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Then and now: Tennis Antwerp 1920 - Tennis London 2012
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She's got the strength and vision.
Serena Williams a man i dont think so But having said that if you really look at her she/he could be a man she does not look sexy, How has she got all the male features in her body i dont know do you know.?
I'm surprised the black and white pic is not a skillet instead of a racket. 
how different and well dignified then ,no body exposure as it is today
Great serena are you trying to do that
yes,it have change i can understand it!!!
that is a fantastic shot for the Antwerp Tennis 1920...that wooden tennis racket...the shoes...the dress and stocking or long socks? and Serena's "made to play tennis shape and form" the tennis racket and outfit...of course No just proves how things evolved from small or nothing to everything! The now players are millionaires!
kesav p
can they find any better photo?
she is look likes strong
She is a brilliant player
no se que opinen ustede pero pac mi es la reina de ese deporte
גברת וויליאמס הצעירה , וותיקה בסבב  ונראה שהגדולה מכולן. כ ל   כ ב ו ד   !!!
this is sarina ofcours. "she" like  tennis game for the last 30 years since  the great NAVARTILOVA & all the 80"s  star.
hi there. r u from india? u esume from your writing . i wish u good time & good life where ever u stay. raya
who is she ? in first pıcture
lol look at the black and white one she looks funny 
hahahaha.......then and now
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