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Quality performance gloves for the sports enthusiast.
Quality performance gloves for the sports enthusiast.

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Touch screen gloves are fast becoming the standard. Is your brand ahead of this curve?

Here's a look at the latest touch technology available to glove brands and manufacturers.

We explain the materials available, the costs involved, and share why it's a must on all new gloves in the product development pipeline.

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A Quest for the Best Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Lots of riders are on a quest for the perfect glove.  You buy pair after pair ... and like Goldilocks and the 3 bears:  some are too warm, some are too cold, some are too bulky  ... but none are JUST RIGHT!

Here's  what other riders say  would improve their gloves.

See how your gloves stack up to the "ideal" glove ... or leave a comment and tell us what YOU'D like to see.

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Winter riders are a hardy bunch. Still, the right gear is key to a comfortable ride.

Good cold weather motorcycle gloves aren't hard to find --and you don't have to spend a fortune on it, to keep hands warm and comfortable  ... especially when you know what to look for.

Here are 6 things you need to know before buying winter riding gloves. 

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Ever wonder how glove designers stay ahead of the curve, and incorporate design trends to update the brands and designs that have been out for a while?

Our glove company has to do that for our own brand gloves (which are pretty classic style wise, but get functional updates)

...  and for other glove brands that we manufacture for (some of which are more progressive fashion-wise).  

Here is an inside look of what we watch to stay on trend.

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Olympia Gloves 2014 Holiday Gifts for Motorcycle Riders: The Ultimate List! 

Picking out gifts for motorcycle riders just got easier! Here's a curated collection, from the best motorcycle gift guides of the season.

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Automotive seats, furniture, shoes, handbags gloves ... sometimes it's hard to beat the feel and functionality of leather. But leather prices are way up. Here's why, and 3 strategies to help brands deal with this trend.
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Are Heated Gloves for You?  When it comes to winter motorcycle gloves, which side are you on?

Electric gloves? Or are you good to go with good unheated riding gloves?

Please leave a comment -- we are doing an informal poll.
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When the weather gets colder, a rider needs to go the extra mile in order to stay warm and comfortable while on a motorcycle. 

Check out these tips on Mods, Winter Motorcycle Gear, and Warmest Winter Gloves to stay warm!

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Winter Riding Gloves ... or any gloves, for that matter ... are the perfect gift for every rider.

Who wouldn't love a new pair of mitts!? 

Here are 2 great deals:  free shipping, and free fleece touchscreen gloves with purchase.

Plus lots more ideas re: gifts for motorcycle riders:  6 Motorcycle Gift Guides and lists of "must haves" ...  with over 50 gift  ideas.

The only thing missing is a partridge in a pear tree!  Happy riding ... and shopping!

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Cyber Monday trumped Black Friday, digital trumped bricks and mortar, and Cyber Monday is on track to become Cyberweek and maybe even Cybermonth.

 For brands who know how, there is money and sales growth to be had in this new retailing world.  Is your brand on track?

We share why this will be good for glove brands ... and your brands ... once your product and merchandising gets in synch with these new opportunities.  

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