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Olubukola Agboola
Olubukola Agboola - Business/IT Consultant
Olubukola Agboola - Business/IT Consultant

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How to open a bitcoin wallet in Nigeria

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This is simply the best way to make money with bitcoin

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This is the best time to invest in Bitcoin
The рrісе оf bitcoin rоѕе аbоvе $1,700 Tuеѕdау mоrnіng, ассоrdіng tо a рrісе іndеx bу іnduѕtrу wеbѕіtе Coindesk. Wіth bіtсоіn’ѕ рrісе ѕо high, analysts аrе contemplating whаt risks соuld scuttle thе recent ѕurgе. Bitcoin price soaring high risk factor…

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I rarely do this, but until i saw the results, i confirmed that this works.

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One Year Internship Program the Comes With Certifications. We are recruiting interns who need to be Professionally Trained & exposed to Digital Marketing World.

Jobhouse is an online recruitment portal owned by Gtext Group, a multinational with 18 subsidiaries is looking for a smart and knowledgeable Intern to help create and implement a project plan to update its online presence with specific focus on marketing for its subsidiaries.

This Vacancy is open to all who have basic skills in any of the below skills as we will expand your knowledge in Digitally Marketing below skills:

Social Media
Web Design
Video Editing & Production
Blogging & Analytics
Telemarketing& Customer Care
Public Speaking & Product Activation.


Digital Marketing Qualification
Excellent writing & editing skills in English
Capable of working on his/her initiate
Strong Reporting & Analysis capabilities
Organised & Confident



Help us focus on the online platforms that will boost our core business, increase sales and boost our profile.
Create a project plan to tell us whats out there, whats needed and how to get where we need to be
Set out the stages and costs to complete each part of the project and setup
Once were setup, help us define whats required to continually improve our online reach

We are looking for someone to bring us into 2016/2017 and beyond with all things e-media related: Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.


New Graduates
Industrial Training student of 1Year.
And Anyone who desire to work in a Digital Marketing field for 1Year.


COMPENSATION:10,000 fix Monthly.

A performance based commission bonus of 100,000Naira will be offered.
Certificate will be awarded.
Recommendation to Top Blue chips after your internship.
Acquire 360% Experience in Marketing offline& online.
Acquire Managerial skills for career and business.


Send your cv to

INTERVIEW DATE: Friday 21st Oct. by 10am

VENUE: GtextGroup – 51/52 Ijaye road,Ogba.

Resumption is Immediate!

Call: 08188221199


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That is really true
By Olubukola Agboola There is this old school way of thinking that to get your dream job; you have to mold yourself to each opportunity you are applying for. There is a lot of downside to this approach because you will just be giving your potential…

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By:  Olubukola Agboola Many people have always wondered what the purpose their website is going to serve if it does not make money for them, but the truth is there are various ways to make money from your website on autopilot even when the initial…

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Have you been looking for the best monitor for your gaming? Then search no more. Check this out to find out why!

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