ciovo) can definitely be the perfect holiday location for your family since it offers lots of summer activities especially for the young ones. This area also offers you lots of restaurants, shops, 3km long Copacabana beach and lots of small hidden bays. There is a boat on a daily basis for Trogir. 
While staying here you should definitely visit nearby islands Drvenik Mali and Drvenik Veli and discover the unspoiled nature and beautiful sandy beaches. 
Other places on Ciovo Island where you can find nice apartments are: Mastrinka, Arbanija, Okrug Donji and Slatine. 
So, whether you are looking for relaxing or active holiday, Trogir and Split area will fulfil your wishes!
Find apartment or villa in Trogir and Split area and enjoy your new holiday home! 
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How to book perfect apartment in Croatia?

You always go to hotels but they are expensive…
Your friend booked apartment for half hotel price and says it is awesome so you are thinking to do the same but you are scared of frauds?
Don`t be, with our tips you will became master in booking private apartments! Not only will you learn how to book best value for money, you will also enjoy the process.

You just need to follow these steps:

Think about perfect location for your holiday, what is the most important for you, is it beach, quite place, close to cities, islands, are you with or without car…. These things are very important when choosing the perfect location for your new holiday home. I can suggest SPLIT or DUBROVNIK areas since they are the best in Croatia. Also it would be good if you decide on approximate budget for your apartment in Croatia and dates of arrival and departure. 
The price of apartment depends on the season (the highest is for July and August), number of your groups (more people, cheaper apartment) and of course apartment or villa location and level of equipment.

You can use classic google search for finding the right apartment or villa in Croatia for example „apartment Croatia“. The thing is to find the best specialist in private apartments for Croatia, the real person you can trust, who will answer your emails within 24 or top 48 hours, who will pick up the phone, who knows the area and all apartments and if any problems occur when you come you must be sure you can rely on that person. Do not communicate with person who uses google translate to reply on your emails and who is not professional, it is too risky, maybe you will save some euros but do you really want to ruin your holidays?  
Lots of people ask me why specialist for Croatia, because every country and place is different. Just aks yourself: “Does it make sense that some Norwegian site with people that have never been to specific apartment or in Croatia at all will sell me good apartment in Croatia?” Not only they do not know all about apartment, they also do not know whether there is for example, children playground near your apartment or  tennis courts, diving centre, how much you need to pay for highway toll, do you need to convert euros to kuna and much more ….

So how will you know you have found the best specialist for private villas and apartments in Croatia- the best internet site?
real names under contact section (preferably real photographs of working team)
postal addresses under contact (preferably google map with their company name signed there on map)
at least one phone number (not only mobile numbers, office number means they have office somewhere not answering your emails from some bedroom). 
preferably they should be in association of Croatian Travel agencies ( UHPA)
site should have at least 500 apartments and villas in Croatia  (if they have 5000 or more do not work with them, their employees cannot know such a large number of properties and they probably did not visit all of them)
Also check 
payment policy (the best is to pay less than 50% before arrival and the rest when you come, it is not advised to pay 100% before arrival)
money back guarantee is highly recommended, if for example they want to move you to other apartment you do not like, they at least need to return you your money, or if apartment is not cleaned….
renter reviews ( read 5-10 of them and if they are all full of glory then they are fake). 

So now you search for apartment or villa in Croatia, you can simple write email with all your requests or you can search their site. 
What you need to check: 
PHOTOGRAPS-they should be in high resolution (do not book apartment with 3-4 low resolution photo this is risky) you need to see every room on photographs with higher resolution, also preferably building or house surroundings and nearby beach. The best is to see 20 or more photographs. 
DESCRIPTION: You also need to see description such as number of bedrooms, bedding, equipment, inside square meters and terrace square meters (sorry Americans you will need to use converter when coming to Europe). 
MAP: exact location on map, you can put also little man so you can check area, distance to beach and check is it the same as on site. Be aware that google took photos of all Croatia in 2010 so things can be changed from then (but not distance to first beach).
RATES: rates should be stated as well as availability, it is not such a good thing to find perfect place and then it is booked isn`t it?
REVIEWS: the best is to have at least 2 reviews and do not be scared that someone gives lower rate; not all people have same opinion, somebody can complain on the Sun. So the best is to find 2 or more solid reviews.
The best time of the year for booking the perfect apartment in Croatia is from January till April, afterwards most of the good ones are sold out, so if you find something suitable for you book it immediately.

We wish you a perfect holiday in Croatia!

Maja Cupic Soletic
Your specials for apartments and villas in Croatia

Croatica, Member of UHPA (Association of Croatian Travel Agencies)
Tel/Fax 00385 (0) 20 435 555

Web:                    E-mail: 
Twitter:   Facebook:

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