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A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing a Sofa or Couch
One Stop Furniture offers a variety of trends and styles of sofas and couches to match the décor of any home. Their large selection of leather sofas, reclining sofas, chairs, loveseats, ottomans, chaises, sections and other furniture makes choosing living room furniture easy.  Here are some helpful tips on how to successfully choose a couch for your living room.
Check the Frame.
Ultimately a sturdy frame means that the furniture will last. Avoid frames made of metal, plastic or particleboard as they are prone to cracking and warping. Legs should be a part of the frame and should not be held together with glue alone. To test the frame of a sofa, lift one corner of the sofa off of the floor. By the time you have raised it just six inches; the other front leg of the furniture should have risen too.
Test the Springs.
Most sofas have springs, which should be nicely supportive. Make sure that the springs are close together and firm on the sofa you’re trying out. Sofas without springs or just mesh are flimsy and won’t last a long period of time. Test a sofa by sitting down on the corner or outside edge of the couch. If there are creaks or squeaks the furniture pieces is hitting the frame and isn’t constructed well.
Check the Filling Material.
Make sure the filling material is durable and high density as it will last longer. Lower quality material will flatten fast and make your couch look cheap, they also require more maintenance and fluffing. Ask the sales representative about what material the couch is filled with.
By taking time to inspect your couch with these details, you will extend the time period you will use this investment. No matter what style you’re looking for or whether cloth or leather, One Stop Furniture has something for every customer in every type of home. Visit their showroom to see their full collection at 2441 Northgate Blvd. or 7660 Stockton Blvd inside the Shop Smart Mall. Call 916-226-2612 or 916-927-1847 for more information on their selection, their financing options and any other furniture-related question.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Furniture

Furniture is an investment for a home and is usually used for a long time. This makes it important to do research before choosing pieces. Buying the wrong furniture or low-quality pieces will not only be a waste of time, but also money. The right furniture can make or break a room’s décor. If you’re buying furniture, it’s critical that you learn how to prevent some of the most common furniture buying mistakes around.
Don’t forget to measure. This might seem obvious, but many don’t measure a furniture piece or their room before buying. Also be sure to measure the staircase, hallway or door entering a room to ensure they will fit when moving the piece inside.
Don’t focus on trends too much. While many do enjoy a modern design, it may not always be the right choice for a particular room and its décor. You want to choose long-lasting pieces that can be used despite paint color changes or other elements.
Keep color in mind. Bring a swatch of the floor, walls or other furniture pieces in the room so you can pair things perfectly. It’s always advisable to look at furniture in person as color swatches online don’t end up what they seem a lot of the time.
Don’t impulse buy. Carefully plan your furniture purchase with cost as a factor on your list of what to buy and not determining every piece you choose.
Test furniture. Be sure to test drawers on a dresser, sit on a chair, inspect the frame of a bed or a sofa or lay on a bed. All of these things will bring out the flaws in a piece before choosing to bring it home with you.
Don’t hesitate to ask questions. A salesperson can give you all the details you’re looking for in terms of a furniture piece. Ask as many questions as you can. This allows you to make the most informed decision and to get the best furniture that money can buy.

Buyers Guide
What to Know About Living Room Furniture for Your Home
It’s important to decide what you’re looking for in terms of furniture, whether an entire living room set or pieces that complement your existing set-up. When shopping, also be aware of what will fit in the room itself. Measure the room and the space available for certain pieces before buying something as this will alleviate a lot of aggravation in the long term.
Ask yourself important questions such as where will your walls fall in accordance with your furniture. Is your sofa’s back against the wall? If so, do you really need a sofa table? Do you really need an end table on each side of your couch? Be practical about choosing what you need to complete your room.
Types of Living Room Furniture
Ultimately, a living room set can be simple or complicated as you want it. This depends on the buyer’s taste, the space they have and the existing pieces they want to keep in their rotation. A sofa is a must-have. Take into consideration the color, material and its comfort. A loveseat is another functional piece that complements a sofa and is great for a smaller wall or in front of a window so that it doesn’t overpower the space, but still offers more seating for your family and guests.
Some rooms may work best with a sectional. The l-shaped couch offers a lot of space, looks stylish and is functional for smaller spaces. Many individuals who like to rearrange their furniture or redecorate often do not like this type of couch. If you’re looking for a metro look, a sectional speaks for itself. However, those who like to mix and match textures and fabrics, separates may work better for their design vision.
Decorating the Room
After you have decided what route you will go with chairs, sofas, loveseats or sectionals, you can begin accessorizing the room. Things like coffee tables and end tables are necessary and functional pieces of a living room. They also offer space to add accents to the room to bring the overall look together. A sofa table may work nice in a room that is spacious and chooses a separates look, but isn’t necessary for every home.
Accent pillows and blankets are a nice way to furnish a home, make it more inviting and bring the overall décor full circle. Consider the color and materials of the living room furniture you have chosen. Opt for pieces that complement the color scheme or go bold and choose contrasting patterns or textures for a unique look.
Perhaps the last thing that one should consider for their living room is an area rug. Take time to examine the entire room, all of its furniture and accents and choose a color scheme and/or design that would work best. Some individuals may choose to buy an area rug and design a room around the piece; however this severely limits one from expanding their design options and trying new things if they already have the finishing piece intact.
This buyers guide is compliments of One Stop Furniture

The Northgate Shopping Center, located at the corner of West El Camino Avenue and Northgate Boulevard, is a thriving center that is home to more than a dozen independent and family-run businesses like One Stop Furniture and several major chains like Harbor Freight Tools. Situated in a geographical area with a rich history dating to the early 20th century, these businesses, with something for almost everyone, make this a one-stop center.
Many businesses, like the newly opened Lola’s Laundry which offers free wi-fi and a wash and fold service, serve the diverse local population. Others like Thrift & More, a few doors down, or Harbor Freight Tools draw people from around the region with deals on appliances, books, clothing, tools and much more.
Eateries are plentiful and include staples like Pizza Hut and Baskin Robbins and independently owned 524 Mexican Food, tucked between Lola’s Laundry and Thrift & More, and La Flor Pupusas Mexican Restaurant next to T-Nail & Hair. El Primo Pizzeria & Taqueria is the center’s only free-standing building. This family-friendly eatery does double duty as a music venue on weekends.
Shan Market offers Pakistani, Indian and Fijian groceries and is situated between Natomas Dental Care and MyzMah Boutique & Facial Care and around the corner from the 99 Cents Only store, which is a few doors from Mundo Latino, a shop offering magazines, CDs, DVDs, gift baskets and much more.
The only business, though, to offer furniture is One Stop Furniture, the first business on the right as people enter from West El Camino. This large showroom is one of the oldest businesses in the center and offers a wide selection of furniture and décor from traditionally styled to contemporary. Surprise pieces, like the recently seen red and black high-heeled shoe chair, might be waiting around one or more corners. Simmons Beautyrest, Urban Styles and Coaster are a few of the brands offered. Sitting is encouraged. The range of styles, colors and fabric options, coupled with the selection of wall art, lamps, mattress covers and area rugs makes One Stop Furniture a one-stop shop for home furnishings.

Motion Masters 3480 Dual Reclining Sofa Set
Luxurious, velvety Chocolate Champion fabric over generous, plush padding, cushions, and pillows combine to create the ultimate relaxation center. Dual reclining seats allow you to kick your feet up and enjoy life, while the built-in console in the loveseat provides beverage convenience. Purchase the set to create a complete, coordinating look, or choose the sofa or loveseat separately to add a splash of comfy interest to your room.

Master Bedroom Makeover Tips

If you are looking to improve the style and décor of your home, the master bedroom is a great place to start. It is simple to do and one of the least expensive rooms in your home to get a makeover. It not only improves to look and style of your master bedroom, but can provide more comfort, better functionality, and help you sleep better. When you wake up in a room you love, it provides you with energy to get through the day.

Upgrading Your Furniture
The first step to remodeling your master bedroom is upgrading your furniture. Whether you want to get a larger bed, new nightstands, or replace your entire bedroom set, there are dozens of options available. From modern and sleek black bedroom furniture to classic oak, every style can be attained. Another way to upgrade the furniture in your bedroom is by adding a sitting area, such as with an oversized chair for reading, or choosing a coordinating bench for the end of your bed.

Choosing a New Color Scheme
For a less expensive master bedroom remodel, consider just changing the color scheme. This can be changing the colors of your window treatments, duvet or comforter, area rugs, or throw pillows. You can paint the walls all one color or have an accent wall just behind your bed. If you have had neutrals in the bedroom for a while, think about adding a punch of color. A good rule of thumb is selecting three colors that go together, such as dark-colored wood, white and yellow.

Changing Your Bedding
For a simple change in your bedroom, change the bedding to add more or less color. If you have a brightly-colored or busy comforter on your bed and have been having issues sleeping, consider changing it to a neutral or softer color. White, blue, green and grey are all great colors for bedroom bedding. It is also a great chance to have more sophisticated bedding.

Bedrooms for Couples
Have a master bedroom for two? There is no reason why you have to stick to just one style of nightstands. Choose a different nightstand and lamp for each side of the bed to add some interest to the room. This allows each spouse to have their own signature touches, whether they want something more masculine or more feminine. Even if the nightstands are identical, the way they are decorated can be quite different.

Decorative Elements
Lastly, add some decorative touches to give your master bedroom a brand new look. Change the drapes, add new pillows to your bench, hang some new art or wall hangings, or rearrange the books and items on your bookcase.
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