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Minimal Monday Wrap up no 204

Phew. The bulk of the craziness has passed here. But still working on 1 more deadline. I will tell you all about that when everything is final final. 

Here's the wrap-up of #Minimalmonday  no 204.

Gold Award
+Grant Murray Buntzen Lake 4

Silver Award
+Simon Williamson Spittal Beach

Bronze Award
+Steve Blackwell Long Beach rocky shore

+Šárka Svobodová Vodopádek  ---  Small waterfall

+John Dusseault beach detail

+George Marquardt Follow the Snow

While I have you here. I want to also make you aware of the fact that +Marc Koegel  and I are preparing again for our 'Fine Art and Minimalist Photography Workshop' happening Feb 12-14 (3 day workshop). You can read all about that either on my Facebook Page or by following this link:
Buntzen Lake 4 - For +Olivier Du Tré's #minimalmonday #squaresaresassy for my San Fran homie, +Nathan Wirth  - Grant Murray - Google+
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Thanks a lot for the mention Olivier!
Lovely section again!
Beautiful works friends!
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Olivier Du Tré

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Minimal Monday Wrap up no 202

Some really good stuff was added to this week's #MinimalMonday  ! SO happy to see the pace picking up again.

And when busy can't become any busier, some more opportunities came down the pipeline for me. WHY do all these things ALWAYS come at me at the same time?!

Gold Award
+Martin Rak ...Alignment...

Silver Award
+Šárka Svobodová Pramen života  ---  Source of the life

Bronze Award
+Steve Blackwell Cape Blanco Seastack

+RJ Wilner Reelfoot Lake 062, 10/24/2015

+Grant Murray Alpha Lake 1

+Travis Rhoads Black Sand

Since it not really suits the landscape theme, but because it is a unique take on wildlife photography, I also like to feature +Jean-Louis LAURENCE 's photo.
...Alignment... #minimalmonday | +Olivier Du Tré  - Martin Rak - Google+
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Some amazing images! Well done everyone!!!
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Olivier Du Tré

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Minimal Monday Wrap up no 201

Here's to another 200 episodes of #MinimalMonday  
Man. Talk about busy this week. But all good busy. Hard work is paying off. Pretty cool times over here...  
On to the wrap up. There were some stunning pieces submitted this week. I love seeing what you guys do with the terms 'minimal and landscape'. 

Gold Award
+Simon Williamson untitled

Silver Award
+Steve Blackwell Rocks off the California Coast

Bronze Award
+Grant Murray Alta Lake 2

+RJ Wilner Lake Tishomingo 025, 11/1/2015

For #minimalmonday by +Olivier Du Tré​ - Simon Williamson - Google+
Simon Williamson's profile photoRJ Wilner's profile photo
Thanks a bunch, +Olivier Du Tré . Made my day to be included!
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Olivier Du Tré

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Minimal Monday Wrap up no 200

A huge milestone here at #MinimalMonday  . 
I'd like to say thank you for so many encouraging messages over the last few weeks. When I started this theme, I never thought I was going to do this for 200 episodes. That's almost 4 years of curating your work. I have seen many of you grow through that time. Heck I have grown with seeing your work as well. Some of you came into the theme with little to know understanding of what Minimalism was and look at you now! And some of you were pretty much settled into your own already.

I am so proud that the theme has shown quite a few of you how and why simplification of the composition is a good thing.
And through the years I've also been lucky to have met some of you along the way. 

200 episodes! Man... all good things must come to an end.
But that end is not going to be today or with this wrap up. I have decided to keep this theme alive! 

Anyway. On to the wrap up for this week.

Gold Award
+Eric Fredine Sand Patches, Iona Beach, January, 2015

Silver Award
+Šárka Svobodová Byl jeden malý domeček ...  ---  It was one small house ...

Bronze Award
+Martin Rak ...Chair...

+Grant Murray Alouette Lake 3

+Frank Hoefs Apathy

+Steve Blackwell Lonely tree near Oakdale, CA.

Just a little bit of housekeeping here at the end. I appreciate your 1 submission on Monday. Don't post a slew of images. Part of the reason for this theme is to teach you to make decisions. And to teach patience. 

See you all next week. #201 is coming! :D 
Have a great week all.
Sand Patches, Iona Beach, January, 2015 #MinimalMonday | +Olivier Du Tré  - Eric Fredine - Google+
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Whooot!  Glad you're still going on with this! 
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Olivier Du Tré

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How to affect change
I am 38 years old. And often I ponder about my artist's legacy. Isn't that crazy?! I am already wondering about 'the end'. What will be left of me, my work and how will others remember me? If you read this blog regularly, you will know I am working on a ser...
I am 38 years old. And often I ponder about my artist's legacy. Isn't that crazy?! I am already wondering about 'the end'. What will be left of me, my work and how will others remember me? If you read this blog regularly, you...
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I've had this post and your blog open in my browser for a week and a half now. :)  When I first started photography it was to document all the pretty places I've visited.  And yes, I still enjoy that.  But lately I've been struggling with wanting to do something more with my photography.  I did start writing a blog to do more than just post a pretty photo.  Maybe not as noble as this post, but then I've just gotten started :)  

Wednesday I drove through the heart of where the Rim Fire burned a few years ago.  And was utterly floored.  I had hiked through some of the edges of it, but until earlier this summer the roads leading into the worst burning were still closed for repairs and salvage logging.  As I went up and over a ridge it went from "normal" forest (not old growth, but mature) to nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  For thousands of acres.   I'm not one to think all fires are bad - in fact for the forests here it's a necessary part of their evolution.  But between years of suppression combined with drought weakened trees and excess  dead understory it was not a "normal" fire.  

I'm going to hush now before I write my entire future blog entry here, and get too far off topic from your post.  I really wanted to say I love it.  And I get what you are saying.  With so many people on this planet balancing sustainability with demand is harder and harder.  A photograph is a great way to educate.  It's doesn't speak a single language, but speaks to everyone.   
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Olivier Du Tré

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Y Carrière Nocarcentre, Ecaussinnes, Belgique. 2015 For #minimalmonday  curated by +Olivier Du Tré … - Didier Demaret - Google+
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What a fantastic piece of work, +Didier Demaret!! Amazing entries this week, well done gang. Thanks for the silver +Olivier Du Tré, happy with that. Have a great week everyone. 
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Olivier Du Tré

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Moonshine For #minimalmonday by +Olivier Du Tré  - Marina Pérez Sanz - Google+
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thanks so much +Olivier Du Tré super work by everyone
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Olivier Du Tré

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Minimal Monday Wrap up no 203

If you follow me on 'that other social media channel' you will know by now that my mug will be on TV soon. I know the horror! CTV TWO Alberta Primetime paid me a visit on Saturday. They are doing a 4-5 min piece on me and my work. Pretty crazy if you think of it really. 
Anyway. What else... Oh I am going to show 5 24x30" prints very soon. If you are in Calgary you might want to keep your eye out for an announcement soon. 

There's more stuff but for now, I won't talk about what else is coming down the pipe yet. 

On to the wrap up of this weeks #minimalmonday  

Some good stuff was posted this week. Really good stuff. Makes me happy. Minimalism is something I like looking at. It often has one singular easy to understand message. 

Here we go!

Gold Award
+John Dusseault long legs

Silver Award
+Martin Rak ...Slide...

Bronze Award
+George Marquardt The Summit

+Grant Murray Deep Cove Dock 1

+Steve Blackwell Crowsnest Pass Tree

+Simon Williamson The back field

+E Cindy Peace

Well done everyone!
long legs I considered a square crop for this....but opted to show more length.... Taughannock Falls, New York #minimalmonday (+Olivier Du Tré ) - John Dusseault - Google+
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Great photographs this week again. Congratulations to all the winners but especially to you +John Dusseault​.

I would love to see a stream afterwards. Is this possible +Olivier Du Tré​? Update with a link Please!!!
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Olivier Du Tré

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My dad forwarded me a few scans from a Tri-X film he found last week. The film had never been developed. To his surprise he found photos of me on it! So he had to share.

Here's me, at age probably 1 and a bit, chewing on a box of Tri-X. Looks like I was a chubby kid lol.

I guess I was always destined to be a photographer. And maybe this is why film feels so yummy to me. ;)

Talk about a #ThrowbackThursday photo! Geez. #TBT 
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+Photo Mania Canada please don't do that. 
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Olivier Du Tré

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Minimal Monday Wrap up no 199

Sorry for only now finding time to do the wrap up for Monday's #MinimalMonday . I was incredibly busy this week. 
As the name suggests, this is a daily theme. Not a weekly theme. ;) If you understand what I mean. 

Gold Award
+Šárka Svobodová V moři snů  ---  In the sea of dreams

Silver Award
+Jason Beaven  Pool

Bronze Award
+Michael B. Stuart The Rest Seemed Insignificant

+John Dusseault canadiana

+Grant Murray Qualicum Beach 3

So is next week, the last edition of #MinimalMonday  ? 
V moři snů --- In the sea of dreams © Šárka Svobodová for my love #minimalmonday by +Olivier Du Tré and for #monochromemonday, #mistymonday… - Šárka Svobodová - Google+
Šárka Svobodová's profile photoJason Beaven's profile photoSteve Blackwell's profile photoMichael B. Stuart's profile photo
Thank you so much +Olivier Du Tré!!!
Honored and appreciative as always :)
Congrats +Šárka Svobodová!
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Olivier Du Tré

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Minimal Monday Wrap up no 198

Looking back on the posts I've made this past year on this page. Seems like I have quit photography and the only thing I've posted were #MinimalMonday  wrap-ups.

Don't worry kids. I am still hard at work on the photo front. I am working hard on the logging series. Which is my priority.

The great news on that front is that next week, a selection of the series (that I have not yet made public because it is ongoing) is going to be used by the Yellowstone 2 Yukon Initiative as a guideline for the discussion/meeting they will have with the Minister of Forestry on current logging practices in the Eastern Slopes.

SO that makes me incredibly proud. Hopefully my work can and will make a difference. Some more awesome stuff is in the pipeline. But I can't quite talk about that just yet. 

On to the wrap-up.

Gold Award
+Frank Hoefs untitled

Can I get a signed print of this Frank? This is GORGEOUS!

+Grant Murray Rathtrevor Park Beach 1

Silver Award
+Matthias Schroeter fallen dragon sweden 2015

+John Dusseault ridgeline

+Alex Bihlo Thetis Lake, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Bronze Award
+Michael B. Stuart Signs of the Times

+Marina Pérez Sanz The forgotten pier

+David Orr Beach Textures

Super work everybody! Well done!
untitled +Olivier Du Tré , it's #minimalmonday   - Frank Hoefs - Google+
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Glad to hear your hard work it coming to use, Oli!  Good for you!!!!
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Olivier Du Tré

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King Creek and Opal Range

Here's a scan from a darkroom print I made over the weekend.

It shows King Creek in Kananaskis Alberta flowing under (from left to right) Mount Brock, Mount Blane, Mount Burney. All these mountain are over 2700m (8800ft) high. Mount Wintour sits in the foreground to the right.

A contribution to #mountainmonday currated by +Michael Russell 
Maria Falsetta's profile photo
Buongiorno Olivier. 
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  • Photography by Olivier Du Tré
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Basic Information
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Oliver, Oli
Olivier Du Tré (˚1977, Ghent, Belgium) is a traditional fine art photographer based out of Cochrane, Alberta.

Olivier Du Tré (˚1977, Ghent, Belgium) is a fine art photographer based out of Cochrane, Alberta.

“Zo vader, zo zoon” the dutch equivalent for “Like father, like son” holds true for photographer Olivier Du Tré, who credits his father as his inspiration.

“He’s a fantastic painter and a gifted photographer. As a child, I marveled at his uncanny ability to ‘dial-in’ his Leica M3 and produce the most beautiful shots without the aid of a light meter. I don’t ever recall thinking ‘I want to become a photographer’ at that time, but because of him, I definitely knew I wanted to be an artist.”

After graduating as a graphic designer in 1998, Du Tré found his passion after enrolling in a three-year photography program at KISP in Ghent. During this time, Olivier immersed himself in film cameras, darkroom printing techniques and black and white photography, all of which continue to play a huge role in his work today.

After seven years of travelling back and forth, Olivier and his wife Sarah decided to make Canada their permanent home in 2009. They settled just west of Calgary in the small town of Cochrane.

“The move was a product of passion. My wife is an avid horseback rider and I wanted to be closer to the subject matter that I found so intriguing, the open spaces and the compliment/contradiction of man and nature, there’s a unique symmetry to it all.”

Olivier’s work has been published in multiple online magazines (ƒ11 Magazine no. 19, Stark Magazine no. 7, Landscape Photography Magazine no. 18, ...) on numerous photography blogs and in print in Lenswork Magazine no. 103.

Recently one of Olivier’s photographs received a bronze award in the annual international photography competition Prix de la Photography, Paris (PX3). And this year, Olivier’s work got noticed by the Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver who now represents his work for Western Canada.

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Cochrane, Alberta
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Choosing a general contractor is always a daunting task. But from the moment I met and explained the traditional darkroom project I had in mind with owner Richard Papp, I knew his company was the exact fit for me and my house. Richard set me at ease from day 1 and went above and beyond to perfect the vision I had for the darkroom. What I loved about Richard is that he came up with creative solutions for intricate and complicated problems and his work ethic is second to none. In the end, the project ended up exceeding my expectations and the darkroom is a dream to work in. Thank you so much BelMag Renovations for a job well done. I will not hesitate to use them again in the future.
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