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Oppo’s Revenge - OnePlus One Invite Giveaway

Here at Paranoid Headquarters we love Tech and you may know we are all random crazy geeks. We love Nexus and some other “geeky” devices. So, in the past, we maintained frequently both Nexus and Oppo devices. But the Oppo users may have noticed that we stopped temporarily the development on the Find 5. That has been sad but we are proud to announce that we will continue the development not only for the Find5 but for all the high-spec Oppo devices.

That includes the recently announced Find7 (QHD) and Find7a (1080p), currently mantained by +Andre Saddler , also the “still kicking” N1 and Find5, currently maintained by +Sfera Dev  and +Aaron Gascoigne  on the legacy branch. Huh? Legacy? That’s no Nexus! Right, due to some source difference, we can’t maintain the Oppo’s in the Nexus source, so we had to move them to the Legacy team. Anyway, to prove they have a special treatment we will provide Oppo builds together with the Nexus line so users won’t notice any drawback!
What about the OnePlus One? After the rapid-growing question on our different threads and our community, Yes we will support the One, also at the Legacy branch and currently mantained by +Sfera Dev  . It shares a common ground with Find7(a) devices, and we want to share with them the same cordial treatment we have with Oppo.

A OnePlus One Invite
To finish this announcement we will giveaway 1 OnePlus One invite to buy the phone courtesy of an early supporter on the team. With some luck you may get some bacon today! The give away will last for four hours now and to enter you just need to +1 and share this post!
So, in few hours/days we will move the builds to our production server. Keep an eye to the respective XDA threads for them :)

Note: The threads are already created or will be created on XDA and OppoForums/OnePlusForums respectively in a short period of time.
Note 2: When the giveaway finishes we will share the invite quickly as they are time bombed! Check your email and G+ stream if you really desire it! You will have a few hours to claim it and 24 hours to get the enough money!

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