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Sometimes, I fall so far into madness, that even the sun ceases to glow.
Sometimes, I fall so far into madness, that even the sun ceases to glow.

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+ThatCubanGamer Hey. We should discuss how 14011 will get Emma. I'm all for him kidnapping her and hurting her to any extend, just so long as she doesn't die unless we agree on it, yeah? Ideally, I'd like her to live to at least 20ish. I think there's potential for Emma and Ritter to become a detective duo when they grow up, as both of them are crazy smart. Haha.

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Name: Emma de Waal

Nicknames: Em, Emmy, sweetie, sweetpea, sweetheart, cute, cutie, beauty, beautiful, pretty, the beauty of Tokyo.

Age: 5 - 25 (depending on the roleplay)

Species: Human

Nationality: Japanese (of German heritage)

Height: 4'6 - 5'4 (depending on roleplay)

Weight: Unknown

Personality: As a child, Emma is known as sweet, kind, sensitive and childish. She enjoys her youth and refuses to let her unfair life get to her. She always has a smile on her face, but when she's down, she really cries. She is easily upset.

As an adult, Emma wears a very brave face and manages to live on her three waitress jobs. She is just as kind and sweet as ever. She stays upbeat, but sometimes struggles with anxiety and insecurity. All these issues are caused by family issues past and present. She tried her best to always smile.

* Emma has always had a rocky relationship with her mother, whom abandoned her frequently for booze and her abusive boyfriend. As an adult, Emma moved out of her parents' house as soon as possible, despite not having much money at all. She has since lost all contact with her mom.
* She has never met her biological father before.
* She never tells anybody of her family, unless she really trusts them.
* As a child, she believed her mother's behaviour was normal so she never mentioned it, unless she was upset.
* She was very lonely growing up, as a five year old, she searches desperately for a friend...or anybody to have near her sometimes.
* More is to be revealed and to come for little Emma de Waal.

Theme songs:

Child Emma - Cheap Thrills by Sia

Adult Emma - Rainy by Taru

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Anyone here fancy a roleplay? I'm bored.

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•|G E N E R A L|•

[]First Name:
[] ➳ Yuki
[] ➳ [Yoo-kee]
[] ➳ Yuki means happiness or snow.

[]Last Name:
[] ➳ Ayano
[] ➳ [A-yan-oh]
[] ➳ Ayano means colour or bright, it can also mean cheerful and beautiful.

[] ➳ Little Yuki, Crazy, Insanely intelligent but breathtakingly crazy.

[] ➳ Yuki has only ever had emotional and romantic feelings for men, and specifically, only Ignis. This has led her to never announce her sexuality, as she has lost all hope in ever finding love again.

[] ➳ Female. It is known that she has posed as a little boy before during one of her cases.

[] ➳ Twenty three years and two months. She surprises many with her age, due to her childlike appearance.

[] ➳ 16th of December.

[] Zodiac:
[] ➳ Sagittarius

[] ➳ Human

[] ➳ She has a light British accent, as both her parents were from England.

[] ➳ She is still classified as a detective, however has been missing for quite some time.

[]Dominant Hand:
[] ➳ Right hand.

[] ➳ Usually her homemade, vanilla body wash.


•|P H Y S I C A L  A P P E A R A N C E|•

[]Age They Appear:
[] ➳ Between ten and fourteen years of age.

[] Hair Color:
[] ➳ White.

[] Natural Hair Color:
[] ➳ Light pink.

[] Hair Length:
[] ➳ Very short.

[] Hair Thickness:
[] ➳ Midway between thick and thin.

[] Hair Style:
[] ➳ None really, she just messily cut it short and then got a hairdresser to even it up so it would be cheaper. She barely has any money.

[] Eye Color:
[] ➳ Light sky blue.

[] Eye Size:
[] ➳ Very large.

[] Eyelash Length:
[] ➳ Long and dark.

[] Contacts or Glasses?:
[] ➳ Both.

[] Skin Tone:
[] ➳ Quite pale.

[] Skin Type:
[] ➳ Normal.

[] Face Shape:
[] ➳ Normal.

[] Usual Facial Expression:
[] ➳ It's usually quite distressed, as she is suffering a lot of severe mental health issues.

[] Rare Facial Expression:
[] ➳ A smile.

[] Height:
[] ➳ 4'10

[] Weight:
[] ➳ 60lbs.

[] Body Build:
[] ➳ Thin, bony and frail.

[] Scar(s):
[] ➳ There are many all over her body, too many to name.

[] Tattoo(s):
[] ➳ None, Yuki is afraid of needles.

[] Birthmark(s):
[] ➳ None.

[] Beauty Mark(s):
[] ➳ None.

[] Freckles:
[] ➳ A few little ones on her cheeks.

[] Blood Type:
[] ➳ AB.

[] Piercing(s):
[] ➳ None.

[] Breast/Chest Size:
[] ➳ She is almost flat-chested, though her early motherhood helped her a little in the breast department.

[] Preferred Style Of Clothing:
[] ➳ Casual when she's feeling normal, formal when she's in her detective persona.

[] Favorite Casual Outfit:
[] ➳ Her fluffy pink sweater and blue jeans.

[] Favorite Formal Outfit:
[] ➳ Her white kimono.

[] Favorite Clothing Color:
[] ➳ Light pink and white.


•|A T T I T U D E|•

[] Good Traits:
[] ➳ Yuki is very motherly and kind. She attempts to treat everyone fairly and give them the benefit of the doubt, despite being quite nervous with new people. She can be very sweet, and she tries her hardest to be friendly.

[] Bad Traits:
[] ➳ Yuki has a lot of mental health issues, which are not her fault, but they do prohibit her from communicating properly...a lot. She can be very awkward and shy, and struggles to show her true feelings without them exploding out of her for hiding them too much. She also can suffer psychotic episodes, due to extreme childhood trauma and many other events in her life, which have shaped her problems today.

[] Habits:
[] ➳ Biting her nails
[] ➳ Psychotic episodes
[] ➳ Undereating when depressed
[] ➳ Becoming emotional easily

[] Fears:
[] ➳ Losing Ritter, her son
[] ➳ Loneliness
[] ➳ Being tortured
[] ➳ The dark

[] Soft Spot(s):
[] ➳ Ritter
[] ➳ Elizabeth
[] ➳ Ignis

[] Pet Peeves
[] ➳ Mess
[] ➳ Being blamed for things she hasn't done
[] ➳ Situations where she is helpless


•|L I K E S / D I S L I K E S |•

[]Favorite Color:
[] ➳ Light pink and white.
[]Hated Color:
[] ➳ Beige and brown.

[]Favorite Animal:
[] ➳ Cat
[]Hated Animal:
[] ➳ Spiders

[]Favorite Type of Plant:
[] ➳ White roses
[]Hated Type of Plant:
[] ➳ None.

[]Favorite Food:
[] ➳ Pizza and dumplings
[]Hated Food:
[] ➳ Any food with meat in it. She is a strict vegetarian.

[]Favorite Drink:
[] ➳ Strawberry lemonade and tea.
[]Hated Drink:
[] ➳ Orange juice.

[]Favorite Dessert:
[] ➳ Ice cream and brownies.
[]Hated Dessert:
[] ➳ Cheesecake.

[]Favorite Type of Music:
[] ➳ Classical and musicals.
[]Hated Type of Music:
[] ➳ Screamo.

[]Favorite Place:
[] ➳ Anywhere that Ritter is.
[]Hated Place:
[] ➳ Anywhere that reminds her of her childhood.

[]Favorite Type of Clothing:
[] ➳ Her kimonos.
[]Hated Type of Clothing:
[] ➳ Tight dresses.

[]Favorite Time of Day:
[] ➳ Sunrise and sunset.
[]Hated Time of Day:
[] ➳ Whenever it's pitch black outside.


•| F A M I L Y | •

[] ➳ Unnamed mother - DECEASED
[] ➳ Unnamed father - DECEASED
[] ➳ Ignis - Her partner - DECEASED
[] ➳ Ritter - Her son - ALIVE



Hey guys!

So, it's been like a year and this place has kind of died out a little bit.

Fortunately for us, the original owner +ThatCubanGamer is back and we are hoping to revive this group!

We hope you haven't forgotten about this community, as it was such a blast before it died out.

Looking forward to new beginnings with this place!

+Lilac River Are you still online? It's cool if you're not, just wondering.

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Repost for anyone who's interested.
// Closed Roleplay with +Stellar//

{Location: An Asylum}
{Time: 23:41pm}
{Date: 4th November}

"The silent death we are given...It's like being strung up and forced to watch happy people live their happy lives...Whilst we're stuck here...Drowning...and being burned alive...All at once."

In the furthest and most guarded cell, sat a young, perhaps fifteen year old, Ichijin Saito, with short green hair and emerald, grassy coloured eyes. She sat in total silence, staring at the same mold on the side of the wall which she had stared at for the past two hours. Her eyes flickering orange and red-hues from the dim, muted light of the outside world. Her only connection to the world was through a tiny barred window, which was too high up for her to reach or see out of. She had been in there for about a year and a half, and since arriving she had either been zoned out or causing havoc round the asylum. It was quiet...dreadfully quiet...In fact, one may say, the silence was deafening...It made everything a million times worse than they actually were...Perhaps the silence acted as a silent killer...Slowly driving the inmates of the asylum lose themselves even more...The proof of this theory was Ichijin herself. She entered the least insane and in the most unprotected cell, and now, it was completely the opposite. Her eyes were narrowed, as if she were focusing on the dust that floated around the room, or something really small that only she could see. A hallucination in her desperation for a friend or kind soul, possibly? Whatever it was, she seemed fixated on it, mesmerized, intrigued almost. She looked up as she heard screaming and shouting coming down the hallway. She stared out at the door, expecting the arrival of a new inmate.

+MЯ. ᄂӨПΣᄂY Here it was. The large mansion in which young Miss Lucy Walker had been invited to, by an unknown male. Although she was aware of the dangers of accepting an invitation from a strange, mystery man, this felt different. She felt an odd pull, bringing her to this man...but also, she was pretty desperate. Her dress designing business was taking off well, and she needed somewhere to stay for her long-term business trip to London.

She, herself, lived in the centre of Essex, in the poshest area. Her wealth was nowhere near as great as this man clearly, so she was a little surprised to have received and invite from someone as upper class as him. It seemed strange to her, however she did not allow it to taint her manners.

Lucy had been brought up well, very well indeed. She was the image and highest example of a lady. She was respectful and respectable, kind and considerate, well-mannered and soft-spoken when required but also confident enough to hold her own in a debate situation. She was a rather tiny woman, with an hourglass figure and minuscule waist. She stood at a small 5'1 and a whisper.

The little lady stood on her tiptoes, reaching for the gold knocker on the large door of the beautiful mansion. She returned to her usual, neat stance as she waited for whomever invited her opened the door. She wondered about what he may look like - would he be old or young? Not that it mattered at all to her, she was just curious. Any man who was kind enough to offer a desperate woman a place to stay, must be a nice person, Lucy said to herself in her naïvety.

She was a very innocent girl. She had been kept away from bad characters and other horrid influences which could spoil her child-like purity. However, Lucy was not childish. She was very mature and not at all petty like a kid would be. Her innocence made her blood intoxicating. Maddening even. It was strong. The purer the blood was, the sweeter and more delicious it became. Lucy's blood was the sweetest and most delicious in all of England, perhaps of the British Isles...maybe further.

She brushed down her blue velvet dress, ensuring there was not one crease in it. This gentleman must think only good things of her; she would be very embarrassed otherwise. She knew a good first impression would make for a great relation with this man. She was determined to make her time with this man nice, for him especially. If only she knew the terror that was in store for her...

~Lucy's Profile~

Name: Lucy Walker

Nicknames: Lucy is usually referred to by her full name, but occasionally by few, is nicknamed 'Lu'. Many called her beauty due to her stunning appearance.

Age: She is twenty-two years and four months.

Personality: She was brought up just as any Victorian girl was - polite, kind and quiet when needed. She is loving, innocent and pure, youthful and sweet...which is exactly what draws the vampire to her.

Height: She is a reasonable height for a woman of her age and from this time period, standing at 5 feet and 1 inch.

Weight: As weighing things in metric units was just coming to invention in these times, she does not know her true weight. However, she has an hourglass figure and is very light to lift, so she is not heavy at all.

Backstory: Raised by two loving parents in a rich-ish area near Victorian London, she was always seen as the beauty of London, the purest girl in England. She was innocent and never stepped her foot out of line. She owned a dress-making company and was on a business trip to the far edge of London. She was unable to find somewhere to stay, but received an invitation to stay at an unknown man's residence. Even though she was unsure of this person, she felt a strange force connecting her to this man, just by reading his letter. She accepted and is about to enter the gentleman's huge mansion.

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Does anyone fancy doing a Male vampire x female human roleplay? It's based off of Dracula, so it's set in the Victorian times.

You'd be playing the male vampire, and I, the female human.

I'd prefer you to be descriptive.

The plotline is that the male vampire mysteriously invites the human to stay at his mansion whenever she finds herself with nowhere to stay. He plans to seduce her and drink her dry of all blood, but finds he has fallen in love with her. He decides to turn her.

Obviously, this is a romance roleplay with elements of psychological and supernatural too (duh xD)
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