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Olivier Du Tré

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Minimal Monday Wrap Up no 178

Very few entries again this week. :(

Gold Award
+Toby Trueman Seacliff Cross

Silver Award
+Jason Beaven Sit Down, Relax & Enjoy (alternate edit)

Bronze Award
+Simon Williamson untitled

Until next week... I guess. :(
Seacliff Cross #minimalmonday | +Olivier Du Tré - Toby Trueman - Google+
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Thanks for the gold +Olivier Du Tré! pretty stoked about that! Great work all round mind, well done all. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of the darkroom sessions too, though hopefully you won't hide so much that we don't see what emerges ;)
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Olivier Du Tré

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Day 10 of the darkroom build is in the books.
The darkroom is coming together very well. Give it another week and we should be done. (I hope) This is the area where the 3 enlargers will go side by side. I opted to put them each in their own little enclosure. A safel...
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Nice!  Really moving along.
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Olivier Du Tré

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This page might seem a little slow these days (other than the updates on the darkroom build) but the truth is, this is the busiest time of the year for me.

I'm working on my logging project these days and that takes me out in the backcountry almost every weekend.

It's fun to drive these muddy logging roads. It's fun to discover new areas. It's not fun to see man's heavy hand on the landscape.

I live in such a beautiful area of Alberta. Too bad sometimes it feels like I'm the only one that really cares.

Here's a new photo of the series. This photo shows a block that was cut back in 2008. Regrowth is sparse. Very sparse.

This block also never got replanted. Sadly this is the reality of the area. Logging companies come in, cut all the trees and then do absolutely nothing but leave the areas behind as nothing more than barren landscapes. In theory they are mandated to submit a reforestation plan shortly after harvesting the trees though.

I guess the reforestation plan for this area got lost at AESRD.

This is an early submission for #MountainMonday curated by +Michael Russell
And #TreeTuesday curated by +Christina Lawrie and +Shannon S. Myers
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Technically +Stephen Cairns they need to leave the aspens alone. Reality is, if they're in the way, they get cut. Only the real Giants (like Douglas firs) get left alone. Because they ARE protected. Everything else is pretty much fair game.

Photography is a powerful communicator. The saying a picture is worth a thousand words is a very literal one in this case. We can lobby our new government for change. Or we can show them photographs in an art project that might induce change.

That's what art should do right?
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Olivier Du Tré

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Minimal Monday Wrap Up no 177

Very few entries this week. I'll blame it on the long weekend.

Gold Award
+Vesa Pihanurmi Vitträsk

Silver Award
+Adam Williams Resistance study 4.

Bronze Award
+Grant Murray Ambleside Pier 13

+Šárka Svobodová Pětice  ---  Quintette

+Gerard McGrath Witches Hat

I must be in a colour mood today! :D
Vitträsk For #minimalmonday  | +Olivier Du Tré  - Vesa Pihanurmi - Google+
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Always beautiful selection for my pleasure;-) thanks for your work Olivier! And thanks for the mention!
Congrats to all! 
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Olivier Du Tré

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Yesterday I got an unexpected message from my contractor that the electrician wanted to work today. It's a holiday in Canada. But since I got nothing planned anyway, he was more than welcome to pull some wires today.  And wir...
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Olivier Du Tré

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A little progress today; creating the double wall where the water panel goes, and creating the walls between the enlargers on the dry side. These walls will also be used as support for the bases for the enlargers that go on t...
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Olivier Du Tré

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Day 11 of the darkroom build and it is starting to look really really good!
Now this is more like it! It almost looks like a (dark)room now.  Still a few pesky areas to figure out what to do with but overall it's coming along really really nicely.  I was really surprised by how bright the room...
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Olivier Du Tré

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Work continues on the darkroom project.
A little double update this morning. On Friday (day 8), the electrical inspector came and all was good. After that, my contractor took the window out and pulled in 50 sheets of drywall. That was pretty much it for that day...
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There are definitely times when it's worth the extra cost. 
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Olivier Du Tré

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And here is day 7 of the build
Yesterday the electrician was in again to finish up the rough in. All cables now live in their designated boxes. And the moisture barrier is back in its normal state. Today the inspector should have came to see if he's hap...
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Olivier Du Tré

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Forgot to share day 6 yesterday
Good progress today! My contractor finished the ventilation system today. Ventilation consists of 3, 50cfm bathroom fans that exhaust to the outside. Two fans live on the edges of the sink at a low height. And one lives in ...
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Olivier Du Tré

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Not much progress yesterday.  My builder, who insisted we did stainless steal sinks (I always leaned towards a wooden sink), wrestled all day to get the sinks (which are massive) somehow in the basement.  He texted me around ...
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Olivier Du Tré

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Day 3 saw the rough in of the plumbing and the start of the double wall behind the sink. We toughed in 3 faucets on the main sink and one faucet on the holding sink. The water mains for the panel are in as well and the filter...
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  • Photography by Olivier Du Tré
    Owner, 2009 - present
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Oliver, Oli
Olivier Du Tré (˚1977, Ghent, Belgium) is a traditional fine art photographer based out of Cochrane, Alberta.

Olivier Du Tré (˚1977, Ghent, Belgium) is a fine art photographer based out of Cochrane, Alberta.

“Zo vader, zo zoon” the dutch equivalent for “Like father, like son” holds true for photographer Olivier Du Tré, who credits his father as his inspiration.

“He’s a fantastic painter and a gifted photographer. As a child, I marveled at his uncanny ability to ‘dial-in’ his Leica M3 and produce the most beautiful shots without the aid of a light meter. I don’t ever recall thinking ‘I want to become a photographer’ at that time, but because of him, I definitely knew I wanted to be an artist.”

After graduating as a graphic designer in 1998, Du Tré found his passion after enrolling in a three-year photography program at KISP in Ghent. During this time, Olivier immersed himself in film cameras, darkroom printing techniques and black and white photography, all of which continue to play a huge role in his work today.

After seven years of travelling back and forth, Olivier and his wife Sarah decided to make Canada their permanent home in 2009. They settled just west of Calgary in the small town of Cochrane.

“The move was a product of passion. My wife is an avid horseback rider and I wanted to be closer to the subject matter that I found so intriguing, the open spaces and the compliment/contradiction of man and nature, there’s a unique symmetry to it all.”

Olivier’s work has been published in multiple online magazines (ƒ11 Magazine no. 19, Stark Magazine no. 7, Landscape Photography Magazine no. 18, ...) on numerous photography blogs and in print in Lenswork Magazine no. 103.

Recently one of Olivier’s photographs received a bronze award in the annual international photography competition Prix de la Photography, Paris (PX3). And this year, Olivier’s work got noticed by the Ian Tan Gallery in Vancouver who now represents his work for Western Canada.

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Cochrane, Alberta
Cochrane, ab - Calgary - Herzele - Gent
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403 607 8446
234 Sunset View, Cochrane, Alberta, T4C 0E9
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