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The Google #Chromecast  is (apparently) now available to buy in the #UK  at UK retailer +Currys PC World. The electronics store have the media streamer listed for £30 and while not available for home delivery is listed as 'available to collect in-store within 1 hour'.

Edit: ...and just like that they've sold out! (Or more likely, they were accidentally went on sale by accident and were duly pulled). 
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Just been on the phone with +Currys PC World ... They've now been marked as "Out of Stock" on the website however they mentioned on their systems there is about 190 stocked at the majority of stores. I enquired about purchasing in store today and apparently the manager at the store said they are available for purchase on Thursday.
Thanks for the update +Eddie Harrison, I'm hoping this won't be another Nexus 4 fiasco where people can't get hold of them.
I'll have to visit a few stores tomorrow in the hopes of finding one.
Well the majority of the media have been reporting tomorrow (Wednesday) as the launch day but I was told they're available to purchase from Thursday... Will still have to check tomorrow though! :)
+Eddie Harrison Yeah, that is interesting. Perhaps it was supposed to go live on the website tomorrow, and in stores on thursday? 

Either way I suspect that the listing I linked to wasn't supposed to go up today! 
Possibly, but they confirmed that they were delivered to my local branch today so you'd have thought it'd make sense to launch the same day on and offline.

And yeah, I think it was about half an hour after your post that they suddenly had non in stock! ..
+Derek Murray It was, yes. Wasn't available for home delivery, but was available for in-store pick up. 
On Monday my local branch in High Wycombe said they would be on sale tomorrow (Wednesday). 
Will the Chromecasts on ebay work in the UK without any problems or is it better to get one from Currys PC World?
Just bought 2 from PC World. They had them everywhere (including by the tills for impulse buyers), so can't imagine people struggling to get hold of one.
I bought one from ebay 2 month's ago & works perfectly fine on my tv. Brilliant device.
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