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Olivier Klastat

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We are made by past activities, histories already for centuries! The past as well as presence both define life at moment and future at same time.

Olivier Klastat
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Bien dis Corinne, merci. Joyeuses paques!
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Olivier Klastat

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Bien le bonjour de Cologne en Allemagne vers la France: Mc Solaar - La vie est belle
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I've just created a map with the people in my circles on +CircleCount! And you are part of it: +Olivier Jones, +Darrel D., +Ande Lyons, +devlin dersom, +Lord Wellbourne, +Richard Green, +John Doe, +John Hand, +CircleCount (chosen by the Google+ relevance score) You can create your own with the button below. #circlecountcirclesmap
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Of course all your nice feedback at least in return +Ande Lyons & +CircleCount :-) Thank you both as well.
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Are you interested in Circles and their sharing? If so then here is mine, I present to you now. Core grown over the last two years. Engagers, leaders, groups, think-tanks, masterminds, every day people, enforcers and much more great beings are included.

I followed them, vice versa or both for some time. Get carefully and politely in touch please with them, you won´t regret surely. Give me also some feedback, what you think about. Otherwise don´t hesitate, wait and add this circle to yours. I call this one: Coregrown.

Thank you people here at Google+. Get a fine time. All the best.

Your Olivier Klastat
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Olivier Klastat

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History of civilisation on Earth yet is still very young. No excuses at all - ways of life weren´t that easy and nice sadly. Nowadays, like in the past already, as well as in the future development around is up to each single one of us.

There are gladly a lot of possibilities, options, opportunities to improve, ameliorate circumstances and surroundings anytime: our entourages! We can have much more joyful lives, than those before. This might be seen as a motivation and hope always.
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Handshake on that Olivier!
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For your eyes just: enjoy some pictures, I collected last year. Greetings from Cologne in Germany!
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I realise yes: special. I can´t go deep therein within my own feelings, which is reassuring and stressing at same time :-) Not capable of handling exact, honest significations or reaching others (your) intentions.

We are made by past. Presence defines our future later also. Past and presence is life and future at same time. I had such situations in my life. They are not bad at all +Annelies Jansen.
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Olivier Klastat

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Hey +brendantheprettygood,

you like skills and moves right? I had to think of you, while seeing this animated picture. No magic: tricky for sure. Greetings and thank you very much kind man!
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Ask him by occasions :-) +Becky Coleman ..
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I've just checked my connections on +CircleCount! There are 268 profiles from my circles who have already signed in. What about you? Check it out! #circlecount #myconnections
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Thanks for sharing +Olivier Klastat!
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Good evening from Cologne in Germany dear Beings here at +Google+ ,

may I introduce myself? My name is Olivier Klastat and I am 36 years old. For two years approximately I am active at Google+ now. Before I had my own blogs and website.

I finished different formations, studies in the IT,- and Security sector. At moment I am interested in the following activities:

1. Socials
2. Future
3. Progression
4. Contacts
5. Informations
6. Sports
7. Environment
8. Technologies

Feel free, to contact me in any life affirming ways, comment my shares, drop me some lines or share my posts just.

Yours sincerely and of course hereby as well digitally

Olivier Klastat

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Go for it and give it our best efforts +Olivier Klastat and +StPaul Herrmann :-)) Have a beautiful day!
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Olivier Klastat

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Have a look and wonder, how amazing this is! Wooah - oh my goodnesses of awesomenesses :-) Thank you +Interesting. Feel free to comment Plussers.
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  • life, future and progress
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Ways cross, not only those did before, are at moment or will just in future. Blood, looks, infos, lines, contacts and much more as well.


Dignity & Integrity - some insights, views of mine:


  • Each moment is affecting future.

  • Google+ must not be about any big numbers only. Human capabilities & capacities therefore are too limited. Choose wisely your circles, beings to follow and posts to comment.

  • On earth are more unifying reasons, than their opposites.

  • Admit, recognise and accept weakness, this is at least evolutionary. 

  • Ameliorating surroundings may be seen as an infinite challenge, target and motivation.

  • Love leads to life, opposites to endings and closings.

  • Serve or be served, depends what you deserve.

  • Life is coloured, like a straying dog.

  • Calm is very precious!

  • Feeling is no shame, if you can´t see. In memory to Mr. Rüth (R.I.P.)

  • Discover our and your own awesome powers!

  • The more one blocks, the more complicated will get a situation.

  • Head up, nose down.

  • It is easy to loose myself in some pointing, stories, substances and such: much more difficult will be focussing on my own situation, personality & development.

  • We are made by past activities, histories already for centuries! The past as well as the presence both define life at moment and future at same time.

  • Be lovely, life is already hard enough.

  • Weak ones got to be fortified as much as possible by any possibility and opportunity. Surroundings will improve thereby as well! 

  • Conjointly towards future alive.

  • Sins especially may there be found, where humans talk and speak a lot. Beings should not be defined by words, their deeds count much more.

  • Fast living standards in the southern Hemisphere must improve for example by sharing knowhow, wealth, manpower, stability, investments and much more. Northern Hemisphere will profit surely thereby as well.

  • The most important abilities in modern areas nowadays are in my opinion: organisation, structure, punctuality, discipline, order and cleanness.

  • People denying life are a shame, especially if they feel right and just while.

  • One incidence has always different causes.

  • By repeating mistakes, stupidity grows.

  • Retarding, annoying, harming, disturbing behaviours are completely useless and contra productive: kindergarden-logic some say. Which are exact opposites of such behaviours? Why haven´t we, others started to strengthen them widely before then?

  • Don´t expect goods´, following after bads´!

  • We were told often, to learn by doing. Today get by doing, I prefer as basic thought. 

  • Future is made by past and present.

  • Working and occupation conditions must ameliorate fast: daily lives will then facilitate tremendously thereby.

  • Hurt not others in ways, that you yourself would find hurtful. 

  • Life appears hard, especially if possibilities just are passing by.

  • Affirm lives and beings: deny their opposites, leave them behind as fast as you can - quit the shit!

  • Actions, reactions shape personality. Which ones will you choose then and why?

  • Technics, methodics and systematics work very well. 

  • There are no coincidences: just incidences. Greetings Coyoteprime :-)

  • Each idea of mind can be realised, as long as the contrary ain´t proven. 

  • Beings shall not complain about any conditions at all, while complicating them at same time.

  • Truth: future is our youth!

  • Effects reflect - vice versa.

  • Human personality depends up to 90% on attitudes. 10% are outer incidents we react on. Compare these numbers to the relation of our bodies liquids and bones. Same percentage about. No wonder or miracle: natural!

  • It is harder to fortify beings, than harming them or weakening.

  • We can´t condemn and accept at once!

  • Nothing is harder than life: some complicate within even or worse? Don´t really.

  • Simplicity is more than useful.

  • Mindtrick #1 - There might be a status, condition you worry about or which is hard to handle: now imagine a balance, a scale regulating equilibrium: two sides and weights. Which kind of logical, qualitative quantities will you have to put on the easing side to restore stability or get over even your worries? 

  • Mindtrick #2 - You need an answer to any question? It will come very fast usually. How that? Get first some calm. Fix innerly the question. Just the phrase. Focus at only. As much as you can. Again. Soon enough the answer will come to your mind. 

  • Please be aware: at least one here, some there might always be around near or far. I am, you are, we will be never alone probably - the impression and feeling is just inappropriate really!

  • Anytime small, personal changes are possible. Bigger ones around therefore as well. 

  • What will we have to expect one day, not able to trust our senses already today? 

  • Opposing lifeforms not only harm at long distance own personalities or situations. What or who else?

  • Any existence represents reality, some deny.

  • Many different types complete a world.

  • Productive contributions facilitate spaces in general. This is far better, than complicating them by destructive behaviours.

  • Easement by sharing is very effective.

  • If certain rules, laws and standards are demanded, then claimable in return as well.

  • Religions should focus nowadays more on nature after all scientific researches and their facts.

  • Life can be seen as kind of scenario: strings are played, buttons pushed, things move and sounds appear. Almost magical sometimes: few would not care probably much about hard consequences and huge losses. 

  • Presences change rapidly: take care... Up to each one of us, which ways to follow, show, go or not at all. 

  • Flexibilities, alternatives, diversifications and variations ease in magnificent ways! 

  • Joyful living anytime is possible anywhere. I suggest not only.

  • Stay away from any kind of life opposing forms. They are a loosing game in the end all ways.

  • Heaven on earth won´t be paradise at all, if we don´t value just such conditions then right. 

  • None is ugly or stupid by nature: life is defined by ways & styles.

  • Some might be satisfied or pleased, if spaces, places and beings therein suffer. Imagine once.

  • Periodic, regular recognitions, clearings, reconnaissances are more than essential, crucial to stabilise, fortify societies, communities and their populations. 

  • Counter-cyclicals might fixes fast & easy hardened surroundings. 

  • We don´t have to live in communities or societies, if we fight each other therein.

  • Rather be of value, than pursue such. 

  • Beings accusing others, often are themselves guilty of identical charges. 

  • Give life a sense, instead of searching for - more than one even, if you want! 

Some informations about myself:

I grew up in Germany, am 36 years old, I speak fluent french, english, german: some spanish and russian words included. By birth I got two european Nationalities. My families roots are spread across entire Europe.

I have completed different formations in IT and Security sectors. Last years I got engaged voluntarily into socials, networks, informations, improvements and daily life: virtually, digital online, in real life & relationships, outside, everywhere possibilities appeared.

Sincerely and hereby digitally yours as well 

Olivier Klastat

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