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5 Consequences of Distracted Driving
1. $225 plus court costs.
Fines for driving with a display screen, driving with a hand-held communication device, and driving with a hand-held entertainment device are increasing from $125 to $225 on March 18. As of yet, they do not carry demerit points in Ontario.

2. $400 plus costs.
You could land a careless driving ticket from distracted driving, especially after an accident. Careless driving carries 6 demerit points.

3. Getting a ticket for something while you are distracted.
For instance, you could run a red light while you are texting, or failing to stay in marked lane as you are rummaging through something on the seat next to you. There are a number of tickets police officers can tag you with.

4. Accidents.
According to the Insurance Board of Canada, 8 out of every 10 police-reported crashes are a result of distracted driving.

5. Death.
A number of provinces have named distracted driving the number 1 cause of fatalities on the road, including Ontario.

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