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From time to time I need to convert scanned documents to a pdf format. Usage scenario 1: I scan part of a book (i.e. some article) on a school's scanner that sends me 10 big separate color pdf fil...
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Don't forget the always useful pdftk utility for slicing and dicing PDFs.
pdftk depends on gcj which is a heavy stack if you don't use it for anything else. Stapler is one thirtieth the size and only depends on pypdf. 
Ah, I just didn't notice: I type 'apt-get...' in a terminal and move away to something else, so I don't really pay attention to that anymore. If apt-get does it for me, that's good enough :)
To improve the quality of b&w scanned output (such as hand-written notes), I use "scantailor".
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