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Olivier Du Tré
Olivier Du Tré (˚1977, Ghent, Belgium) is a traditional fine art photographer based out of Calgary, Alberta.
Olivier Du Tré (˚1977, Ghent, Belgium) is a traditional fine art photographer based out of Calgary, Alberta.

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Minimal Monday Wrap up no 224

Life has been getting in the way a little lately to do these Wrap Up tbh...
And submissions has slowed down significantly. Maybe it is because it is summer time. Here is the stuff that caught my eye last month (May 9 - May 31)

+Martin Rak ...West Pier #1...

+Steve Blackwell Chesterman Beach #1

+Grant Murray Chesterman Beach 1

+Šárka Svobodová X

+Johan Peijnenburg Tranquil dawn at Bow Lake

+Frank Hoefs untitled

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Minimal Monday Wrap up no 221

Hi everyone. Last week I only got 6 entries so I decided to include those submissions into this week's wrap up. Some incredible art was once again entered. You guys are really getting it. LOVE seeing some of you grow so much.

Gold Award
+Šárka Svobodová Ztraceno ve snech 2  ---  Lost in dreams 2
Subtle, quiet and intimate photograph. Well done.

+Martin Rak ...Block...
Symmetrical, geometrical, quiet work Martin.

+Sandra Jordan Lone Mountain, Svalbard
Fantastic photograph. Beautiful detail in the right side of the hill.

+Daniel Schwabe Abstract pattern
Really enjoyed this Daniel. Very 'inward looking' photograph.

Silver Award
+Steve Blackwell Death Valley Dunes
Beautiful s-curve Steve!

+Grant Murray Lions Bay Main Beach Park 3
Typical Murray work. Love it. That bird!

+Michael Zieschang ripples
Such a great photograph. Very personal. Love the break in the verticals created by the branch.

Bronze Award
+Luke Ravitch Southeast Alaska. June, 2015.
Good tonal depth.

+George Marquardt Lonely
Great diagonal.

+Alex Bihlo MIddle Cove Beach, Newfoundland

+John Dusseault witness to sunset

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Minimal Monday Wrap up no 220

Hello everybody! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I know I sure did. This was one amazing week for #MinimalMonday . Some beautiful work was submitted by you and I had a tough time choosing my favourite.

Gold Award
+Steve Blackwell Irrigation Pipes in Snowy Field near Strathmore, AB
Subtlety at it's best! Incredible photograph Steve. Beautifully balanced composition.

Silver Award
+Dominique Dubied The Visit
I love that fencepost in the foreground!

+Grant Murray Long Beach 3
_You seriously need to stop posting these beauties. Or I need to come out and photograph some of these scenes myself. ;) _

Bronze Award
+Martin Rak ...Winter Line...
This reminds me of a musical score. A decrescendo to be precise.

+Christof Teuscher Uphill
Love stuff like this.

+Alex Bihlo Somewhere in Saskatchewan
I am super attracted to scenes like these. I find immense beauty in the Prairie landscape. Well composed and spotlighted.

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Minimal Monday Wrap up no 219

Here's this week's wrap up for the #MinimalMonday theme. If you wish to participate, please consider these wide guidelines. This is a landscape only theme. But I like to see your definition of what a landscape means to you. And the theme is all about simplification of form. Just share your photograph on mondays with the correct hashtag and tag me. Awesome! Oh and tell your friends about this theme. ;)

Gold Award
+Björn Kleemann Where Aliens feel at home.örnKleemann/posts/X6yFowFUZW6
Love this photograph Bjorn. Beautiful contrasts and just a great scene overall. Well seen.

Silver Award
+Alex Bihlo Cape Spear, Newfoundland
Superb photograph. As if a dragon is sleeping in the water.

Bronze Award
+Martin Rak ...Sound of Silence...
Singular simplicity. And congrats on the Sony World Award Martin. Well deserved.

+John Dusseault sand in the snow

+Steve Blackwell Joshua Tree #2

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Minimal Monday Wrap up no 218

Wow what a week of awesome contributions yet again guys. Superb work by all of you.

Gold Award
+Simon Williamson untitled
The moment I saw this photo I knew this was going to be the winner. Period. Top work Simon!

Silver Award
+Marina Pérez Sanz Fusion
A wonderful impressionistic approach to your over photographed seascape. Beautiful subtle colours.

Bronze Award
+Martin Rak ...Lone Pine...
Minimalism at its finest.

+Steve Blackwell Winter Windbreak

+John Dusseault landmark

+Grant Murray Kennedy Lake 2

+Björn Kleemann Untitled

+Šárka Svobodová Zasněná zima --- Dreamy winter

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Minimal Monday Wrap up no 217

I hope everybody had a great weekend. I sure know I did. I was able to guide university students around in the cut blocks I've been photographing for the last year. The more I dive into this series, the more personal and the more meaningful this series is becoming for me.
Anyway on to this week's #MinimalMonday wrap-up.

Gold Award
+Michael B. Stuart The Edge
What a beautiful sinister and dark rendition of your cover photo this is Michael!

Silver Award
+Šárka Svobodová Smrčky --- Small spruces
As usual, very tasteful work Sarka. Love it.

Bronze Award
+Grant Murray Chesterman Beach, Tofino
Another killer photograph Grant. Well done on the subtle toning and simple composition.

+Björn Kleemann Whiteout
I had Bjorn on the Minimalist Winter workshop a few weeks back. Good to see this photo up. ;)

+Dermot Russell Solitude
Poor lonely stick.

That's it for this week boys and girls. See you again next week for another edition of #MinimalMonday

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Minimal Monday Wrap up no 216

Wrap up 216. Still can't believe I keep doing these :) SO awesome.

Gold Award
+Simon Williamson untitled
Superb photograph Simon. Absolutely love the dark tone separation. Very tastefully done.

Silver Award
+Sandra Jordan Trees, Austria
Very interesting off-balance photograph that works. Well seen Sandra.

Bronze Award
+Šárka Svobodová Ztraceno ve snech --- Lost in dreams
Subtle work Sarka. As usual. I wish I could see your work in print.

+Michael B. Stuart Rockscape

+Grant Murray Vulcan County Grain Silos 2

+Frank Hoefs untitled

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Minimal Monday Wrap up no 215

Another week, another wrap. FINALLY have time to do this thing. It's been a busy week. Wrapped up a 3-day workshop on Sunday with +Marc Koegel which went awesome. Had a day off on Monday where I did absolutely nothing. And then work exploded like crazy. And I did a photoshoot on Wednesday. Busy busy.
Hope you are all well and keeping busy too.

Gold Award
+Steve Blackwell Windmill in Snowy Field
So beautiful Steve. Not a ton of these stand alone windmills left around Calgary. I think I know this one very well.

Silver Award
+Šárka Svobodová Ostrov --- Island
_Killer photograph Sarka! Those clouds.... _

Bronze Award
+Grant Murray Alouette Lake 7 _I've never been a fan of toning and split toning but you are making me reconsider this opinion Grant. Very fond of the work you've been producing over the last few months._

+Martin Rak ...Orchard...
Great photo Martin.

+Daniel Schwabe The lonely cloud
I have no clue what I am looking at. It hurts my brain. But that's why it makes it a good photo. Well seen.

+Michael B. Stuart Moments in the Breeze
I wish more people would see subtleties like these.

+John Dusseault peaking through the mist
Putting nothing in this photograph that can ground it scale wise is a smart way of keeping your viewer engaged.

Great week again guys and girls. I feel very fortunate you are all still playing along. Thank you!
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