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Gotta love free gogo inflight when you have a Chromebook.

Not that there's enough bandwidth to do all that much, but it's enough to check your email and waste some time reading stuff.
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I go through chromebooks from work quite a bit and travel little enough that for all intents and purposes my experience is that of unlimited access. :) In reality I think it is 12 passes for free.

+Gregory P. Smith: Yeah, I've had less than ideal experiences when tethering over WiFi too but I thought we had addressed some of them. I'll follow up after my travels.
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Olof Johansson

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Neat, but considerably more expensive than Digital Ocean et al.
miniNodes offers dedicated hosting using ARM-based microservers (based on the Cubieboard/Allwinner A20)
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I think a farm of cubieboards/trucks can be used for android test beds
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Olof Johansson

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In order to measure efficiently the drag latency on touchpads, the Chrome OS team has handcrafted a USB device named Quickstep. 

The video below shows you it consists of a laser that lays across the touchpad and hits a phototransistor on the other side. Each time the laser is broken/unbroken by a finger in-between the sensor and the laser, the device reports it immediately over USB.

Learn more about Quickstep by reading the official documentation at 

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Yep, the driver sets the poll time to the minimum possible to try and mitigate this.  Also that's why many passes are done so if one gets delayed significantly it shouldn't impact the whole measurement much.

The driver should be polling the device at 1khz so the USB delay should be no more than 1ms and the numbers we're measuring range from ~20ms-~60ms (depending on the device) so it's small enough that it doesn't radically alter our readings if we are aware that the actual number is probably about half a ms lower
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Olof Johansson

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This was at the top of my feed this morning. blink blink rubs eyes
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But I just cleaned them!
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Olof Johansson

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At long last, the Samsung Chromebook 2 is now available for pre-order. According to Amazon, it will be released on April 28, 2014, so those who want it first should get their orders in. There is a 11.6-inch and 13-inch model, in “Jet Black” / “Classic White” and “Luminous Titan” (gray) colors respectively. The faux-leather finish on …
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+Olof Johansson is that 6min using -j8 ? I'm guessing a less then speedy ssd would also be slowing it down? I wonder if a good ssd in a USB3 enclosure would be faster?
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Olof Johansson

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6-2!!   \o/

Two down, two to go... 

And now back to your regular schedule of tech topics in English...
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It used to boring with a safe outcome in the 90s, when they were always loosing. Now its the opposite, and I must say I prefer this kind of boring. 
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Olof Johansson

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Nope, we need at least 4 more...
It's the only way for FBK.
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Olof Johansson

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I just finished reading the book, definitely recommended.

I know I'm less likely to care about the whiners from wall street over kernel latency variations now, knowing that any slowdown we add is actually directly beneficial to the general public as a whole, at least as to how it affects their systems.

The way these guys are gorging on our retirement funds and general investors is plain disgusting. It will be interesting to see how IEX does over time.
It's a good book, and one that everyone should read.

Oh yeah, Linux is the thing that this whole ecosystem runs on, which is nice to know, it can be used for both good and evil...
The bestselling author explains the uproar caused by his new book: "This time I punched Wall Street in the balls"
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Olof Johansson

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I've been using Google Music All Access since it was launched, and I much prefer the navigation of that app compared to how Sonos handles it in theirs. So I'm very happy to be able to stream from one to the other now.
Google Play Music is today adding native support for Sonos, letting Android users stream songs to the hi-fi speaker systems more easily. The ability to send music directly to the popular speakers...
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It's really unfortunate that none of the open standards for this stuff have got any real traction - Sonos is completely proprietary.

I keep mentioning the Linn stuff ( - one of these days I will manage to bash it into shape for Debian) which is at least open source but that's obviously got a very limited market unless they manage to convince some low end people to adopt it.
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Olof Johansson

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Yep, what +Sam Leffler said. I've been on the $30 plan for a few years now with Google Voice to keep my old at&t number.

Sure I go above the 100 minutes most months but at 10c/minute it doesn't add up to be much.
Why don't people talk about the "Walmart" prepaid plan that gives you 5GB of data + unlimited text + 100 mins of voice, for $30? Other than gouging on the mins (e.g. they count outbound calls that are not answered as 1 min) it's perfect for me. More sms. Less talk. All the data I can use.
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Ugh! And I thought we had expensive mobile data here in Finland... I'm paying 2.66 euros per month for unlimited data (bandwidth is limited to 256 kbps, though) and I pay 0.07 euros for each minute or text message. No extra costs if I do not make calls or send messages.

I could get unlimited data with 21 Mbps bandwidth cap for 13 euros per month, or proper unlimited LTE data with 50 Mbps bandwidth cap for 20 euros per month. For 30 euros per month, you would get a package with 5000 minutes and 5000 text messages and unlimited data with 21 Mbps bandwidth cap.

And the prices have been going up... I had unlimited data with 14 Mbps bandwidth cap for 7 euros per month a couple of year ago using 3G HSPA+ connection. I considered that a pretty good deal.
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