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As part of #1Dday One Direction are going to be surprising fans around the world by dropping into some of your live Google+ Hangout parties!

We’re calling it #OneBigDropIn and we want you to be involved. We’d like to see you celebrating #1Dday in your own unique style so make sure you stand out! We want to see fancy dress, face paints, amazing backgrounds and you celebrating your own towns and countries in incredibly cool ways. One Direction will be crashing your Google hangout parties throughout #1Dday so you need to be watching the 1D Day live stream from 11am PST; 7pm GMT; 8pm CET; 4am JST on Saturday 23rd November.

If you want to host your own #OneBigDropIn party and be in with a chance of talking to One Direction face-to-face and feature in our live stream, you need to sign up to One Big Drop In. To find out how, get reading over here:

It’s time to start planning your party, because the guys might just be joining you : ) 

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I can't wait!! It'll be fantastic!!!! ♥
That is so sweet of you guys!😊 Your fans are very lucky! Great idea guys! 👍
I am super duper excited❤️❤️!!!!!!!!
OMG! That will be awesome!!! I can't wait!!!
That would be fun to do a hangout! But I wouldn't have anyone to do it with me!😔
YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make party hard the 23 with 1D xDD
Its mah moms bday :))
Okay four am here in the states oih idk if I will be able to wake up that early I barely wake up to go to school or work... 
There's a question like ... what is your favourite. WHAT??? I DON'T HAVE A FAVOURITE WTF :( and I can't sign up cause I don't have speed or Twitter ... it's not fair :( now I'm crying, I'm so so so sad ;(
Anyone interested on forming a hangout with me?
im not over 18 but can i use my accound, im so counfused :P btw LOVE DIANA
OMG yess! I love you so much! xx 
My country are not so outgoing and wild. So a party about 1D would be impossible here. ;(
omg yayayayayayayayaaya
What time will it be showing in South Africa?
OMG lucky fans i don't think i'll be one of them
So does this mean its 7pm in england it starts? with myself..and I forgot...and...MEEE!!!
3dayyys!!!! Really 3 dayyyyyyys!!!!!! OMG OMG OGM 3 dayyyyyyys
Can't wait for that! Me and my friends are so excited, my brother and I will probably cry (we're 16 and 18 yo, but emotionnal :3)! France loves u guys! xx
yes my daughter would and say hi to harry
hope you visit me I'm a big fan I would be so surprised if you came to Dupree,SD!
Im gonna do it... even though I'll be on a bus to championships xD
Maria S
I really can't wait and I really hope to get the chance to talk to you some day... Maybe 23rd? I HOPE SO ;)
Yes please !!!!!! Please i never ever ever get to win this stuff me and my friends are crying !
Ohhhhh that is so AMAZAYN :) I'm looking forward to 1DDAY ... 3DAYSTOGO -
Oddio,non vedo l'ora.Hjewhdwhfd Vi amo idoli.
I love you Idols <3
What, so this is going to be on until 2am GMT? Doesn't sound right to me... hardly fair for the fans who's parents won't be letting them stay up that late.

...or indeed the fans, like me, who will be at Sugar Hut on Saturday night!
yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it's amazinggggggg
but even though .. i won't even try..
coz i know i won't have the chance ... like EVER !!
so why i should hurt my self and be mad when they never gonna notice me !!
hahaha but i'm excited for saturdayyyyyyyyyyyyyy
love you fucking 1D <3
OMG GUYS!! Here in Argentina will be in the Directioner Fest so it will be amazing to hangout with i Love You so much guys!! You're amazayn! Thank you ❤️
What's the boys favourite funny pick up line?
Hagsfdheyxbdg OMG!!!!! I'm so ecxited!!!!
Почему бы и Да?
Awwww. This makes me so sad. I wish i could watch. But I have a youth conference this weekend
Make a party about 1D  ? Here ? In Slovakia ? It's impossible. 
I like this but i cant copy my link :(
It wouldn't be much of a party.. it's just gonna be me and my friend Lauren watching it in my dorm room :(
I really want you guys to come here but I bet you won't because there are better places but I still want you to know I love you and if you did come here and hung out with us I would genuinely be soooooo happy

Love, charlotte (Auckland, nz)
Yes Please Love you guys 100% wanna see you guys in person and I love you soo bad! Xxx 
It also wouldn't be that great of a party because it's probably just going to be me and my friend Jess in my room

hope i dont need proxtube 
Follow me on twitter @MesaJosh15
yesss ! i can't believe ! i love you so much !<3 
im really exited! _ anybody here is from Germany tooo ?:D <3 love u all
I'm the only one of my friends who actually likes one direction. Meaning I'm going to be having a one person "party" :(
can't wait for this! 
OMG, i so wanna see them i love .. and i am usually alone with no one to hang out with :( 
Croatia Loves 1D <3 And sure I'll make a partyyy, my only wish is to talk with my boys <33 Love you <33
I love the Direction gce......;-)
FUCK I really don't understand what I have to do!! Someone PLEASE EXPLAIN it to me!!! ): 
I wanna do this but I don't really know how to... Anyone wanna help? 
Donde se puede ver la transmición?!?!?
woooow I want to host! but I'm going to the official watch event in the cinema, hope they host one..
NOOOOO! I will not be in my town on 1D day and I don't know anyone there! I'll cry: ( is there any other way for me to talk to you?
listening to "story of my life" when i see this aha :D
I can't wait for Sturday!!!!!
And I can't belive that in 229 days I'll be in concert of 1D i WWAT on July 8 in Bacelona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you  so much much much much much ONE DIRECTION!!!!!
i have to work on that day!!!sobs :(
Sounds so fun, But I have no one to do it with. And no camera on my computer. That is a very awesome idea though!!
Só Penso em uma coisa 1D no Brasil demais I love you
It isn't fair for the fans who don't have twitter!! Boys this isn't fair for some fans who want to meet you!!!
Can someone explain me what do I need to do Please - Idk if I need to do a party with my friend or with you guys 
+Connie Naqvi I am 27...I'm in your boat. Plus I don't have friends my age who will attend my party. I guess it's a private party for 1!
OMG can someone let me in their chat? None of my friends are on this :( please I'll love you forever xox
I've just completed my form  thank you guys for everything  ♥
This is amazing! I am so excited! <3
So I'm going not to sleep at night and going to school after The live stream finish -__-
Message me please please please 👍💕👍💕👍
I'm going to make one of these chats. Most of my friends are not fans haha. whoever wants to join my hangout thing you can. Just let me know. 
i will defiently be having a party anyways:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Aaaaaawww wanna be part of it!!!!
i'm so excited but i can't be in the contest :(
potreste scriverlo anche in italiano?
Ella A.
Please let it be me. 💕
Looking forward to it x
YYYAAAAYYY I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!! but I live in South Africa and the time zones you guys said aren't with us but we will do it anyway because we love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Jessie Styles How come you're not my friend? You're so right. In my town here in Albania, I don't have a directioner friend sooo I just fangirl alone :P
Becca F
if nobody have this except of me and i'm under 18, can´t i do this then or? :'( 
yesss , 23 november is my Birthday (((: cant wait. This is my best birthday present everrr. thankyou boys and the team around the boys :DDDDDDDDD
anyone from the uk that would like to join the hangout with me and my friend? theme Is just 1D with 1D onesies and 1D facepaint
Can't wait.. that's going to be a long night haha 
I want to do it sooooo not sure abt I have exams......!!! :(

Yay, SO Excited :)
Yessssssssss awesome xp xxx ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Ohh ya quiero que llege el dia estoy muy emocionada :D
1dday is going to be at 2 am here in spain so... !
I'M SO EXICTED!!!! Me and my friend both are exited!!!!!!! I want to talk specially with Harry :* 
sorry but i am not a fan i am a directioner and a member of the 1d family!
i really want to but my parents won't let me and my friends aren't aloud to either.. ;( ;( OMG i'll never get to meet you ;(;(
One of the things I liked to ask them face to face was: How can they deal with the time zone? Does not make them "confusion"?
i don't have directioners friends in my neighborhood only in twitter :(
I wish I could part take in this!! I wish I had my own computer and friends that would do this with me! 
Can someone explaine me what the hangout parties are? im confuseeeed
Someone add me to there hangout party
It's a very beaufitul idea! LOVE IT! and I done it!! CAN'T WAIT
What time does it start for australia??
OMGGGGGGGGGGG I can't waitttt omgggg
3 days ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can't wait.
# 1D day yes cant wait for the 10 hours live stuff
GREECE needs you 1D <3
I so exited for this I can't wait more time <3 MM :)
omg! i hope i will be able to watch it! please my god! <3
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ♥♥♥♥♥
What time in australia? Haha well ill work it out anyway :)
i hope that you'll come to Romania ! I lovee you so much guys ! xx
soo... in sweden it's GMT+1 so it's 8pm or am i wrong?
I will be hosting a hangout! Anyone who wants to join is more than welcome to! Let me know if you're interested and I'll make sure you're included!
chochito no dejes que se vaya el internet XD
Guys , do you know that Egyptian Directioners are exist ??! Please send a missage to us and we want you in Egypt 
Im so excited !! 
yay excited!!! lets party directioners (:

this is so awesome, i wish there were directioners where i lived, i wonder if its possible to do a party around the world, like skype with a bunch of directioner friends i made around the world and have them on on the google+  party, can we have that kind of party. 
Omg!!!! yaaaayyy so excited!!! cant wait :)
Israel has the BEST parties ever ! You should be calling .. (: we love 1D sooo much! 
I think my question to the boys is so original :D OMG only 3 days...
uggh someone please add me into there circle and let me know I would love to be apart of this but none of my friends are doing this :( im such a loner lol
How Awesome! And also a great idea :-) Little me! (And all my friends) would love that...Here in little, cold ( and awesome) Denmark.... You know the little country next to sweeden? You know the country Helene Hørlyck (Horlyck) is from? No...Don't know that country? Okay you Maybe Do, but....:-)
Who Else is so excited about 1D Day? 
i am directioner!!!!!!!

niall-louis-zayn-liam-harry-kevin-larry stylison-XD
Omg I can't even tell you the words how happy I am 😱😱😱😱😆😆😆😮😮😮
Hope Larry's there
aahhhhhh que emocion la verdad lo espero con ansias ♥-♥
omg i dk what to do but i really want win this i want to talk to the boys face to face helppppppp
cant wait, so excited yeah, its become cool :)
I'm hosting a party here in Estonia :)
party for 1. does that count lol
I can't waittttttttt ♥♥♥♥♥♥

can't wait. i know it will be per-fect. amazing. love you <3
Ma V
Ahh I wish I could! I just have no one to do it with!
Beck S.
Can't wait !!:)
WOO! But too bad I'm on holdiay and won't be able to host one. Sigh
aaaaaaaaaa three days!!! i love you!!
cant wait
but my mom wont let me buy midnight memories
I CANT BELIEVE IT! I want this sooo bad! I LOVE 1D!
pleAASe pick me I have a great question and this would make my life 500% better 
EEEKKK I can't wait
i dont understand google plus, please somebody explain me
I've been waiting for this since it's been announced I'm so pumped!!!!!
Just making sure is it going to be here in google?!??!?!?!?
omg imagine hanging and talking with the boys!! fml!! xoxo
Ohhh waoo my god i Love You, ya quiero que llegue el dia
Wait so what time does it start in Australia?
Hey does anyone know how to watch the live-stream on Saturday? If you do can you tell me? 
I'm sick and none of my friends are Directioners so i'm going to party alone ... in my bed ... yayyyyyyy !!! and I have to get how this thing work because i'm kinda new here !!! WHATEVER, I CAN'T WAIT !!!!  :DD <3
^Luana me too aha! One direction+food+bed+tea+saturday= PERFECT
id need friends to be able to do that but good luck to all of you
if only somehow somebody could invite random 1d fans..though it wud be awkward still worth a mention :) wish i could see u guys!
what time is this stream being shown australia?
So Excited! :) Ahhh! 3 more days Xx...
Xime Ep
Omg!!!! I love 1D <3

The struggle is real when you have absolutely no patience. It may be 3 more days but I need them now
Jess C
Jon Pertwee days guysssssssss.
I'm gonna be cosplaying the ninth Doctor though because of the Day of The Doctor. If you guys want nerd with me then hey I'm okay with that
damn my internet pack is gonna end and my exams are in 10 days i am all screwed up I'll only get to see for only one hour but thats is enough for me i guess :'(
OMGGG ! Just imagine they dropped in on you, oh my gosh i'd die 😍
But. None of my friends like you guys! Ugh how am I supposed to make a handout myself? :( 
love 1Dday!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Im so confuse about NZ is it on Sayurday or Sunday cos of the time
I HATE MY LIFE!! My Aunts wedding is at 4pm on the same day and I have to go to decorate for her with my mom at like 12 so I can only watch like 30mins of #1DDay IF that, I wish #1DDay was on the 24th instead, I have the worst Luck ever I HATE it!! But I LOVE You boys and wish I could watch all of #1DDay Have funn hopefully I can watch it when I get home! Love You boys!! :} <333333
I'm been going crazy for it but i have a party on but i can watch a few hours! yah
I really want you to drop into mine, that'd be amazayn. But I don't have a hangout party so I'll have to make one I think idk, just made this googleplus account for 1D day. 
Supporting nz with a big flag and face paint love you 1D
Can't wait anymore.....! Love ya soo much guys :') :*
I can't believe i'm going to miss it because i will be on tour
I'm really excited abt 1Dday!! Only 3 days left! I can't waiiiitttt! ♪♪♪♥♪♪♪
ahwwww:) i really love  1D !!"!!!!!!!!onlyy 3 days left||| woooowww
Yayay so excited 
Hey everyone in the San Diego area, I will be having a 1D party. I am a youth leader for people with developmental disabilities and special needs. A ton of the girls I lead absolutely LOVE one direction. So, if you want to help out with it and hopefully win a chance to meet the guys then email me!
The submission says they are no longer accepting responses.... FML!
If 1 D ever drops in on my hangouts I will ban their asses for life!
it says that you're not accepting any responses. why?!
+One Direction why aren't you accepting anymore?? i pressed enter to enter my form to find it timed out! i worked so hard on it!
why no more i worked so hard on it :( i am like crying now
Fail -  its #savetheday  Doctor Who 50th Anniversary whilst this small event is going on.. Millions around the world will be tuned in.. just not to 1D.. tuned into "The D"
Caaann't waiiitt! <3 I don't have one freaking clue how Google+ works but when I heard bout it, I HAD to join ;) I know you're no way gonna pick me but one can hope innit? :)
I CANT BELIEVE YOU GUYS AREN'T ACCEPTING ANYMORE...I JUST GOT BACK HOME FROM SCHOOL AND NOW ITS SHUT :/ well anyways.. all i wanted to say was thank you .. for everything
yaaaay its gonna be the best 
I'm so excited can't wait omg!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Can someone tell me when 1dday is happening plzzz 😿😿😿
Hi I'm a huge fan and my favorite is naill and Louie
By nice meeting you love from liberty
I am so excited yaaaaaay
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