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Minimal Monday #13 Wrap Up

The 13th edition of #minimalmonday is a wrap! No no, I wasn't slacking on the wrap up, I was just buried in work today. So without further ado, here's my selection of this week's #minimalmonday !

This weeks fav of the day award™ goes to +Jeff Vyse. His image is a stunner. There's nothing more I can say about it than it – for me – jumped off the screen. Superb grads and tones in this one Jeff!

+Michael Diblicek contribution to the theme was a beauty from his trip to the Ballon D'alsace in France. Simplicity at it's best! Although he added his shot on a Friday... I think he got sucked into a time warp or something...

+Ben Locke provided us with a fabulous view on the pier at The Mumbles. Great black and white long exposure. Water is silky smooth and that pier holds a ton of detail!
I really liked the photo fellow Belgian artist +Lien Bruynooghe added to the theme. A great 'imposant' – impressive – snow covered tree. I love the subdued colour usage in this shot Lien.

+Luke Austin posted a sweet one IMO. Good post processing and a great composition Luke. What was that again about that rule... "don't put your horizon in the middle"... Sometimes YOU HAVE TO! Luke shows us why.

My buddy +Nate Parker . I swear, sometimes I think he's a long lost friend. Sometimes we have so much fun together in the hangouts it's retarded (<<< euhm NO not THAT kind of 'webcamming'). The photo that he added is an unconventional one regarding format. It looks like a 2:1 vertical pano! How about that for originality?

Again, +Russ Bishop shows us this week that 'Minimalism' is not something that only can be done by 'fine art' photographers that sell prints for thousands of dollars. Russ proves that with a little bit of thought and observation, you can simplify grand scene that look – at first – hard to simplify (because there is so much to see). Awesome abstract detail from Antelope Canyon Russ!!!!

And +Matt Anderson proves the same point too. His photograph of hoar frost covered threes is an example of outstanding composition. And contrast and tonal control both during exposure and in post processing. These images are so easily overdone. Matt executes this superbly!

+Eric Fredine posted a compositional wonder. Yes, there I said it. Nobody sees stuff like this and goes 'That would make a great shot". Only Eric does that. This composition consists of 3 zones of colour. Ridiculous. Ridiculously GOOD!

Here's a very ethereal scene by +Claudiu Fabian Milea. Man, did I wish I had this much snow to play with. And what wonderful light in the sky.

THAT'S IT for this week.
But I leave you with a 2 more shots. One by +Tim Haynes . Often we forget to look for the details at our feet. Just remember. Even the smallest of objects can render amazing photographs!

And one by +Filip Lučin. Both would look STUNNING on my wall!
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Thanks once again for the opportunity +Olivier Du Tré and for the kind mention -this is a great list with some fine additions.
Good stuff buddy, and once again very nicely curated. Have a good one my friend!
Hey many thanks +Olivier Du Tré you just made my day! I'm delighted you like it. Another great list and summary, thanks for putting the time in.
thanks for the mention Olivier. Great work from you and everyone else again :)
Thank you for including me here, and for pointing out some stunning work! I've enjoyed it!
Thanks again for hosting another great day and for the very kind mention.
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