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Skipping the first couple of seconds of commercial crap, this is one flipping great clip...'wonder how they figure out those perfect lines - can't really be trial & error.
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wow. that should get those adrenalin pumping hard.
+Oliver Seidel from other clips and comments on the blog and some guessing I believe they plot the paths using computer models and contour maps and then they fly them using HUD helmets and visors , I would guess that project the paths/ GPS track and other data.
pretty much insane stuff. I can't help, but if you do this often enough, it will most likely end with a SPLAT
I am sure they just assume that they are going to die, then if they survive it's a bonus.
I wonder how much training (physical and technical) is required for this... Would really like to do this when I graduate.
I suppose this these tracks were not selected randomly, but they have tracked the corridors very carefully before jumping. Totally crazy .]
Well, if trial and error was the method they used, I'm thinking, these must be the guys that drew the "trial" straw, yes? Freakin' awesome!!
how can he fly with those heavy balls??
Wonderful! Feel as if I was doing it myself. Great music. Make me glad to be alive and living in such a beautiful world!
more epic wingsuit GoPro video, fricken awesome. Those are some sick lines. Great track to go with.
probably it is impossible to make like this town in nepal due to political. Nice town, Anyhow, I will visit this town.
really amazing to drive
He Wee
searc for "jeb corliss" - > grounded , to actualyl see him hit the SURFACE
How amazing! Great video! I bet them sites were amazing to see up close and personal..Brave, Brave, Brave man i must say! Nobody can say you aren't living life to the full!
I wanna do this one day, it looks amazing!
It seems that i'm kinda lost, where are we going exactly?
Definitely will need to patent this amazing effort! It's an idea and inginuity tbat should be commended.
so close to those rocks
those roads freak me out
where is this?
How these amazing people do this? So awesome!
Wow that's flippin insane. Who comes up with this stuff?
All superlatives been already stated, I wonder where was that magnificent lanscape.
Great clips!!!!! wooooooooo guts!!
For the record: That "landing" doesn't look like much fun to me! I'll take the first 99% of the flight :O. Been following wing suiting for quite some time and have decided I might not be young or crazy enough anymore to to anything but enjoy watching! I have MAMS (Middle Age Mortality Syndrome).
Leonardo Da Vinci also wanted to fly. Technology makes all things possible.
I chance to get it right is all you get. Like landing the space shuttle. No pulling up and going around for a second shot at it.
Where about this place?... I wanna vissit..
well thats taking thrill seeking to the ultimate level life or death
Oooohohhhh pretty! that looks so much funnnn! OMG i want to do that!!!!!!
Unbelievable precision - and to close for comfort...closer than anything I've seen from Jeb Corliss.
what scared me the most was the road they showed.
Nice. This is what I would like to be apart of building
god. it makes you feel as if your falling!
LOL that looked fun XD
The video is beautiful for most people. I find it dangerous.
Why? Its a mixture of a beautiful flight and crazy risk. Will an RC controlled model with a flycam do the same? No. Though the view could be similar, there will be no adrenaline.

75 people died testing the wing suites.
Perhaps, many more died using them.

Search in Youtube for:
"Fail - Wing suit Guy Crashed Into the Cliff"
"Death of BASE Jumper Dwain Weston -- Slammed Full Speed Into a Bridge"
Disclaimer: You need to have guts to see the truth.

I mean wing suites must be prohibited by law. Calling those pathetic guys "heroes" is wrong by definition of the word "hero", as a contributor to humanity. It is like calling a suicidal person a hero for he has chosen a bizarre way to end his life.
As for the manufacturers of the wing suites - they are death-dealers, fully responsible for each case when their wing suit product turns into a bloody sack of crunched bones for another unlucky "pilot".
I was just wondering about the landing but at the end of the movie there was a parascute opening!!
At the end of the day, each person is responsible for his or her life. You can't blame the manufacturers any more than you can blame car makers for the deaths of people out for a thrill in their products. Besides, it's just a form of natural selection, which is a really really good thing for humanity right now.
Unbelievable. Looks like they get dangerously close to the ground and trees.
Wow, i wish i was brave enough to do that
This is cool if you know what you're doing which you obviously do.
O...M...F...GOSH! that is so cool! oh well,I will play GTA SA and jump of a cliff!☺
Under the new virtual dictionary, this video defines insanity
oh my ghosh awooooooooooosome road i want to drive frrari here really coo0o0o0o0oo0o0olll :)
dam, this beings a new level to insanity.
Just imagine the long hike back to the car afterword
Really amazing but a bit breathtaking and dangerous too!
Chan Li
I bet someone have died because of this crazy fly
it would be good if it played more than 2 seconds before it just continues to loud for ages
How great! So many great things for Humans to explore if we can move to Civilization 2.0
Very awesome!!! Wish they show some landings… cause I'm thinking it's a one flight deal lol
Woah!!!!! Amazing video..... I wonder how they get that close with out wiping out... I saw more than i few near misses.
Feels like I jumped off a cliff. lol..Excellent ! What a RUSH !!
100% adventure but 100% risk of life. hats off to the 1st timers.
That is one of the sickest sports I have ever seen in my life...
will someone please tell me where this is!?
i want to fly :( i want to be a flying person :)
that looks something like in speed racer
The 'real' Batmen! It's all down hill from up there! ;-)
Wat i want to no is how the hell he is able to land himself??!! And that is a fricken big mountain!!!!:-)
I'm pretty sure the flight physics of this are impossible. Looking at the size of the lift surface relative to the weight of a human male, he would simply drop like a stone, not "glide" in any sense at all.
now thats what you call falling with style
woooow....amazing and grazy...but ilike it and i want to do it.......!!!!!
i was on roads like this on the Amalfi coast last week, beautiful but sometimes terrifying when the drop only 1/4 metre from your car wheel is half a kilometre or even more
I'm glad Bob isn't alive to hear that song.
amazing I wish I could see how each drift ended up, just one at the end i could see. Anyway it was awesome, a dream come true...I have drifted away in the city centre...but it was a dream, a cool one
i didn't expect the wingsuit i thought i would be seeing crazy men in cars..i'm a 71 yr old ex paratrooper not many things make me hard...this DAMN SURE DID
Have never seen that before. Amazing. Great filing too. 
Like the flying dreams I've encountered. Would love to attempt this. Would I live? Who cares, what a way to go!!!!
I bet there's a moment where you realize you're not going to clear the rocks you're skimming and you realize no matter what you do is not going to change the fact that you're already dead.
I've often wondered the same thing - many of the shots in this film have a razor thin margin of error. I wonder how many of these wingsuit gliders clip terra firma on their flight?
That was Amazing! LOVes the music they chose for that also :) I am certainly going to follow their channel. That was scary, brave and just simply breath taking.
Part of me really wants to do this, the other part already knows it probably wouldn't end well... Ha, amazing stuff!
Josh B
That's not flying. it's falling, with STYLE!
Mad feckers altogether. I beg the question,how do they land?
Zar Yab
What a masterpiece
Holy crap! Did you see how close they got on some of those passes? Balls of steel!
F-ing CRAZY!!!! Would love to see how close he gets to the ground before he pulls his chute?
I get pumped everytime I see this video. just incredible. the closest well get to flying!
Let's not got give Tom Cruise any ideas for his next MI movie.
This video was shot with GoPro cameras, sponsored by Redbull, and these guys are wearing wingsuits made by the companies stated. I propose that people should not skip the "commercial crap" in the beginning of the video, as this video would not exist without those companies and their products.
would love to try it,, but needs a damn big heart
awesome !!! u have to be really brave to do that but im never brave enough ... but i would do that if i was brave enough and if i had a chance
I would love to leave caution to the wind and do things like this, the truth is that I'm a chicken :-(
The world will not end the der de pt pparted seaid
+Oliver Seidel I'm pretty sure they do several practice runs before they film. They're sponsored by Red Bull, so I'd imagine they have a helicopter at their disposal, making the trip back up to the peaks pretty simple.

But +Chris Pienaar serves a better explanation. =)
laugh if it was strings and green screen efx
someone will eventually get a reverse-icarus-complex and fly too close to the ground
It's not flying, it's falling with style. ~Buzz Lightyear
I'm so hooked on you, thanks for sharing, you took me on a journey an I felt the song what beauty, just marvelous, loved it.
I would love to do that!
I don't have the balls to get anywhere near the brush and rocks though. Knowing my luck, I'd crash into the people on the side of the road at 100+MPH and amputate countless body parts, including mine, as I take them with me over the cliff.
Part of me says: it's insane. The other part says: wanna do it... Who else got similar feelings?
One day i will do this because this is what ive been wanting to do and sky dive
Hello, thirteen year old or younger. XD Might want to fix that spelling of yours, what with the edit function being available. And there's spell check too if you're really unsure; just right click the highlighted word of choice. But honestly, you could just delete your post as well. A post with only 'j' is not even a word. It's really quite silly.
Anyone here that can help another human being. Not advertising, or requesting money. Need some family attacked by someone rich.
I saw a guy wingsuit jumping but he smacked his legs straight into the tip of a rock face he was flying over - must have been soooo painful
im to chicken i could never do that
The most violent part is the landing...I mean they just cut the video. LOL
search more clips like this and you'll see one where the "flyer" doesn't anticipate the proper angles very well ...
Special ability. Don't have a fear of heights. A lot of steel workers are American aboriginal, apparently they have this lack of fear. I think it must be genetic.
Beautiful work but I don't want it!

lilian sejko is an idiot. more or less.
y??? we as humans always want to push our luck and tempt fate??????/
Base jumping with a wingsuit. Put that on your bucketlist!
I always wanted to fly like a squirrel.. but not like those Nutty Squirrels!
Wonder a random pro skateboarder rides this crazy hill lol.
Proof that balls come in different sizes
its awesome.............!good..

himanshu hai
So that is what it would feel like to fly :3
O MAI GA! That must be so exhilarating to do!! Great footage!!
The cameraman making this film is expert one...
Unbelievably scary I was on the edge of my seat just watching. Super respect to those dudes
Waw ... amazing.... awesome ........ thrilled to see birds eye view
where eagles dare ....still much more above ...
Очень опасно летать в горах с такой скоростью!!! Браво!!