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Software Developer in London
Software Developer in London

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I am doing ‪#Movember. Check out my creepy moustache!

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The video moves when I move the phone.. Unbelievable!
Another insanely cool 360 video :o

Open this in Chrome or on an Android phone!

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Clifford Stoll

This guy is amazing! :)

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Replaced Nexus 4 Battery

I had to replace the battery of my Nexus 4 after using it for 2 years. The phone would randomly go dead and would not turn back on.

Sometimes I had to remove the battery and put it back to get the phone to a working state. I then found out about this tutorial which meant I didn't need to take the battery out:

The tools provided with the battery made it much easier to open up the phone.

This battery replacement was just temporary. I will buy a Nexus 5 very soon.

#nexus5   #nexus4   #batteryreplacement  

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Used Cycle Hire for the First Time Today

Cycling in London was much easier than I thought. Google Maps navigation was pretty accurate for most of the time. Paid £2 for 24 hours to Barclays Cycle Hire. As long as you put the bike back to a station every 30 minutes there is no other charges to pay.

Two out of three journeys I had went fine. On the third journey I was cycling back home and at some point Google Maps made me go in a circle. It costed me 20 minutes and £1 for the usage charge. I am not sure if it was sensors of my phone or GPS or Google Maps navigation had a problem on a particular street I was passing by. Next time I will check the route before getting on the bike.

Seeing all 4 colours on Google Fit is wonderful. I will continue seeing that light blue colour in the following weeks. I liked the cycling experience. I will probably only cycle over the weekends when the roads are empty.

#barclayscyclehire   #tfl   #googlefit   #googlemaps  

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NFC tags and QR codes at TFL Bus Stops

I tested the NFC tag and this is the URL that came up:

They turned out to be sponsored by Clear Channel (

#tfl   #london   #nfc   #qrcodes  

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How can someone dislike this?

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25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

I did not know that parts of the original wall were all over the world.


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Grand Theft Auto V - First Person View

This is wonderful! Especially the cockpit view on cars. I've always thought the bumper cam to be too boring.

January is coming! Then I'll be able to play it (when I have time).

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