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Had a different place today, the usual room was taken up by the flower show so we were moved down to the functions room behind the restaurant. This shouldn't happen again as we are giving the dates of all meetings to the owners of Forbry
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In response to The Company Who Shall Not Be Named releasing a new version of Apocalypse this week, Hobby Hub is having a special bundle deal on Dystopian Wars! Get a starter box, some terrain and infantry tokens for less than half the price of the new book
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Come along and join us for a game or two, or even more of your favourite tabletop war game.

The games people are guaranteed to be playing are:
Warhammer 40K
Dystopian Wars
Star Wars X-Wing

But you can bring along your game and show it off to get others interested.

We also have a store selling models for Dystopian Wars, Star Wars X-Wing and other games.
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