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Proclaiming Christ as King and Cosummator in Williamsport PA
Proclaiming Christ as King and Cosummator in Williamsport PA

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"God's servants sometimes preach until their self-complacency tells them they have been exceedingly eloquent and mighty, and that, therefore, men must be saved: but there is no promise that in the day of our power we shall ever see men gathered to Christ. There are times too when the people seem to have a great power of seeking after God, and when they have the power of hearing, but there is no promise that just when an excitement reigns, and when there appears to be power in the creature, that such a day shall be the day of God's ingathering. It is "the day of God's power"—not of the minister's power, nor of the hearers'. - C.H. Spurgeon 

Some Spurgeon for Sabbath prep:

Observe, dear Friends, the difference between the exhortations of the legalists, and those of the Gospel. He who would have you perfect in the flesh, exhorts you to work that you may be saved, that you may accomplish a meritorious righteousness of your own, and so may be accepted before God. But he who is taught in the Doctrines of Divine Grace, urges you to holiness for quite another reason. He believes you are saved, because you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and he speaks to as many as are saved in Jesus, and then he asks them to make their actions conformable to their position; he only seeks what he may reasonably expect to receive—“Let your conversation be such as becomes the Gospel of Christ. You have been saved by it, you profess to glory in it, you desire to extend it; let then your conversation be such as becomes it.” - C.H. Spurgeon 

"See the malignity and mischievousness of sin; it makes God an enemy even to those for whom he has done the part of a good friend, and makes him angry who was all love and pity. See the folly of sinners; they willfully lose him for a friend who is the most desirable friend, and make him their enemy who is the most formidable enemy." - Matthew Henry 

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Helpful apologetically. 
Watch Professor Vern Poythress analyze the Oscar-nominated film "The Theory of Everything" about Stephen Hawking:

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worth a listen, one of my favorite psalms!
Dr. Jonathan Gibson, associate minister of Cambridge Presbyterian Church in the United Kingdom, gave a special lecture on Psalm 8 at WTS. You can watch it here:

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Straight forward guide to reading your bible profitably

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Dr. Richard B. Gaffin explores Calvin's view of the relationship between faith, works, and justification:

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easier to see logo  - what do you think?

This is the way of salvation which we preach, unaltered and unalterable, “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.” In other words, trust Him and you are saved! This is the entrance into the way of salvation and this is the track of that way even to the end—trust in Christ. “Are not good works needed?” asks one. They always flow from faith in Christ. He that would be saved from sin, trusts Christ and his nature is changed—and so he hates the sin that once he loved and endeavors to honor the Christ who has saved Him. But in the matter of our Salvation, the ground and bottom of it is not our works, or tears, or prayers, but simple reliance upon the finished work of Jesus Christ. He is A and He is Z in the alphabet of Grace.  - C.H. Spurgeon

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Justification in a new light
A wonderful companion text to Isaiah 53. Isaiah 54 may be my new favorite! #justification   #love   #covenant   #peace  
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