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It looks like Amazon (or rather, TigerDirect who sells through Amazon) has 3G-equipped Samsung Chromebooks in stock right now!
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looking at my amazon affiliates account, two 3G Chromebooks shipped this week... 
Well, Verizon 3G for $80 extra - not sure if it's worth it for me... I'd rather tether to my unlimited T-Mo GNex :)
Verizon 3G is CDMA EV-DO on 1900MHz mostly and very little 850MHz. Don't know what HW is in Chromebook though...
+Michael Neuling the only US carrier that operates on civilized 3G frequencies is T-Mobile. If the device lists anything else you better stay away from it, eg. in this case Verizon.
I am buying one to use in India.. not sure if it will work here :(
The wifi model just came in stock at Amazon as well.
+Jes Sorensen, thanks for sharing your opinions but you're wrong in your facts. :)

The modem in the Chromebook is multi-network and multi-frequency. It should support your frequencies for UMTS/HSPA+, +Michael Neuling.
+Olof Johansson well that is good news - don't blame me for Amazon advertising it as Verizon 3G and nothing else, which is normally incompatible with anything sane.
Note that I didn't say the product as shipped supports anything but Verizon; I don't actually know what firmware comes on the modem, for example. But the system has a SIM slot, and I know that earlier chromebooks have been possible to use on UMTS with a SIM card just by reconfiguration. I'll have to leave that as an exercise for a reader to verify. :) 
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