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Ollie Dale
Visual Artist, Professional Photographer and Filmmaker. Master of The Arcanum
Visual Artist, Professional Photographer and Filmmaker. Master of The Arcanum


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Luke who?

Masters FTW

Choice. Sweet as.

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MGAPXL Episode 24 - Wes Hardaker

In this week's episode Wes takes the helm and navigates us through an Arcanum love story... grab your Kleenex!

Hosted by +Ollie Dale 
Produced by +Tanya Wallis 
Edited by +Stuart Davidson 
Featuring Special Guest +Wes Hardaker 

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MGAPXL Episode 16

How good is your piano? How about your Graffiti? Surely your Skateboarding has dominance?

Wait, is this a show about Photography or not?

+Stephan Bollinger +Ollie Dale  +Stuart Davidson +Tanya Wallis 

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For those who care about these things, I remembered to record my edit of the SnowScape idea. You can see it's rough around the edges, sometimes literally :)
* Images stolen from Google Search for educational purposes only!

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Here's what I saw in my head when I saw the original :)

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Congratulations to +Karen Migliaccio for being the first to complete my "Filmmaking for Photographers" course. Karen graduates to Level 30, achieves the warrior badge of "Mongolian Horseman", but most importantly has proven a great advancement in her filmmaking! :)


- You are giving us permission to use the image in an intro on our weekly show.

- You understand that if there is a queue for people waiting for payment of any kind from our show, that you are at the end of a very long line of people who donate time and resources to make the show happen, and that you are posting your image so that we can all enjoy it rather than because you want payment.

- We will be very thankful and honored that you want to share with us, but we can't promise we'll use your image, nor that we'll be any kinder to you if we critique one of your images in the future.

Thanks for sharing!
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Hey everyone!

We're looking at a re-brand of The Creation Wars, and as part of that we want to develop a video intro that plays before every show

I can provide images for it, but we would love to use some of YOUR images so that it's more about you than me...

There is a new category on the left - Images for Intros - if you'd like to give us permission to use your image on intros during our shows, please post images into that category!


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I'd seen "bad lip reading" before but I don't think I've seen this one, and I was literally crying with laughter... I guess it tickles my funny bone.
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