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Shrunken Heart
The struggle to please oneself  The inner peace and confidence  With gifting and sharing,  defiance crushing  Words of the unwise,  of the shrunken hearts ,  of ones who think it's best to remain clasped  Clasped hands, tight grips, nails piercing, blood dr...

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Its Wordpress Baby!
The New blog would be on Wordpress. Click here   to be directed to the new blog. Link : Thanks for all your love and support :)

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Dearest , Since I met you, its been apparent that finding a good man
is hard. I went from believing in the sweetness of love to understanding that
love in itself is a struggle. It hurts but if you let me, I’ll spend a day
telling you how that feeling is. Wh...

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Beauty - Insecurity
Hey guys :) Its the last part of the trilogy!!!!! Without Further Ado, I present … *****************************     Insecurity ***************************** Thursdays get very
busy. It's that time for preparation of weekly report. I walked into the

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Beauty - The Trilogy
Hi Guys! Myself and three other ladies in Nigeria collaborated to write this trilogy. It promises to be fun, intriguing, epic, interesting, vibrant, educating, captivating... Okay I'll stop now :) . I really have been waiting to see what its going to be lik...

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Something Different
Hey Guys, I have been working on lots of sewing. It's been a struggle since I'm teaching myself. I just had a friend ask me to make her something for Friday. I'm pretty excited about my life right now ;) Anyways, Here is a few pictures. If you had any tips ...

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Through My Eyes - The Struggle 1
Its been almost 6 months since my wife got pregnant. We have been living
from hand to mouth... well from all the saving I had from before. My wife and I
had several discussions about what to do next. Since I was originally from the oil
company, and I had a ...

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Beauty - The Curse
It is the Trilogy we have all been waiting for!!! Without further ado, I present to you: ****************** BEAUTY: The Curse ****************** I sat on the stool in front of my full length mirror, my hand on my cheek. I stared at my face. I had just c...
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