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If you haven't added +Jesse Speer yet you should!

Jesse is one of those photographers with a very limited amount of people in his circles. Maybe I can change that a bit. His – mainly – Black and White landscape work is really really and I mean REALLY good (IMO).
His whole portfolio has a uniform look (which I think is important). Jesse definitely found his own voice. Something that every photographer should try to do. Instead of copying other photographers, try and come up with something that says "YOU!" and stick with it. Eventually good things will come.

I remember my photo instructor completely downing my work (15 or so years ago) for being too contrasty and too black. I eventually did what he asked me to do. But deep inside, I knew he was wrong. Or not wrong perse but that was not who I was. What I am doing now is who I am.

You should check out his albums. Every picture, every single one of them, shows Jesse's skills at manipulating contrasts and tonalities to show both beauty and drama. Just like I like to do. :)
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He's been in my favorites circle for a while. This is one of the most stunning bw images I've seen in a while, aside from yours Olivier :)
O I agree on that +Alan Majchrowicz. But it is true. It's been a while since I've seen a pure B&W landscape photograph that made me go 'wow I wish that was in MY portfolio'.
+Jesse Speer that is EXACTLY what happened to me now just about a year ago.
It was such a shift that I entered a little something on my blog about it. It was in that weekend I finally saw the light.

I was a B&W photographer and when I switched to digital – for some reason – I ended up making colour images. I finally gave THAT up after years of struggling to find my own voice.

You should definitely keep doing what you are doing! Your work resonates a lot with me and I'm sure so many others.
I tend to disagree on the importance of an uniform portfolio, at least for non-professionals. I myself try to see the world around me and capture the mood I feel at that moment. And for each mood or feeling I try to use an appropriate technique, which result in completely different pictures as you can see in my gallery. I prefer diversity of expression for myself rather than to have a distinct style. :)
+Jorge Schramm with all respect. I'm a firm believer of the saying: " Do one thing and one thing ONLY, but do it really really well!"
sick! i try to get cool weather shots like this but im nowhere near patient enough. :P
that is a really good shot jesse. excellent moment and great processing. well done.
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