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Omar Amador

Looking to startup another weekly game through Skype or Hangouts on Mondays at 7pm CST. Hit me up if you're interested!

Looking to startup a weekly game through Skype or Hangouts on Sundays at 10am CST, hopefully starting this weekend. Hit me up if you're interested!

I'm looking to start up an online game relatively soon and was wondering of anyone would be interested in joining. Aiming for Saturday evenings or Sundays CST using Skype or Hangouts for calls. We can decide on the city together during the first meetup.

Hit me up if you're interested.

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I was looking to play the Succubus skin ( ) in an game and the MC posed some valid concerns about seeing it in play. I dug into the skin for what appealed to me and tried to refine it, here's what came out.

The Djinn. The person you let in to satisfy a need, but are unprepared for the control they gain over you and what they introduce into your life. ie. The rich kid, school gossip, guy with the car, arm candy, nerd everyone copy's from.

I’m sure it can still use some polishing so comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Laid out  version:

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This may be jumping the gun, with this being the beta and playbook still needing polish, but I figured tossing it out there wouldn't do any harm.

For those that cling onto to a belief through the fires of battle:
The Diehard.

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Hey everyone. Here's a new archetype I've whipped up and wouldn't mind getting some feed back on: The Outsider.
This is meant to be character that new players jumping in late in a story could use and still have their chance to influence the setting.

The archetype is a bit more overt for customization, representing someone coming different place, entering a unknown and unknowing city. Their moves work to blur and redefine lines in the setting. Their strong memories of their past can push them in helping those they've connected with in this city, but it can also turned against them. They’re the new wild card element in town, causing a big stirs, that cause everyone take notice.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
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