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First invites out :)
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Nothing yet..... Resend it to me please.... 
Same problem as +Ramon Brackett, nothing in my mailbox, there must be a mistake, resend it will resolve the problem ;-)
I need an invite, via Google plus? 
empty ... probably taken the wrong turn ... no problem - just send another one 
OMG, haven't received yet, I'm gonna buy the G3.

(not trying to put pressure on you or anything but my birthday is tomorrow)
Great... I didn't get one. Only been part of your community since it first started #126.
Jur Kis
Do i need invite to get invite?
I've got it, wondeful! but I've somehow delete it. Can you please send me a copy?
how many times do i have to refresh my inbox!?!? haha
Lol, not a single person in this thread has gotten one 😧
Thank you for the invite, placed an order and can't wait
Lol I love how there is suddenly no bashing going on. :)
I want one so badly. Desperately need to replace my dying Nexus 4
Ok OnePlus, it's
I will say this is getting old ive been waiting since february but i can wait til late july and thats it. Really looking forward to this phone.
Alex S
No, no invites anywhere 
No invite yet:( please message me if any one gets extras 
How long do you think it takes to show up in Gmail and Outlook?
Nope,thanks for the spam tip, but empty as well - darn it. 
First invite...... Nothing for me ... Waiting for second invite ..... Still waiting... Congrats everyone that got it on the first.
I know this is stupid,but: How can I give my e-mail to them so they can send me an invite?
I will give $100 to somebody for an invite
Too bad I'm not included in the invites fun (even though I joined before the forum rush).

I guess whatever the requirements, I must have fallen short :)...anyways congrats to those who got their invites.
+Mark Falsing congrats can you send me one... You have got 3 invites extra to give to friends 
Aaaaaannnnndddd I'm not gonna get one bc I never EVER win anything sadly. Not even scratchers -_- lol
+Kilian Steller scared of being cyber stalked on social media, getting their inboxes spammed (this includes email and forum).

And if I'm not mistaken OnePlus suggested them the same...
It was awesome if you could send one to
If you haven't been notified by now that you should expect an invite your not going to be surprised today. Forum members are posting that they were already notified earlier in the week they would be getting an invite Friday. So here's to more waiting +OnePlus.
I haven't gotten mine yet, can you please resend? Thanks
Got my invite. Happy Endings.
Will only tje first 1000 is people get invites to give out? Like will the chain stop after they have given them out
and the waiting game begins, am i chopped liver , hello Mcfly
Steve G
Didn't got one :(
This is actually getting stupid. It shouldn't take this long to get your logistics in place.

I'll put it simply: The longer it takes, the more customers you're losing
I'd love one, too for Father's day, please? :)
I am willing to adopt an invite from someone who's bought another phone in the mean time ^^
Who's getting that invites now? The 150 oder everybody?
Please for god sake... if anyone got an invite plz Contact me ...
I'm forummember 2754, so an early supporter. I have been patient for weeks, months now but didn't received an invite today. I'm really disappointed and are wondering why and wich other people did received an invite. Did they spread the invites random, or whatever?

Don't get me wrong; people who did received an invite: I'm really happy for you and wish you all the best with your One! :-)

Right now, I (and many others) have to be patient. 
Though I too did not get an invite, I take solace in the knowledge that OPs production line is certainly running at max capacity.
Ian P
Still waiting...
I am waiting is someone gets plz send me an invite
Someone please send me an invite. I want to buy one of these phones for my mom as a gift. Think its time to upgrade her phone and this is the perfect phone for her!
Nothing here, oh well if I can't get one before the G3 comes out, sorry! 
Enough of this nonsense. I'm outta here.
i received it, but i accidentally deleted the email, can you please resend it?
A big Google phone fan at first; but you guys have surpassed their ingenuity!
Can't wait to get one of your phones!
It's like favoring a child over another... I'm the red hair one
Anyone confirm that they really did send out some and not just trying to make it look like they are doing something 
Yeps ! Waiting mine :-) 
I hope I have mail. I have no mail.
Jajaja..como está la peña... Todos suplicando
.increible...y a mi me escriben ayer q abandone por quejarme...q les den
Nothing here . Honestly by the time I get a invite. I'll probably buy the g3 . But I was very intrested in trying this device but there a little late now ! 
Can people with invites invite other people? If so.. Will someone invite me pleeeease? 😀
What a stupid idea to do invites. Had they been available I would have ordered 2 of these. 
+OnePlus can you check to see if was supposed to get an invite email? I may have spammed you. Thanks.
ma daba
Check check for nothing oh yeahhhh
Yeeeeeeeeaaaahhhh!!!!! I got the invite!! Thank you Oneplus!! I will order the phone right now!!
I wish :'(
I'm praying to the invite Gods!! 
No luck for me. Waiting for one
Look at how much first world pain and suffering has been caused by this release tactic. For shame!

Somewhere at +OnePlus, someone is laughing at us. The comments in this thread are discouraging at best. We sit, We wait, we drool... You tease, you laugh, you find pleasure in our first world problems. Have you no heart +OnePlus ?

+OnePlus Just give us the invites we all deserve. Its easy. Hit the send button. You can do it. It's easy... Don't be afraid... It'll be good. Trust us 😁
Nothing!! Let's go give me only one please!! ;D
Can I have one invite please? 
Just got refresh couple times still nothing...
Hundreds of invites sent, none of the lucky ones said anything on forum... 
Please, DO NOT SEND me invite!!! I love my Nexus 5! I will not change my Nexus 5 to One Plus One!
Las invitaciones no existen...el 1+1 tampoco. Es todo mentira!!
Can I get an invite for the 64gb ?
Come on nexus or Google silver this is turning out to be not cool
Checked my inbox... I got nadda
Ian P
Still waiting
I got excited, because I thought that I finally had an invite.. I can't wait to actually get one. 
Just checked I'm still waiting.
Stop the hype!! Raining @ 150 invites??? Now it's storming at how many invites?? 500?? STFU!!!
Laughing at all the one plus threads holding my m8
Change your theam from " Never Settle" to " Never Sell"
give us all invites!!
any one has one to send?
Haven't received an Invite. Bye bye OnePlus.
I'm totally happy that it's happening! I'll be patiently waiting for mine :-)
Is there a queue that we can see to let us know approximately when we could possibly expect an invite? 
Dang no invites in my box yet... T_T 
No invite for this blogger :(    

I shed a tear...
My email is empty... Maybe message got stuck on server, try again !!!
This looks like a great device that is tainted by a stupid and confusing hype generation (invite only) program. If I wanted to deal with this kind of crap, I'd go stand in line at an Apple store.
Please may I have one+ as well?
lol yeah a little bit disappointed
Ruben M
My mailbox is empty.
Don't see it. Please send another one, just to be sure.
I'll be checking the e-mail every 10 minutes! But I don't see anything coming my way until black Friday lol
I need a oneplus one, I dont understand qhy you need an invite you should just be able to buy it
Everyone can stop checking, these invites were only for Early Members and contest winners.
Yeah, maybe is not good as they advertise it. Wondering why they are not sending more invites.
I need that invite before the better half puts the brakes on my one+ stash money!
Aww man where's my invite left me hanging...😢😢😢
Just checked my e-mail, it wasn't there, did you send, still waiting 
All it takes just one invite to make a person happy, waiting, waiting, waiting! 
+OnePlusfuck you for your betrayal of people who want to give you their money. 
Glenn C
Shahzad Malik - they are a startup and limited manufacturing.  Give them time my friend.   I have not even requested an invite yet - would love one (seriously) but I realize it is not possible to support the demand at this time.
+Glenn CI understand there a startup. What pisses me off is how they keep dangling this shit in front of people.. If you don't have enough units stfu until you do.. Plain and simple.. 
Glenn C
that one I will give you.  There devious plan is working with our desires to actually get one of those damn phones!
No invites, no worries...I'll get the Galaxy S5 Prime instead
It seems that no one have invites yet :/
+Glenn Cnot really working for me. I'm waiting for the LG g3 to drop. +euniquewhy would you go Samsung? They are now going down Apple's direction 
Invites storm!!!! About 50 invites sent!! -_-
+Srinivas Arnepalli Nope, not the storm yet. This was just a few hundred (not 50) for contest winners and early forum members. The storm will be later this month. 
+Shahzad Malik because the specs on the GS5 Prime puts it at the top. And I won't have to wait for an invite
Thanks guys! Mine is on the way! 
Empty right now. I will check every 5 minutes for the next month. Soooooo rea. Dang. Samsung keyboard crashed in the middle of the post. So. Ready. To. Kill. My. Phone. For. A. Better. ONE.
Ian P
Still waiting
F Cruz
Forever alone, with no invite.... :(
I would like one too, for the 64GB version
One plus shit..... 2 meses y nada, solo marketing barato y aprovechándose de los usuarios, one plus promete un killer flagship pero que el sistema de venta es ridículo cómo si fuera algo premium con una cola de espera y cada mes que pasa más se hunde el teléfono y su promesa, no habrá una segunda opción para esta marca.... En resumen One plus una fiasco. 
There must have been a mistake I haven't received my invite bit that's okay you can go ahead and send it now
Yeah, I'm crapping myself in anticipation for your next misleading chart about how the invites will be out before the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date in Bosnia.
+David Johnson they sent you my invite by mistake but it's no big deal as long as you give me one of yours
Ans I thought the winners already know they get the invites... 
I would love an invite! You're awesome for doing this.
i need 64G (:
invite xperia sucks!
Awesome! Great work. Looking forward to an invite along the way here. The forums are a mess to sit on right now. 
Inbox empty. I need an invite, please.
Must be an error, can't see one in my inbox :) An invite would be greatly appreciated.
How about a FREE Phone instead!?........Pleeeeease! 
I fear that by the time i am able to own this amazing device it will be time for the Oneplus two
Tim G
But most of the people knew they were getting invites as you emailed them last week. Posting this here just winds people up by giving them false hope! 
There is no mail Sir... Its just a dream for beggar like me. . . :-)
Empty... Hope that I'll get soon an invite
J'attends mon invitation ;) i'm waiting too 
Fra V
Is it only for 16GB version? 
You should send phones not invites or just open sale, or you're scared your device is not good enough, so you try make it special by using invite system........
En could u sent one to me.
I received an invite and ordered an op! 
iam waiting  my invitation 
Boring, if you want a Decent phone go and buy a Oppo Find 7, at least they have these in stock! Flagship fail 2014 Oneplus 
I'm still awaiting an invite but I'm being patient!! it should be well worth the wait!! :D
I'd love to see a 64GB sandstone invite in my inbox soon =D
Oneplus team you are Liars
Vieze leugenaars zijn jullie bah
so disappointed, I was one the first forum members, no invite. Many just spamming posts, if that is what you measure, I will look for some other phone, or just stick to my Find5. 
Sell that thing before it's too late! 
+Zsolt Csaki or simply wait until the end of the month? I'm sure your phone won't give up on you by then.
It would be nice to get an invite...
Omfg I got it! Gonna resell it 😼
Please release this in India. Your sales will go through the roof.
Must be a mistake, no invites in my inbox... Anyone with a leftover invite, feel free to send me one! 
Same here, lots of mail but no mail from OnePlus :(

If anyone would like to send me an invite feel free
M2 , lots of mail but no mail from OnePlus 
No issues its smaller and lighter than opo..they lied they start compaign with smaller than Xperia z1 phone but in actaul it wasn't
Qui si aspetta da troppo tempo .. troppe promesse ... e la cosa bella, che se nel forum italiano non lecchi il culo ai signori padroni del forum ti buttana fuori per spam ..... complimenti a Oppo .. ops One Plus e alla sua scelta dei collaboratori ..... !!!!!!
Invite me Plesse
Pleeeeaaaasssseee germans need this wonderful killerphone
Though it is unlikely to get invites in India. I still wish I get one too. When will our number come
nada por el momento, esperemos que sigan repartiendo a diario
Mándeme invitación por favor, quiero un OnePlus One de 64GB!! 🙏
I am checking my inbox every day, it's pathological.
Omg please send me an invite
I want one so fucking bad. I'll sell my note 3 in a heart beat
i would be very happy if i get this chance to have invitation  mann seriously from one of youll...
Estoy desde el principio en el Foro de OnePlus One. Y ademas me dedico a la venta de Terminales de procedencia China en Fuerteventura - España. Se que a las Islas Canarias no van a llegar pero como tengo Amigos en España ellos me harán llegar este Terminal que espero con muchas ganas. I LOVE OnePlus ONE
Sean Su
Awww I wish I had an invite... =(
can any one tell me so far how many invitatation has been given publicaly
I'll wait for the invite but the sooner the better!
You all are as silly as the people trying to get a Golden Ticket from Willie Wonka.
Well Jorge if there a way to get this invite , share with as your info
I have nothing I have to buy nexus 5 
Can i haz invite? I'll review all over youtube and xda and such! It'd be amazing to have this phone! I wanna get a 64g
I hope I can get invite to have such amazing OnePlus one 64 GB phone📱
Anyone get an extra invite for the 64GB version?
An invite would be awesome!!! Anybody have an extra?!
Ready to get my invite....
Send one please thank you 
invites come from the moon that's why we wait so long
Joined Feb. 7th. Member #1210. Active the whole time. Still no invite. Members with less posts and later join dates are getting invites. I sold my Oppo Find 7a when I saw the "Invites For Our Early Supporters" post on the forum, because I thought that surely I'd be included. Nope! So far I haven't. I really hope they  are still rolling out invites!
Checked my email didn't get one, but NEVER SETTLE going to keep trying.
None for me either, still waiting since End of April beginning of May.
Still waiting... it's hard to be with no smartphone replacement and using an old Nokia N70
My family couldn't wait for you never sellingphone, so we bought something else. Now we have made room for others. Like the phone, hate the marketing. 
My family couldn't wait for you never sellingphone, so we bought something else. Now we have made room for others. Like the phone, hate the marketing. 
My family couldn't wait for you never sellingphone, so we bought something else. Now we have made room for others. Like the phone, hate the marketing. 
Please send me a invitation
Like most, sorry..I'll be taking my money elsewhere, to a real company, where you do not need a stupid invite to buy something.  
Like few (apparently) I won't be taking my money elsewhere as #guinness famously quote "good things come to those who wait..."
please send invite to me .....
did not get mine ... how do you send invitation? randomly?
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road you pack of drongos......
Which inbox? The forums inbox?
Is this the line for ice cream?
hmmm is it possible for me to get an invite for this device
my email addy is
not getting any invite... pls send me .... want to buy this flagship device
Maybe you got the wrong one...try again
I got mine today...I USED mine today! Jumping through hoops finally paid off. 
Please send me the invite on to buy this phone
No invite how can I get one please help if any one know
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