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In spite of enjoying playing with Ubuntu on the Chromebook, I find myself using Chrome OS all the time instead. I really like Aura as a UI, and with the terminal windows (in developer mode) I get ssh in a convenient format. Since pretty much all I use these days is a web browser and SSH to my workstation for everything else.

With one exception. There's no good web IRC client yet, and I really don't like using tty-based clients like irssi.

There's a startup called IRCCloud at, that looks to be the perfect solution for this. Unfortunately, their invite wait list seems to be long. :(
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Am I missing something? There are irc clients in the Chrome app store...?
Maybe I should have been more specific. I prefer a persistent connection to the IRC networks, and run a proxy today for that purpose (with xchat as the client connecting to it). Most of the IRC clients I have seen in the webstore have been single-network clients, or for some other reason isn't quite what I am looking for. I suppose it could be worth taking a new look though, I'll be happy to take recommendations.
IRCCloud is pretty good, only issue is that they have had some major stability issues of late. I used to have invites that I could give out, but unfortunately they seem to have been removed now that they migrated me to their new alpha service :(
Want an invite? I have a bunch, just gchat me with which email you want it sending to.
+Olof Johansson How's the SSH capability compare with the x86 550 model? I know the Native Client app is not live as of yet. Is the Developer Mode option get the job done?
I too have some invites available if you'd like Olof.  Let me know
Thanks, Liam hooked me up. Liking it so far.
+Calvin Prewitt With developer mode you can just ctrl-alt-t to get a terminal and SSH from there. That used to be possible in non-devmode too but I don't know if that got disabled once we got the dedicated app.
I am hoping for quassel irc to get a webclient soon, that would be perfect.
Been on irccloud for a few days now, and it's great. I'll upgrade to a paid account shortly, I'm happy to pay for this kind of service.
if anyone has any spare invite codes, shoot one my way.  I messed around with trying to setup some of the others this weekend on my home server and haven't really found anything I'm happy with.
How is the user experience handling offline files like pdf's, text documents and movies? Do you solely use Google Docs for this purpose?
I'm not quite satisfied with the UX of Google Drive on my Galaxy Tab 7.7. I'd like to get the Chromebook, but am "afraid" offline tasks will be a pain. Therefore Ubuntu on the internal memory would be a great solution. But if you say Chrome OS is good enough, then I would prefer to avoid the "hacking".
you can start an ssh-agent on the system and set the environment variables. Or ssh will ask you for the passphrase if you don't run a local agent, so you just need to copy the keys over.

Both the hterm app, as well as the regular crosh + bash setup can handle ssh keys.
Does Secure Shell work for you on your ARM Chromebook? Mine hangs forever, but ssh from the terminal window works just fine. This is all with developer mode disabled.
I thought that the secure shell in the browser required NaCL which isn't (yet) completely ported to ARM
+Steev Klimaszewski That was my impression from some quick mailing list searches, but I wanted to double-check with people who have delved deeper into developing with Chromebooks than I have.
If you subscribe to the chromium-hterm (I think it is) google group, you can access the ssh shell dev version which does work on ChromeOS (at least stable.) tested it here and it works well, though import doesn't seem to work. Ssh via crosh works with keys though
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