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NEW GROWTH REPORT: January 2017 Growth Report.

This will be my last growth report as you know it........

Announcing Project P and BIG changes!

A new year is upon us and myself and team spent most of January planning our moves for 2017. I personally took some time to reflect on what i've done and what I want to do, and started planning out my next years action.

There's some big changes happening here soon with a big switch in direction for my blog along side news on "Project P"

Please read and let me know your thoughts:

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NEW GROWTH REPORT: December 2016 Growth Report.

Firstly a VERY Happy New Year to all my readers, how are you?

In my latest growth report I cover:

- How we grossed our highest revenue ever for AffiliateFix
- Why the affiliate industry has gone dog mad!
- How I started a dog brand for Josie: Wagso
- Why we're giving away over $20,000 next month

and much more.

Please give it a read and a comment and let me know how you're December went.

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NEW BLOG POST: 2016'S Winners in Affiliate Marketing.
2016 has been another great year for affiliate marketing, but who has made my personal list as the stand out people and companies in the space in 2016!

Think i've missed someone or a company?

Make sure you make a comment on the post!

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NEW GROWTH REPORT: November 2016 Growth Report.
So November was the quietest month yet on my blog since I launched it over a year ago and for that I have to apologise, however....if you read this months growth report you'll see exactly why I didn't have any spare time to write any posts this previous month! I'm also thinking of introducing a monthly video wrap up to my reports, who'd watch a quick fire version of the update?

What did you get up to last month guys?

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NEW BLOG POST: The Landing Page Blueprint: How to build high converting landing pages. Check out the slide, notes and FULL video of The Landing Page Guys talk at the beginning of this month covering our famous "Blueprint" and advice on building high converting landing pages. This was my first time public speaking so i'd REALLY appreciate everyones feedback in form of a comment on the blog post.

Thanks again and I hope it helps!

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NEW GROWTH REPORT: October 2016 Growth Report. So in October we:

- Launched the all new
- Purchased 5staraffiliateprograms
- Launched our new affilinc website
- Had our busiest month all year with Landing Page Guys
- Sold EntrepreneurFix
- Hired a second full time dev for "Project P"
- Booked our first public speaking gig
- Ran all businesses as normal

If you haven't read my updates I suggest you check this one out!

What did you get up to in October? Are you aggressively creating your own path?

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NEW BLOG POST: AdPlexity Native Review and Walkthrough + Bonus!. Check out my walkthrough and review of my personal "must use" tool for affiliate marketers. I walk you through each and every feature of AdPlexity NATIVE intelligence tool and show you how you can use it to find profitable campaigns today. Also including an exclusive bonus for AffiliateFix members!

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NEW BLOG POST: 6 reasons why you should STOP working from home! It's funny when I started my blog back in mid 2015 I wrote a post entitled: 7 Tips for Working from Home. Now today I'm publishing the complete opposite post. Neither is right nor wrong, neither is better or worse but I'd like to share my personal experience on why we moved into new office space and how it's SUPERCHARGED our day to day productivity.

Do you work from home or an office and why?

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NEW GROWTH REPORT: September 2016 Growth Report. Check out my latest and most transparent report yet! In this months report I share with you the all new AffiliateFix and affkit. Also why I removed almost 35,000 email records from my list and how I celebrated my birthday in style...on a boat...with 30 of my closest friends!

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NEW BLOG POST: How to make 8788.89% ROI on a $10 investment. Want to know how to make 8788.89% ROI on a $10 investment? Well, I just wrote my latest case study about how I personally handed someone that profit last month and how you can achieve the same results! Quick question, read the post and tell me if you'd have been mad, I wasn't!

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