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One Hour Pest Control
24 Hour Pest Control Exterminators for your Home and Business in NYC. The Pest Stops Here!
24 Hour Pest Control Exterminators for your Home and Business in NYC. The Pest Stops Here!

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Bed Bug Control

Study: Bites Can Induce Potentially Deadline Systemic Reactions

5 Bed Bug Inspection Tips
Hitting the Books
How to Deal with Bat Bugs
You Found One Bed Bug — Now What?
Locked & Loaded
Bed Bug News and Notes

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Rat Diseases Have Hit New York City: What You Need to Know
Rats and rodents are known to carry disease. But most homeowners assume it’s the bite of the rat you need to worry about. The truth is that some of the most dangerous rodent related diseases can affect your health without you ever knowing you had an issue with rats in or around your home.
This is why it’s so important to make sure you both prevent and exterminate rodents, before they spread disease on your property. For the most trusted name in rat exterminators in NYC, contact One Hour Pest Control Today.
Leptospirosis – A Rodent Disease Passed Through Urine
Last week in the Bronx, three people became ill and one passed away as a result of a bacterial diseases that can spread easily to humans and animals. It is called “Leptospirosis,” and it is a bacterial infection spread primarily through contact with rodent urine.
Leptospirosis is rare in NYC. It is estimated that there are only one to three cases per year. That is why 3 cases of leptospirosis in only a few short months has had the New York City Health Department on edge. While many of those with leptospirosis infections experience no symptoms, others may experience fever, headache, vomiting, and other symptoms resembling the flu.
If left untreated, leptospirosis can be fatal.
How to Prevent Leptospirosis Infections
The best way to avoid infection is to wash your hands, especially if you suspect you may be in a rat infested area. It may not be possible to see rat urine, so avoid touching your eyes, mouth, or any open wounds to prevent further infection when you’re out in public – this includes subways, bathrooms, and any area that concerns you.
At home, there are several steps you can take to prevent your family:
• Obtain an Inspection/Exclusion – NYC exterminators like One Hour Pest Control can provide you with what’s known as “exclusion” services, which look for areas of weakness on your property that rodents may exploit.
• Eliminate Rodents Immediately – If you think you have any rats on your property, the sooner you eliminate them the better. Not all rats carry leptospirosis, but the more they are able to invade your property and make waste in your walls and basement, the greater the risk.
• Clean Thoroughly – Once all rats have been eliminated, clean any area they may have touched with a solution of 10% bleach and 90% water, and protect your eyes, hands, and skin from coming into contact with the possibly infected area.
For more information about rodent diseases, prevention, or extermination, contact the NYC pest control experts today at (646) 568-7150.

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Defend Your Home Against Winter Pests This Season

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New survey: 1 in 5 Americans had bed bug problem or knows someone who has

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Cockroach Extermination and Control Services for New York City, Effective and Safe cockroach control for homes, restaurants, stores, warehouses, and more.

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Opossum in the House

If the opossum has gotten in your house, like in your living room or bedroom, don't panic. They wont attack. Although it looks like a big rat, the opossum is related to the Kangaroo and Koala family.

They often show their many teeth as a threat display, but they don't really lunge and bite, in fact, they're as likely to "play possum" (play dead). Still, you want the animal out of the house. At One Hour Pest Control we will humanely capture and relocate your visitor

Check out our catch of the day, Caught in Brooklyn New York

Opossum Facts

Opossums help maintain a clean and healthy environment. They eat all types of small rodents, insects, worms, slugs and snails, frogs and birds. Additionally, opossums eat vegetables, berries, nuts, fruit, garbage, pet food and bird seed.

Wild opossums have been spotted in Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst Prospect Park, Bay Ridge, Fort Hamilton, and Coney Island
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