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Omkar Jadhav
Escapist, Theorist, Thought Seeker, Purveyor of Wisdom & Literature, Idealist, Writer
Escapist, Theorist, Thought Seeker, Purveyor of Wisdom & Literature, Idealist, Writer

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Two cousins and a festive winter celebration with family!

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Powerful Stuff Sachin. Short yet it was so intense that it felt like an enduring story. #MyFriendAlexa  

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Such a big, lovely and inspiring message through one of the smallest seemingly insignificant creature on the planet #beahummingbird #savetheplanet #movie 

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a great #community for #poets   #poetry  do join in if you write and if you don't write but read, then too you should 
Hi all and Welcome to the NEW POETS Community . POETS is now Open for your individual Poems. and for your input.. Please join in and become part of this vibrant New POETS community. Cheers

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Nature doesn't need people, people need nature. #conservation   #environment  #reesewitherspoon

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Without Awareness There Is No Free Choice. Every choice we make does make a difference. To others and to ourselves. Awareness opens the door to social transformation.
More and more people around the world are opening their minds now. The Vegan movement is one of the fastest growing social justice movements in the world today. 
The goal of the vegan movement is to create: 
1. Compassion rather than Cruelty
2. Empathy rather than Apathy
3. Authenticity rather than dishonesty
4. Justice rather than oppression. 
So with awareness we can create a better world for all beings, human and non human alike. 

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In less than 2 days, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is coming to India to aggressively market his platform that violates net neutrality. would destroy the Internet as we know it. With a billion Indians yet to come online, we cannot allow this to happen. or “Free Basics” is a platform that Zuckerberg claims will connect millions of Indians to the Internet. But the reality is that users will not be getting access to the Internet. Instead, they will be getting access to a small, regulated and limited version of the Internet which Facebook and telecom companies control.
We need to ensure that Facebook CEO Zuckerberg knows what we, as Indian Internet users, understand and will fight for a fair, open and neutral Internet. 
Take action immediately: sign the open letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg telling him we don’t want
Facebook has pushed for under the guise of upholding net neutrality. You may have seen television commercials and Facebook sponsored posts aggressively marketing the platform. But this doesn’t change the facts -- violates net neutrality.
People using will only have free access to websites that sign up with the platform and follow Facebook guidelines. All other services will be charged. Which means that if, hypothetically, Amazon signs up with and Flipkart doesn’t, users will have free access to Amazon but would have to pay data charges to access Flipkart.
Giving a handful of services access to users for free while charging others will disrupt competition and lead to end users not being able to access sites and services equally. More importantly, it will create a walled-off Internet for the millions of Indians.
We must stand up for net neutrality once again. Will you join Jhatkaa members in adding your name on the open letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg immediately?
At the end of the day, Facebook functions for profit. Zuckerberg is trying to portray that he cares about bringing Indians access to the Internet. If he were actually committed to doing that without eyeing for profits, he could start building systems that would allow Indians to access all of the Internet, without discrimination or gatekeepers.
Thanks to our outrage over the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) report a few months ago, we were able to build the biggest movement for net neutrality our country has seen. It’s time, once again, to stand up and send out a clear message to corporations and profit hungry telecom companies -- we demand uncompromised net neutrality.

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The everyday reality for elephants at tourist attractions is suffering and abuse. Thomas Cook Group, one of the world's leading travel companies, is still sending tourists to cruel entertainment attractions. Sign our petition and demand that they stop supporting this cruelty.

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beautifully written! 
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