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Does It Really Matter Where You Host Your Website?
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At +On Track Tips | Wiser Sites, we've seen our share of web hosting disasters.  Not every client uses us for hosting, some prefer to keep their current host, and sometimes this works out well for them.  A lot of the time, though, it ends up like this instead:

"There are 231 other websites sharing your hosting account and resources — including two pornography sites."

Where you host your site definitely matters.

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Article by +Jason T. Wiser

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Funny explanation about why you need to claim your Google my Business listing

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What Your Content and Marketing Team Should Look Like

A lot of businesses are hiring in-house marketers to compete in the digital era of online competition. For businesses on a budget, the two broad categories most should focus on are SEO and content marketing.

Those two aren't in competition, either. Content writers should work with SEO experts, if they aren't SEO experts themselves, and your content strategy should also influence your SEO approach and strategy.

The following article has a few ideas for the kind of people to hire and the skills to expect from them depending on the size of your marketing team.


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Online Visitors (Especially Mobile Users) Make More In-Store Purchases

French clothing brand Petit Bateau looked at the correlation between in-store purchasing data and Google Analytics. They found that visitors to their stores who recently visited their website converted strongly to customers, and the effect was especially large with mobile users. AdWords ad spend incorporated with in-store sales was especially effective, allowing them to use their ad spending more effectively.

For businesses that depend at least partly on in-store purchases, this means that a good website, optimized for all screen sizes, along with good SEO, Social Media, and paid promotions are more critical than ever. Online users are now spending more of their time on mobile, in general are living in a multiscreen marketing environment.


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Key Components Of A Content-Driven Marketing Strategy

The following think-piece by +Patric Fransko suggests a three-legged, content-driven strategy for any online marketing effort.

1) A Content-Driven Website

Your website needs to be professional and optimized for SEO. If you're selling products and services, it also needs to be set up for that purpose, of course. Once these foundations are laid, however, you need to start using that website to host content, such as a blog to which you often add fresh, relevant, and quality content.

2) Properly Set-Up Social Media Channels

You need a presence on social media to share your content, as well, and these should be well designed and thought-out just like your website, rather than a hasty afterthought to your marketing efforts.

3) Proper Utilization of These Components

Create content, host it on your website, share to social media, lather, rinse, and repeat, and since advertising is becoming more important for SEO and Social Media, you may also need to consider using paid promotions through services like AdWords and Facebook Ads Manager. Depending on your current budget and content quality, however, it may be worth it to hold off on the latter until you're reasonably confident that it will pay off.

#ContentMarketingTips #SEOTips #SocialMediaTips

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The Importance of Teamwork for Online Marketing

Your online marketing efforts need cooperation and collaboration to achieve optimal results. Unless you're a very small company just getting started with your efforts, you shouldn't entrust your marketing campaigns to a single individual, or to isolated teams working in a vacuum.

This can create some initial friction, but once you've worked out the kinks, you'll find that there are a lot benefits. Your team(s) will be able to exchange ideas and brainstorm better, establish clear responsibilities and a chain-of-command, avoid the trap of different people and teams developing their own blinders, bring more eyes and brains to bear on solving problems, and more.

It's tempting to just want to pass the marketing buck to 'someone else', especially as your different departments and teams may feel that they just want to get down to their own work and not be responsible, but if you break down the walls and bring more heads together, you'll find the results worth it.

#MarketingTips #OnlineMarketingTips

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Fixing Some Common Online Marketing Mistakes

If your online marketing strategy isn't working, it may be because you've been making common, basic mistakes that you need to fix. The following article explains five common and basic mistakes and how to fix them, including:

Not Doing Well In Search Results - For this, you'll need SEO. While you may have heard someone say 'SEO is dead', don't believe them, SEO still drives a lot of traffic, including the kind of intent-driven traffic only Search can deliver (because people literally Search for what they intend to find, buy, etc...).

Your Site Looks Bad On Mobile - Your site needs to be responsive or, at the very least, redirect mobile users to a mobile version of your site. This isn't optional anymore, as Search Engines and Social Networks are deliberately driving less traffic to non-mobile-friendly sites.

Using Too Many Social Networks - Don't try to be on all social networks unless you can really make that work. Pick a few of the best, at most, and focus on them.

'One Size Fits All' Email Marketing - Don't just blast all your marketing emails to everyone. Instead, target specific types of emails to relevant people (getting them to tell you what types of emails they want is the easiest way to do this).

You Don't Know What's Working - There are a wealth of analytic tools, native to Search Engines and Social Networks as well as third-party tools. Use them.

Nail these basic, and you will almost certainly start to see better results.

~ +Eli Fennell, SEO & Social Media, On Track Tips | Wiser Sites


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Build A Good Online Marketing Foundation From Day 1

Having an online presence for your business is no longer optional, so you need to start your presence on the right foot. Some of the keys to building your online marketing strategy right from the start include:

*1) Determine Your Customer Profile

You need to know who your target customer is. Everything else flows naturally from this foundation.

2) A Great Website

Your website needs to be secure, fast, responsive (looks good and works well on desktop and mobile devices), and professionally designed.

3) Pick Your Social Media Poison Wisely

Don't try to be active on every possible social network. Refer to your target customer profile and identify the best networks to target by the demographics and behaviors of the users, but when it might be at all helpful you can establish a basic presence on other networks as well.

4) Blog

Content is key to almost any online marketing presence, so unless you've got a good reason not to, build a good blog, add content regularly, and use it to generate traffic and leads.

5) Repurpose Content

If you've been busy blogging, as suggested above, or creating videos and other types of content, you can save time and effort in some ways by repurposing that content for new purpose.

~ +Eli Fennell, SEO & Social Media, On Track Tips | Wiser Sites


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Why It Matters Where You Host Your Website

Your website host is like your online neighborhood. The big hosts are like the big cities, huge and sparkly, but you might find yourself living next to some unsavory neighbors. Those neighbors can eat up the same resources you depend on to keep your site loading quickly and staying online.

The following is the story of how one of our clients found this out the hard way and what we're doing to help our customers upgrade their hosting to a faster, more secure solution.

#OnTrackTips #WebHosting

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The Habits of Successful Online Marketers

Online marketing, like any professional, has to be built on a solid foundation of good habits and best practices in order to be successful.

The following article explains 7 habits of successful online marketers including:

Planning, Strategic Thinking, and Defining Their Target Customers

Analyzing Results

Good Copywriting

Mastering Social Media

Always Learning

Using The Right Tools

The 40/30/20/10 Rule

If you follow these tips, your marketing efforts will be more fruitful, and you and your clients will be happier.

~ +Eli Fennell, SEO & Social Media, On Track Tips | Wiser Sites

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