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We haven't talked much about kdbus recently, but that doesn't mean we weren't busy. The kernel module has matured and provides ABI stability now, we've spent many long evenings on improving the user-space compatibility layer to dbus1, and we've reached out to start converting the other bus-libraries.
My system has been running kdbus just fine for over half a year now. There are, occasionally, some hiccups we have to fix, but the overall experience is pretty neat.

Anyway, why am I writing this: If you run on Fedora Rawhide, you can now test kdbus by simply adding `kdbus=1` to your kernel command-line (or `kdbus=0` to disable it; which is still the default). If you run other distros, we have created a page that describes the required steps shortly [1].

If you have some spare time, we'd greatly appreciate if developers would give this a try. It works fine for us, but there are thousands of other dbus applications in the wild which might not work with the compat layer. Any feedback is highly appreciated! And, if you attend the upcoming systemd conference [2], I'd gladly return the favor with some beer! :)

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