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It's STILL JANUARY... so we can release Onder Magazine Issue 004 and STILL BE ON TIME! :D

In this issue... we savor the sensory and imaginative delights and that most inspiring icon of the storyteller's craft: MAPS!

In these digital pages, you'll find writerly insights from Gabrielle Harbowy, Martin Treanor, and Geoff Gander...

Gaming wisdom from Kenny Mahan, Stephen Best, and Christian Toft Madison...

Reviews and analysis of board and video games from Nick Fife and AJ Hare...

The mysteries of crafting exquisite chainmail revealed by August Grappin...

Comics from Lyric Goins, Valerie Erzählerin, and R.J. Keith


Fiction from Chris Marks and Lesley Donaldson-Reid (and meta-fiction from David A Wendt and Cat Jarrett).

54 pages of storytelling fabulousity... all for a mere $4.99! There are wonders and delights awaiting your friends...

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We're sure many of you have +Extra Credits on the internet equivalent of speed dial. But for those of you who don't or (gasp) haven't heard of them, allow us to introduce you to a world of awesome.

Daniel Floyd and James Portnow are adding to the conversation of "storytelling through games" in a fabulous way, fraught with insights and observations that not only inspire, but also deepen our understanding and appreciation of the medium.

This video on "Why Games Do Cthulu Wrong" is a classic example of the exploration they undertake and has value for the gamer, the writers, and the artist (which is kind of why we <3 them so hard). Check it out...

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At last... we can announce the REAL name of the next story setting in The Ed Greenwood Group's smorgasbord of storytelling awesomeness...


champagne cannons

Details are up on the Onder Librum site...

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The premiere issue of ONDER MAGAZINE - Onder Librum's monthly resource for today's storyteller - is in the world!

In the pages of this monthly digital awesome-fest, you'll find tips and insights into all aspects of the storyteller's craft. Writing, gaming, art... all the many ways a modern storyteller can share their tales is fair game with articles from veterans of the industry.

Oh but wait... there's more.

There's news from the Onder Librum project, ED-itorials from The Archmage himself, and fiction from the creative visionaries building the Onder Librum story worlds. Plus comics, creative profiles, and more.

It's a digital smorgasbord of storytelling fabulousity. Dive in and grab your copy! :D

He's sexy!
He's got an attitude!
He's a DAEMON... stuck in Burlington, WI, in the dead of winter!

He's Frank Demonkowski and he's officially IN THE WORLD!

Onder Librum is pleased to announce the release of "Hellmaw: Incubus Tweets" by J. Robert King , the sixth book in the ongoing and ever-evolving Hellmaw story setting.

What’s worse than being an Incubus second class and never getting promoted?

How about accidentally sleeping with your boss’s sister and getting exiled to Earth as punishment? Azazael finds himself banished from the homeworld of the Araurra to Burlington, Wisconsin, on a January morning at -11 degrees. He’s a naked, 6’4″ red demon with black ram’s horns, black wings, and goat haunches.

How does he fit in? Find out in tweets, texts, Facebook posts, emails, and selfies sent from his smart phone to his master.

This black comedy romp - told in the epistolary tradition through tweets, transcripts, and posts - is available at all fine digital bookstores:


AND, of course, in the Onder Emporium...

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It's official! The new Onder Librum Website is LIVE!

Come check out our expansive new digs. We're even offering 20% off ALL eBooks in the Onder Emporium as part of the the celebration ()but only for a limited time, so don't miss out).

Plus the first 100 visitors who sign up for any of our fabulous membership packages will receive a coupon for a FREE ebook!

There's SO MUCH GOING ON over here... and so much more to come. Podcasts, magazines, video channels, audio drama...

At Onder Librum, the stories never stop! :D
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