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I helped build a social media community in excess of a million fans for Sea Shepherd & WikiLeaks Party of Australia. I also help businesses with social media marketing & cyber security.
I helped build a social media community in excess of a million fans for Sea Shepherd & WikiLeaks Party of Australia. I also help businesses with social media marketing & cyber security.

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So basically MS Windows 10 is becoming more a "Service OS" meaning it will force updates more regular and organizations will expect to have to manage critical consequences with-in their IT infrastructure whether they like it or not, so the turn around for new PCS and software updates are closer to 1 year now or even less. It's a pain for everyone as IT people are already under pressure to keep costs low and are time poor, now more time with forced updates and modernisations will break the bank of many smaller Orgs or open them to serious security implications and third party software incompatibilities.
Means, get used to spending more on IT or big things will BREAK like third party software etc. Such is life...

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Want to see some stunning cinematography and a pretty fascinating plot? Then check out Marvel's "Legion"! The critics are going wild and its touted as better than Game of Thrones. We just watched the pilot, pretty compelling..

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So Captain Paul Watson's truck has some new decals, I think you'll all agree they are pretty cool, just like the weather! Sea Shepherd Truck! #SeaShepherd
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VIDEO UPDATE: Sea Shepherd Rescues Drowning Fisherman In Gulf Of California
Spanish and English subtitles.
On the night of the 25th, The M/V Farley Mowat​ came across fishermen in a small panga boat. When approached by The Farley, the fishermen fled at high speed. Some distance from the fishing boat, The Farley crew noticed a large splash as fishing boat come to a stop.
Once arriving on the scene, the Farley crew then noticed a man in the water and immediately began rescue procedures. Once the man was onboard the Farley, he stressed that another fisherman had gone overboard. There we also two other fishermen safe in the small boat.
The Farley, along with The Sam Simon and the Mexican navy searched throughout the night and most of the following day for the fisherman. Sadly he was not found.
This was a tiring and upsetting experience for everyone involved.
Full Story:
Now watch the video! Please share!

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This year I couldn't spend my birthday with my family, but had the next BEST thing, with dear friends! Perfect!
THANK YOU all for your birthday wishes. I am overwhelmed by all the messages. :-)
oh and Hello New York! #NewYork #SeaShepherd 

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Awwww RIP John Hurt aka The War Doctor aka Mr. ollivander aka one of the greatest actors to have ever graced the screen.
I once met him outside a film studio while he was having a smoke on set for one of his many films, we struck up a conversation, just he and I and it was for those few minutes, magic. It was only about 5 minutes way through I realised who he was (he was in costume so dressed and looked a little different) and had to still keep my composure, look cool and not start dribbling all over his feet blubbering how amazing his many roles were I enjoyed watching, from Alien, Elephant man to the War Doctor Who.
Anyway, we chatted happily for a little while, mostly pleasantries and he went back to work, he was known in the industry as a pure professional and often worked long days one production after another. #JohnHurt #DrWho #Alien #Elephantman 

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Our #seashepherd fleet. So cool. Feel free to share. 

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Discussions were very interesting and topical at dinner tonight.
Our President and founder Captain Paul Watson met with actor/director/producer and conservationist +Adrian Grenier from the TV series and film, Entourage this evening to discuss ocean conservation and other similar topics.
It's a discussion all of us should have more in the near future. When did you last discuss the ocean's health with your friends or family? You can start to make a difference today by going to and GET INVOLVED!
(Why oh why did that waitress insist on taking the photo from as low as possible! Not the most flattering angle!) #Entourage #SeaShepherd #AdrianGrenier 

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We had some homies hang out and surround The RV Martin Sheen today! It was very surreal! Interesting enough they all leapt up onto the pier right opposite the porthole that lead to the galley where Captain Paul was working. Now I'm not saying it was a coincidence........ but..... or was it? 
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Lunched with one of the coolest Presidents today and a long term supporter of ours and very gracious hosts, Martin Sheen and his lovely wife Janet with Captain Paul Watson, Yana Rusinovich Watson and lil Tiger. This pic is for you mum. #MartinSheen #President #SeaShepherd
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