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Curtains down
nearly six years of blogging, getting to know lots of people, learning (and sharing) a
big deal about social is time for me to step aside. Blogging has been
a fantastic experience and I’ll definitely miss it. I simply have no enough time an...

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Always lock up your guns
Evolve is an American association that promotes gun safety and the reduction of gun
violence, and it is primarily concerned with violence that comes from any casual
behaviors related to firearms, as we too often hear on media. Evolve
came up with a very sma...

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ROP Vs Dubai Police
As you might have seen already, very recently, both the Royal Oman Police and the Dubai Police released a video to showcase their capabilities. Two different approaches; the Dubai Police in an ongoing effort to get closer to the people,  especially tourists...

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Oman best country in the world
must have come across the news that ‘Oman has been voted the best country in
the world’.  The prize was awarded during the 2015 World Countries Awards, the
most prestigious international award ceremony in the world. Oman
also bagged the several other pr...

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The perifect Nando’s
and love have always been part of the Nando's brand and its latest ‘Nando’s for
Friends’ Instagram initiative celebrates nothing but great food with good
companions. Both
stores in Qurum and Muscat City Center have prepared an Instagram frame and...

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How to sell your products directly on Instagram
you don’t live under a rock you must have realised that Instagram in Oman is
very popular. It is not as popular as Facebook (and will never be) but it is
way bigger than Twitter. By
now any company should already have a strong presence on Facebook so the...

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The newest & coolest app in Muscat
glad to finally write about this as I’m part of this project that kept me busy in the
past months. Muscat Guide is a new and personalized way of experiencing Muscat
and its happenings. It is a free mobile app developed in between Italy and Oman, relying...

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Social Media: The Growing Potential in Oman
Guest post by  Swati Srivastava - s everal sources have mentioned the growing
potential of social media in Oman. The number of people making use of social
media in Oman is increasing exponentially. The Oman Daily Observer reports that
social media is being ...

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Ikea's horror
The Shining? Halloween
is approaching and Ikea Singapore created a themed advert to promote late-night
shopping by using one of the most famous scenes of the 1980 horror movie
starred by Jack Nicholson. Watch the video and your late-night shopping ...

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Social media unhappiness
media in Oman is used by hundreds of thousands people and therefore, if monitored, it can be a very useful tool for the government. With so many people on
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, forums, etc. there’s a good chance to find out what
the po...
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